Browns rookies will work another football camp

Last year, the class of first-years Browns players “volunteered” to work a football camp that entailed 20-plus hours on a bus.

This year, they’ve volunteered to work one that entails much less travel.

The Browns’ rookies will participate on Thursday in a youth camp being conducted this week at the team’s facility in Berea.

We assume that their decision to do so is a lot closer to being truly voluntary this time around.

15 responses to “Browns rookies will work another football camp

  1. “We assume that their decision to do so is a lot closer to being truly voluntary this time around.”
    With “The Walrus” in charge, you bet it is.

  2. I don’t understand how you can pick in the top half of the draft damn near EVERY year and not have a good team. I don’t get it.

  3. Is that the best you can do, Florio? REALLY???
    Very weak.
    I suppose, though, that you are forced to scrounge around for dirt on the Browns, when your players don’t rape someone, don’t have a street named after a murderer employed by your team or supplement your draft from the state pen…

  4. Clearly the only reason Florio ran this post was to bring up the story from last year. We get it. Enough already. You related to the Rooneys or something?

  5. Unfortunately for all Brownie rookies they’ll have to also BUY a PSL before they will be allowed to Volunteer.

  6. Uh, does anyone outside of Ohio care about the Browns, much less their rookies??? The only time I like to see the Browns is when they are playing a team I picked to win in my office pool.

  7. BigTonyYou300 pound turd…I’m from NY and I care…now take a Tony and relieve yourself of excess shiite!

  8. BigTony300 says:
    Uh, does anyone outside of Ohio care about the Browns, much less their rookies???
    Obviously, you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be trolling the Browns’ posts…am I correct?
    And, if you were trolling…then, you would be considered a turd. But, you are not a turd, are you?
    Maybe you should just put the computer away. I’ll bet your french fries are ready to be bagged. Now…get back to work.

  9. @GADawgATL
    It started with Carmen Policy sir. They decided to pick Tim Couch with their very first overall pick. What they failed to do, all the way until 2007, was draft a franchise left tackle. Tim Couch, in all honesty, wasn’t a terrible NFL QB. He had no line to protect him & only Kevin Johnson to throw the ball to.
    Then, they give Butch Davis the keys to the city. In all honesty, he couldn’t handle the honorary keys to a local madam’s room. Then, we brought in Phil & Romeo. In all honesty, that tandem wasn’t terrible if you look at the overall numbers. They lost a lot, but they were losing to some of the best teams in the league by less than 6 points a game + the 2007 winning season added in.
    Now, we have the Mangini era. Great pick with Mack, solid pick with MoMass, I believe that both Robo & Veikune will pan out, Maiava had surprisingly good stats last season as well. I believe Haden will turn into a shutdown corner in the NFL, Hardesty must stay healthy and if he does, he will be a beast. Past that, I think the Browns stole the show with Mitchell, Lauvao, McCoy, & Asante. All of these guys will be very good NFL players.
    In closing, I think this team is on the right track. But to answer the overall question, too many dirty hands in the cookie jar. Nobody thought to build the team from the inside out, which left them hunting a franchise QB still to this day because nobody they drafted has ever stayed healthy because they had no line.
    Had they have built from the trenches outward, this franchise would have been much more successful. Also, there is a good book that you can read that pretty much will tell you why Carmen Policy was forced to hire Clark as the GM too. Nobody would take the position for reasons that were caused by the NFL. It is a VERY good book to read, sorry cannot remember the name of it.

  10. Burning River…..
    I read all the news on here, good or bad….. really, turd jokes and dropping Mcdonald’s fries references??? Your either 12 years old or a stand up comic from the 1980’s. Get current.

  11. db26 – I agree. They are finally on the right track and that started last year. Anybody wanting to crack on the Browns – get it out of your system now because you won’t be able to do so shortly.

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