NFL Alumni Association wants less talk, more action

As the NFL and the players’ union continue to squabble over benefits for retired players, the NFL Alumni Association is publicly turning up the heat on Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith.

In a statement headlined, “Attention Mr. Smith and Mr. Goodell: We Need a Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action,” the Alumni Association suggests that the union and the league aren’t interested in improving retired players’ pension plans nearly as much as they’re interested in using pensions “as a PR tool in gaining support for their respective agendas.”

“While the propaganda suggests otherwise, little or no action has been taken by the NFL and NFLPA to increase pensions for retired players,” the Alumni Association says in its statement.

The retired players don’t have a seat at the bargaining table in the ongoing labor negotiations, but what they do have is the ability to publicly lobby the active players and the owners to take care of the men who built the league. Expect a lot more statements like this as the NFL Alumni continue to wage a PR campaign to get the owners and the players to cut them in on the next CBA.

7 responses to “NFL Alumni Association wants less talk, more action

  1. The NFL is about “what have you done for me lately”. Why would they wanna pay a bunch of money to a bunch of old geezers pensions who no longer make them money or win them ball-games?
    Sorry grandpas of the NFL. Tough…titty.

  2. I am all for the retired players getting proper benefits. But I have yet to see any suggestions from them as to what they need. It would be nice if that group of retired players can put together a fair proposal showing the increases needed etc…
    They don’t need to explain how it is to be paid or who specifically pays – they just need to put out a reasonable proposal that doesn’t gouge the NFL.
    I for on be believe that we fans would line up behind the retired players and scream for them to get their fair share.

  3. I have a proposal for the Alumni Association: Manage your career earnings in a far more intelligent and practical way and you will be good to go.

  4. I’m not so sure that they are “owed” anything, but they definitely do deserve to get something. There is unbelievable greed on both sides of the bargaining table. Sad to see that such a small group cannot find a way to be satisfied sharing a multi-billion dollar cash cow.

  5. Does anyone know what the pension is?
    Do not scream too loud retires, none of us in the private sector has a pension anymore, it is called a 401k and we are lucky that the employers even contribute too it. I agree with the above comments, What is there proposal?
    PS..To the Union and Sherriff Goodell, soon, very very soon, we the fans who pay for all of you are getting sick and tired of the BS from both sides. We want to why all three sides can seat together and settle this once and for all? Would someone please explain to us why you can not do that?

  6. I agree with both concepts
    1. tough titty
    2. make a proposal
    Because in my mind, these guys really want a percentage. They think the public are somehow going to come out and support them getting some sort of “salary” that they will call a “pension”. Tough titty, that’s not happening.
    But the public should support getting them healthcare plans like the Senate has.
    Mark my words, there will be a huge split in the retired players when they finally are forced to decide on a deal not including a “salary”.

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