Willie Colon hurts Achilles

Steelers tackle Willie Colon spent a lot of time in the news this offseason for attending a sausage party.  Now he’s back in the headlines for something that happened in another male dominated room.

Colon injured his Achilles on Monday while working out, according to Scout’s Adam Caplan.  The severity of the injury is unknown, pending MRI results.

The fact that Caplan reported the news doesn’t strike us as a good sign for Colon and Steelers fans.  It’s rare we hear about injuries while working out unless there is concern the injury could prove serious.

17 responses to “Willie Colon hurts Achilles

  1. A willie in somebody’s colon hurt their achilles? Damn… that is a rough situation. Are you sure that this didn’t really happen at the sausage party? That seems like a good spot for willies to end up in colons.

  2. The only hope the steelers have for this year is that the NFL rigs all their games. Of course, that was their only hope for the last several years, and it worked out.

  3. the jokes just write themselves…… (sausage party, Gregg??? “oh no you didn’t”)

  4. Very bad news for the Steelers. Colon was the best tackle they had, a beast in the running game, and getting better and better every game.
    Hopefully this isnt serious of it will be a huge step back for that offensive line. While the Steelers have decent depth at the guard and center position, they are bone thin when it comes to tackles.
    Tony Hills anyone? LOL….

  5. Gregg, when are you gonna get this headline thing right? Obviously, it should have read “PFT looks into injured Colon”.

  6. FalconDevil, you better pray at the alter of the falcon gods, Bartkowski and and Riggs, if you believe there was any doubt your Falcons couldn’t chalk up a “W” against a Ben-less Steeler team.

  7. Hey, another Willie i.e. Anderson says he wants to play again.
    As a Bengal fan I wouldn’t like it but it could happen.

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