Colts left tackle suggests hard feelings toward Polian

So after the Colts lost Super Bowl XLIV to the Saints, team president Bill Polian pulled a Peyton Manning, and talked about the “problems in protection” that fueled the 14-point loss.

“The offensive line, by our standards, did
not have a good game
,” Polian said during his weekly radio show in the days after the game.  “They were outplayed by the Saints’
defensive line, I thought, pretty decisively.”

During a Friday interview with 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis, new starting tackle Charlie Johnson, while not mentioning Polian, made clear Johnson’s feelings on the matter.

“If you look at our line, we’re not a bunch of high-round draft picks,” Johnson said, via  “We
got a couple free agents. Everyone knows about Jeff Saturday, and myself being a sixth-round
pick.  And Kyle DeVan, a free agent.  And I think Ryan Diem is a fourth-round pick.  We’re a
bunch of guys who’ve had to work to get where we are.  So, anytime
anything negative is said about us, we take it personally
just in
the fact that we know how hard we work and we feel like we go out there
and we give everything we have for the team and for the game.  So, were
gonna bounce back.”

Previously, Saturday disagreed with Polian’s remarks, as did Diem.  With Ryan Lilja gone, a whopping 75 percent of the returning starters has spoken out against Polian’s criticism.

They’d better knock it off, or someone is gonna get thrown up against a wall.

27 responses to “Colts left tackle suggests hard feelings toward Polian

  1. Lets be serious Polian’s little darling Payton Manning had a bad game and he was the single most reason why they lost the Super bowl, but you can’t blame him because he’s the face of the Franchise Payton didn’t get sacked all that game and probably was hit twice.

  2. Why on earth should they stop? They’re right. It wasn’t the OL that was the problem. It was the DL that couldn’t get to Brees in the second half, the secondary that was totally flustered by the constantly shifting formations, and the predictability of the offense that allowed Porter to catch the Interception Heard Round The World.
    The OL had exactly zilch to do with any of that.

  3. Polian, are you saying that you haven’t did a good job of evanuating the talent? If I am not mistaking you brought these guys in. I’m just saying…………

  4. What I don’t understand is why did Polian use the media to send that message. Shouln’t that have stayed inside the “locker room” ? What did Polian gain by publicly calling them out? What other GM calls out his players?

  5. peyton stinks in big games. he picks up a ton of yards in the regular season but when it matters most he comes up small. he is the most overrated player in all sports.

  6. If you can’t take criticism and use it to fuel a better effort why are you playing? Everyone can get better, don’t be panzies. Man up, you were beaten just like everyone else.

  7. Maybe next year everybody should play the entire schedule rather than taking the last two weeks off. Maybe they were all too well rested after clinching so quickly and sitting it out. LOL

  8. People are pure ignorant if they think Manning had a bad game. The INT falls on Reggie Wayne far more than it does on Manning. Run a complete route and the worst case scenario is an incomplete pass.
    It’s funny, people claim Peyton chokes and Brady is clutch, yet Manning’s personal QB stats exceed Brady’s in the post season too.

  9. lol @ jackybadass
    I suppose the 2006 AFC Championship was not a big game when Manning single handedly refused to let the Patriots roll over them again and which signified the end of the Patriots beating the Colts.
    But you’re right.
    Or the 09 Afc Championship game when he put up the following stat line
    26 39 377 66.7 46 3 0 123.6
    Yeah man he really stunk in that big game too.
    Idiots like you shouldn’t be allowed to post on the internet, or breathe oxygen.

  10. I don’t think the offensive linemen have to worry about being thrown up aganist a wall. polian only picks on little girls and old men under five feet tall, like most cowards, he picks on the weak.

  11. Little Tommy & Meat Tuperello are both correct.
    Perhaps if the Colts had played the entire season Wayne would have had his routes & timing down better, & he wouldn’t have screwed up.

  12. # Meat Tuperello says: June 26, 2010 9:24 PM
    People are pure ignorant if they think Manning had a bad game. The INT falls on Reggie Wayne far more than it does on Manning. Run a complete route and the worst case scenario is an incomplete pass.
    It’s funny, people claim Peyton chokes and Brady is clutch, yet Manning’s personal QB stats exceed Brady’s in the post season too.
    Stats aren’t what counts in this case, rings are. Who has more? As for Manning’s performance in the SB, it was ok, but not exceptional. As for the INT being Wayne’s fault, that’s simply speculation on your part. We don’t know how the play was designed, and we don’t know any alterations made to it when it was selected. Besides, the same thing can be said about any QB. Anyone who stops and thinks for a moment knows that a nice percentage of Cutler’s INTs were because of broken routes and players not fighting for the ball (note: not a Bears or Cutler fan), but all we talk about is how many picks Cutler threw last season. If we give QBs credit for all of their TD passes (even when it’s simply a short pass that a receiver turns into a big play), then it’s ok to blame them for every INT. Manning is no different. Look, we all know Manning is a great QB, but he’s not the second coming. He’s human, and he makes mistakes like every other QB out there. Accept the fact and move on with your life.

  13. congrats ADX you found TWO playoff games in the the last 10 years that peytin decided to play good in. congrats
    Charlie Johnson is right. Bill Polian is the ultimate underachieving GM. He has had teams in the SB 6 times and had one win 0-4 with the bills and 1-1 with the Colts.

  14. Another deceptive headline. There is nothing in what Charlie Johnson said that indicates hard feelings towards Polian. What he said was pure boilerplate, the kind of thing your agent teaches you to say, so you sound like you are talking but you are really saying nothing.
    Mike Florio is constantly using headlines to draw people to read a story that they then find out has nothing to do with the headline.

  15. This is typical for Polian. Throw everybody under the bus, except for Manning.
    I guess it rubs off, Manning does the same thing!

  16. Steve W
    You are aware football is a team sport right?
    It’s funny how guys like you finally just fall to that argument when presented with facts on why he’s better than Brady (he is btw)
    Brady had better defenses and all he had to do for ALL 3 superbowls is get his team in FG range.
    Brady has turned into a major choke artist the second half of the decade and Manning OWNS the Patriot defense and their head coach.
    Brady can’t beat the Colts to save his life.

  17. Hopefully they run Polian out of town…and he can come back to Buffalo! (Ralph Wilson’s biggest mistake was letting him go…)

  18. @ADX
    Were you the one crying that the Patriot defenders were too rough with your wideouts?
    Yeah 4th and 2 is a beat down.
    I agree with the defense being better back then, but regardless Brady has 3 rings!!! 3>1 last time I went to school.
    Brady has consistently put points up on your D and BB let the Patriot D get old…Well, that is over!
    By the way Brady broke every single season record Manning had! 2007 look it up!
    There are some good young talent in their second year leap on D. I think this year the Patriots have home field! I hope it’s snowing like the AFCC when Manning threw 3 picks and scored 3 points. Guess you forgot that game.
    The Krafts won’t pump in noise and turn up the thermostat either, revenge is a dish better served cold! Irsay sucks!

  19. # Buck Stallion says: June 27, 2010 12:17 AM
    Little Tommy & Meat Tuperello are both correct.
    Perhaps if the Colts had played the entire season Wayne would have had his routes & timing down better, & he wouldn’t have screwed up.
    Are you sure that’s what you want to stick with as an excuse? Because, that play is a routine play for the Colts and I’m sure that play wasn’t the first time they did that play in the playoffs or even in the Super Bowl. Why do you think Porter knew what was coming and jumped the route. It is one of the Colts “bread and butter” plays which I’m sure was done in practice 100’s of times in practices and games all year, and dozens of times in practice and in games during the playoffs. They knew the play and the timing was fine. Wayne gave a pretty lack luster effort on that play and maybe Manning was complacent in his expectations of the Saints D.

  20. Steve W.
    Rings are a team award. Brady has played on the better team more times than Manning. Bradshaw played on the better team more than Brady. Does that mean Terry is better than either? Of course not. 15-20 qb’s in the 70’s would have won 4 rings with that team.
    You make a good point about Culter and his int’s. Just as those same people, if they know football, they will know the quarterback position isn’t why New England won 3 championships and the Colts have 1.
    Manning is the best this game has seen and the 2nd best is on the CBS pre game show in Marino.
    1 ring between them, but they are the best two quarterbacks to play the game.

  21. wow patpatriot I wasn’t aware the GM played in superbowls Polian DOES need to work on tackling and special teams.
    What a fking idiot you are… so unlike most other bandwaggoner Pats fans hahaha.
    IT’S OVER.

  22. You morons and your “Brady has 3 rings so hes better than Peyton” talk…its high comedy! Rapistbeger has 2 rings, and look at what he did in that 1st super bowl…does that make him better than Peyton?? And terry freaking Bradshaw with 4 rings?? Get a clue people
    As for this “story”, its f-ing ridiculous. CJ said absultely nothing controversial. Polian was wrong to call out the O-line and theyre taking offense to that. Its what they should be doing!! And to throw Peyton under the bus for the ONE TIME he said they had “protection problems” is absurd. DID YOU WATCH THAT GAME?? HE WAS ON HIS BACK THE WHOLE 2ND HALF!! Id say there were protection problems too!! Plus he said protection starts with HIM and HIS line calls, so it was taken completely out of context.
    Pats fans, were comin to Foxboro to slap your sorry asses around ONCE AGAIN!! Be ready…

  23. @ Mean and Nasty
    I agree with you buck. Pats fans are just getting offensive because they know they’re team is on the downswing and won’t even smell the playoffs for years and years…. On the other hand, the Colts are going to have to worry about a freight train from hell in the Detroit Lions who are imminent to take over the NFL.

  24. Heres another thiNg for you Patriot scumbag homers to chew on:
    Matt freaking Cassel, a guy who didnt even play in COLLEGE, led your precious team to an 11-5 record when “the greatest qb ever” missed a full season. Doesnt that prove that the SYSTEM in NE is what drives that team?? I’m not saying Brady is awful, hes definitely not, but theres no way hes better than Peyton. What would the Colts record have been with Curtis Painter playing a full year?? Would they win 3 games? Maybe 4?? And he actually PLAYED IN COLLEGE!
    Put Peyton on the Pats for his whole career and he might have a dozen SB rings…

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