Best and worst backup quarterback situations

With Marc Bulger now in Baltimore and with yours truly scrambling for a column idea after milking the 50-percent playoff turnover theme until the stuff inside an Etch-A-Sketch came out of the keyboard, I had a chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter moment on Thursday.

Why not write about the best and the worst backup quarterback positions in the NFL?

And so I did.  Thank you, Ravens.

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  1. So the team needs a quality backup. And though some may not think Rex Grossman is a quality backup, consider a few facts: First, he spent a year the Redskins have adopted, with new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in Houston.
    WTF? Is there an english version of that article somewhere?

  2. As if we need any more proof that you are a moron, this will do it. Collins, Bulger, Grossman, Leftwich Pennington are your best backups?
    Always Sucked
    Can’t stay healthy
    Always sucked
    They are the best backups and the Redskins are going to win the Super Bowl last year.
    How many cocks did you have to blow to get this gig Florio?

  3. Now that’s hardly fair. The Broncos have 3 guys on par with one another. While that makes their starter a scary thought (whomever it may be), they are SET at back-up.

  4. Que the jests whining because they weren’t considered to have the best QB back-up and the Fins were in 3…..2……1……..

  5. I wish I could comment on that article but since I am entirely too lazy to make an account there I will just write this here…..Do you really believe that having Mike Vick as a backup is so bad it is one of the top 5 Worst back-up QB situations in the league yet at the same time you are gonna tell me that “Sexy Rexy” Grossman and Chad Pennington coming off of another shoulder injury are two of the best back-ups in the league? Your hate for Vick ammuses me sometimes

  6. Forevercorr says:
    June 25, 2010 12:17 PM
    Now that’s hardly fair. The Broncos have 3 guys on par with one another. While that makes their starter a scary thought (whomever it may be), they are SET at back-up.
    Are you smokin crack??
    Sorry, as a Browns fan, Brady can’t back up either!!!!

  7. c’mon Florio — you rail on the Packers for 2 straight years about their non-veteran backup QB situation and they can’t even break the Top 5.
    You’re slipping… or just trying to draw eye-balls to PFT.

  8. cant count the bills on here because im pretty sure we are not worse off with any of our qbs in the lineup

  9. Kitna is a former comeback player of the year and has twice thrown for 4000+ yards.
    I don’t want him EVER having to start for the Cowboys, but that is a pretty solid guy to have sitting behind your starter.

  10. @kcchiefs
    Your vulgar language is totally out of line.
    Surely you can make your point without dipping into the gutter.

  11. Florio didn’t you have an article in the past saying plenty of teams should want vick as there STARTING QB ? now he isn’t even a good back up?

  12. The Ravens already had a fine back-up QB situation. Bulger does NOT make it better than Troy Smith. If anything, he ruins the depth chart because now there’s even more controversy over who to play should Flacco go down.
    This team was on to something in 2008 when they actually put Troy Smith on the field and tried to confuse defenses with some “trick” plays. Remember Flacco’s amazing reception? People give Flacco all the credit, and completely forget Troy Smith is the one who sold the play and put it perfectly in front of Flacco to catch.
    As for Steelers… I completely agree they have one of the better back-up situations. But not having Santonio is going to hurt them so badly. He was their touchdown guy.
    And about the Colts… that’s EXACTLY why I wanted Peyton Manning on the Madden Cover. Damn it.

  13. Ok Steelers homer aka Florio Leftwich is a good QB? Since when has he ever been a good QB? Also in reference to Grossman did you watch him play last season in Houston? He was awful and that was with Andre Johnson. How will he do when he has to throw to Santana Moss?

  14. I’m sorry, but that list is so LOL. You’ve contradicted your statements about Vick.
    Do you get payed to know nothing about football at all?

  15. Now, when Collins found himself yanked for Young after a disastrous start to 2009, Young has shown signs of another potential meltdown, and Collins remains in place, mop and bucket at the ready.

    Along with EverybodyGotAIDS, I caught a huge error. I think either Sportingnews needs to hire some editors or Florio needs to stop writing content on 2 hours sleep. I have no idea what this sentence is supposed to mean. I think there are a LOT of words missing.

  16. Possibly the stupidest article I’ve ever seen. Your top 5 easily can qualify as the bottom 5 on any sane list.

  17. The Romo / Kitna combo doesnt make the top 5? You need to lay off the hair spray. The fumes are making you dumb as hell.

  18. Explain to me how the Steeler’s having Leftwich as their backup (a guy who couldn’t even keep a roster spot on the Falcons) is better than the Falcons with Redman, who came in and led the team to a come-from-behind victory last year? IMO Leftwich being ahead of Dixon on their depth chart is a joke, but he’s there, and he sucks.

  19. How are the Packers and Rams not on that list? I don’t think the Eagles or Redskins should be on the best lists either.

  20. Among the worst:
    The vikings should be in the top of the worst replacing the Cardinals that have an okay back up situation.
    What about the Bills? Aren’t there backup QB’s starting?
    Among the best:
    You may not list them just because they will keep only 2 QB’s but the Packers have an excellent back up QB situation; certainly better than Washington.
    If you somone keeping 3 QB’s then Denver deserves honorable mention.

  21. As a Redskins fan, I beg to differ….. There are probably ZERO Redskins fans that are happy to have Grossman holding the clipboard. And behind him, we have Colt Brennan who for some reason, most Skins fans believe is the 2nd coming of Steve Young, but who I think is a career backup. Grossman does have a live arm, but so did Jeff George and look at how successful he was in the NFL. Grossman may know the offense, but what can he do with it? If he had played in a few starts for Texas and was somewhat successful, I could see finding hope in him as a backup, but he sucks!

  22. Ravens definitely rank in the top 5, but I think Kitna backing up Romo, with a year of that system under his belt should be #1.
    Florio is dead on with Indy. Lucky for them, Manning stays healthy. Good offensive line play usually insures a healthy QB.
    Without dissecting every team, it is impossible to tell you how I would rank them, but i dont think this is a terrible article.
    I would also be pretty comfortable with Vick in Philly. The man has starting experience and has proven he can win in the league. That is up for some debate given his time away from the league, but still I would rather go to Vick than Grossman.

  23. Kris the EAGLES are not on the best list. Florio, I stick up for you most off the time, but this is a horrible list. Eagles at 5? Grant you they are not a top 10 at QB, but there are a lot of teams worse off.

  24. How is it that the Cardinals make the worst list? They’re overall QB situation isn’t in the greatest shape with Leinert taking over. But at least their back up QB has some starting experience and even a flash in the pan bit of success. Anderson is no QB of the future or even the QB of the right now but his resume stacks pretty decently as a back up QB.
    Their inclusion smacks of lazy analysis. When people think of questionable team QB situations they think of the Cardinals because of Warner retiring. But that’s not the same question that was put forth about the team BACK UP QB position.

  25. Vick’s a lousy backup option. The guy’s a has-been novelty item these days, too old to do what made him successful years ago, and too dumb to make anything better of himself. And a laughable joke of a leader – which is one of a QB’s main jobs, of course.
    Say what you will about Bulger, but he had the most thankless job in the NFL for years with that crummy o-line and all the punishment he took. If his spirit isn’t broken by that nonsense, he has the talent.
    As a Cowboys fan, I’ve been pretty appalled by what I’ve seen of Kitna, so I don’t miss them on this list.
    Don’t agree that Denver belongs here – one backup who has been terribel in NFL play, and another who’s as green as they get and still a subject of open debate about whether he can actually function in the NFL. Sure, Denver’s guys are great in theory – but this list seems to be about who’s gotten it done in practice.
    Bulger, Collins, Grossman – all flawed in ways, but they’ve all gotten it done in pretty significant ways.

  26. The Bills have the worst quarterback situation in the ENTIRE NFL. They have no starter, and no backup. Shouldn’t that qualify them as the worst? And for the best, how about San Diego? Lifelong Denver lover here, I know what Rivers can do. I’ve seen Billy Volek come in and play some good ball too. I still think if Rivers wouldn’t have played on that torn ACL in the playoffs (pretty ballsy though), they might have had a better chance with Volek. The best situation in the NFL is San Diego, or Oakland. Gradkowski can win a few games in Oakland, which is remarkable. In order to have a good backup situation, the backup can come in, fill in, and play well without a huge change or drop off in the offense. San Diego can win with either QB, Oakland may not win, but their offense can still compete with either Campbell or Gradkowski. Of course, Buffalo maintains the consistency of crap with whoever their quarterback is.

  27. I the Oakland actually has a decent situation with backup QBs. I’m not saying their No 1 is going to be a superstar but if anything happens to Campbell, Gradkowski is nice coming off the bench. He played nicely last season until he was injured.

  28. You missed on the worst by leaving out the jests.
    They have NO pro QB’s on the roster period. Sanchoke is a joke with no depth behind him…. Good Times!

  29. @ redsquare – I like your other statements, but I can’t believe that Grossman has got it done. That year they made it to the Super Bowl, Rex had himself 5 games where he had a QB rating under 50. He had 2 games with a 0.0, and a 1.6 QB rating. Grossman has never got it done. Last year, he had a whopping 5.6 QB rating. BEAST. His highest QB rating in a season is 74.8 – his rookie year. He is terrible and has never got it done.

  30. agree with the worst qb backup situations, but not with the best. I think the Panthers should be on this list over the Redskins because of two rookies, who i rather have than Grossman and i dont think Collins is as good as he once was, however, agree with the rest. the Ravens have the best qb situation. Bulger has started, Flacco is the starter and Troy Smith has potential and i agree with the dolphins. Pennington may not have a great arm, but he’s a great leader and mentor as well.

  31. This is a great idea, Florio, Now if only you could get somebody that actually knows about football and doesn’t simply regurgitate other people’s articles and litter in your own perspective from that as a football-wit-deprived-former lawyer, then you might be on to something.

  32. The article sucked as expected. Stick to regurgitating other people’s articles instead of producing your own garbage.

  33. Leftwich spent 3 yrs as a starter and led the Jags to 2 winning seasons, including one with a 12-4 record. He has 58 TD and 41 INT and a career rating of 80 so far. He led Pittsburgh to 2 wins during a World Championship season. The guy has lost a significant amount of weight, which has positively affected his mobility (not that he’s Randall Cunningham now, but that’s not the point).
    He is 30 yrs old, which isn’t old or young, really. The fact is: he’s a legit professional and a very capable BACKUP. (Note that I did NOT say “quality long-term starter.”)
    Now, none of this says that he is guaranteed to set the world on fire this Sept. while Ben sits. But, he could very well bridge the gap and save the Steelers’ season. We will see one way or another, I guess.

  34. @HandsofSweed: I coulnd’t have said it better myself.
    And the rest of ya should stop talking about Jon Kitna like he’ll ever play again. He hasn’t done anything since 03-04 and even when he was in Detroit, he BETTER have thrown for 4000 yards because the Lions were losing in every game and that’s all he could do.
    As much as I hate the Ravens, their QB depth is very similar to the Steelers.. They have a quality backup that can manage a game or 2 for them, and a “wildcat” type playmaker sitting back there too. But that being said,
    Ben >>>>Flacco.

  35. Well, first off, The reason i think the Steelers backup quarterbacks are fine has nothing to do with Leftwich and his windup throw, it’s Charlie Batch (an older vet) and Dennis Dixon (a good backup too). I rather start them over Leftwich, that’s why the Steelers have good backups, all have started, although, i am not high on Leftwich.

  36. If Kevin Kolb gets hurt or sucks I would be the most confident in
    Seneca Wallace,
    Kitna, or
    over anyone else.

  37. “Eagles at 5? Grant you they are not a top 10 at QB, but there are a lot of teams worse off.”
    Are you kidding? Kolb backed up by the reprobate is a 2-14 season waiting to happen if Kolb gets hurt. 4-12 if he stays healthy.

  38. Do you really think the Bears won’t sign Bulger because he might push Cutler to the bench? Really? Really, really?
    Cutler is the QB. Period. You don’t make the trade they did and then give up on the guy.
    If you want to speculate they should pick up some insurance in case he gets hurt, I can’t argue that point. But that is the only way Cutler does not start 16 games this season.

  39. JetsAreaJoke – dude what are you just straight up jealous of the jets or something? everywhere i see you post its just bashing the jets more than saying anything positive about your team, (which is miami anyway so what do you know?). the only reason you’d get so excited about having the best backup is if you think your qb is a little bitch.

  40. What in the world?
    Rex Grossman and Marc Bulger are “best case scenario’s” for backups. Yet the Cardinals are one of the worst with former pro bowler Derek Anderson? Didn’t Derek Anderson lead the Browns to a winning season. I repeat…THE CLEVELAND BROWNS. The Bears went to the Superbowl in spite of Rex Grossman not because of him (a great defense, a high scoring special teams and mickey mouse schedule as I recall) and not much needs to be said about the Rams during the Bulger era. I also have a problem with the Patriots being on the worst list because if Matt Cassell proved anything it’s that the Pats offense is stacked to the point that a trained monkey can get over 500 at that position. Where are the…….
    Broncos (best)
    Vikings (best)
    Browns (best)
    Raiders (best)
    Buccaneers (worst)
    Bills (worst)

  41. The Vikings, assuming Favre comes back, currently have three QB’s on the roster that all have career 0.500 or higher winning percentages.
    Packers backup is Matt Flynn. He’s a former 7th round pick who has never taken a meaningful snap and only is in his position because of how immense of a bust Brian Brohm was.
    Neither the Packers nor Vikings are mentioned in the article. Apparently Derek Anderson isn’t as good as Matt Flynn in Florio’s alternate universe. That or Florio just didn’t look at every team’s situation and quit when he had 5 of each.

  42. Ignorant posters…
    Leftwich has a 104 QB rating backing up Ben two seasons ago on a SB winning team.
    Even last year on one of the worst teams imaginable, he had more TDs then INTs and a better QB rating than any of the other QBs on the team. Take a look at that team. There;s a very short list of backups in the NFL that could have done any better on that team.

  43. I take it you all forgot about a damn good back up by the name of Billy Volex…….just ask the Colts

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