Willie Colon injury doesn't kill the Steelers' chances

Steelers fans collectively groaned earlier this week, when starting right tackle Willie Colon suffered a season-ending injury, more than two months before the season even began.

So how much does this one really hurt the Steelers?

PFTV explores.


62 responses to “Willie Colon injury doesn't kill the Steelers' chances

  1. Right. They were a .500 team before, and losing Colon didn’t really hurt their chances to achieve that.

  2. They didnt have a chance before the injury. Steelers are the most overrated team in the NFL going into the 2010 season.

  3. At this point it didn’t really matter. With Leftwich starting there is a good chance they start 0-4 and if Ben pulls a Vick maybe 0-6 and they cannot bounce back from that in their division.

  4. Florio is too ugly for me to watch PFTV but if he’s attempting to make an argument about how Colon’s injury won’t hurt the Steelers, he is higher than Chirs Simms. That offensive line will be getting raped by defenses all year.

  5. “Our family has operated for over 60 years in Pittsburgh without a Colon”, assured club president Dan Rooney, “we’ll just bite our lip and carry on…”.

  6. It will be hilarious this year when Cleveland sweeps them. Eat big, fat slice of some humble pie jerkies!

  7. Are you kidding Florio? If anything this helps the Steelers chances. Thank goodness I don’t need to watch this fat turd get caught flat-footed and false start twice a game. (You can even tell that pic on the video is after he was flagged, with that “Aw Shucks” look on his face)
    And maybe if he’s injured and can’t go out, Ben might stay home, not assualt underage girls, and maybe, just maybe, watch some game tapes. I heard he’s lost a few pounds, so hell is probably a few degrees cooler, but maybe I still shouldn’t get my hopes up.

  8. Football says:
    They didnt have a chance before the injury. Steelers are the most overrated team in the NFL going into the 2010 season.
    You’re a fool. They won the SB in ’08.
    They missed the playoffs by one game last year after losing 5 games on the opponent’s final drive.
    8-8 or 12-4, neither would shock me this year.

  9. I bugles fans who get on here with whodey.Whodey!Whodey!Whoday that beat the bugles at home and won #5 of our 6 rings!How many rings does your team have?And it will be the same after this year.

  10. Has anyone verified the whereabouts of Ben Worthlessberger when this injury occurred?
    Here’s the facts.., we already know ‘Big Ben’ has F’ed over the team…, now the Offensive Line is suffering from this Colon injury…..,
    Look.., I’m not making accusations.., Im’ just saying let’s just put two and two together…,

  11. Basically – “Hi I’m Mike Florio, I have an internet site and I’m totally unqualified to tell ya’ll about FOOTBALL… But, I’ll ramble on with an opinion that losing the best OL on the team will have ZERO EFFECT”.. thanks for the $$$$

  12. Pretty flippant attitude, there Mikey. “Lose a few players here and there.” Minimizing, aren’t you?
    Those are the kind of position players that could get Charllie Batch killed, for chissakes! And wouldn’t THAT be a tragedy?
    Actually, I could not care any less about that Shittsburgh team…but be realistic, OK? Decent lineman are pretty hard to find. And there’s a good reason why turds like Flozell are available. He’s a shitty blocker. He gets run over by safeties!!! And he might be the best available.
    Pittsburgh is going to really suck this year. And I’m lovin’ it. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of gay rag-wavers.

  13. There are only 2 franchises who have fans douchebaggie enough to bring up the number of championships in every argument.
    New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Steelers.

  14. Dannyb712003
    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

  15. “Willie Colon injury doesn’t kill the Steelers’ chances”
    your right. they still have a chance to win 5 games.

  16. Losing Willie Colon won’t kill them, but losing that chick in those Head & Shoulders commercials to an inevitable knee injury will.

  17. This 2010 Steelers team never had a chance with or without a healthy colon.
    IDGAF what they did in 08, Steeler fans that think they’re going to make noise this year are kidding themselves and they know it.

  18. “There are only 2 franchises who have fans douchebaggie enough to bring up the number of championships in every argument.
    New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Steelers.”
    Douchebaggie – LOVE IT!!!

  19. The lockeroom discord is what will kill them this year. You’ve got some guys that don’t think much of Ben, so as soon as Ben get’s back on his high horse, the teamwork will suffer. Ben gets hurt this year, I would bet money on it!

  20. Ok lets look at it this way, which hurts the Steelers chances more losing polamalu for 12 games and aaron smith almost for the whole season or losing willie colon for the whole season and ben for 4. this isn’t even close especially because the steelers have won previously when ben has been hurt i believe they are 3 and 1 or 3 and 2when he is out so i think .500 or better is realistic in the first 4 games especially when playing 2 home games and a road games against the buccaneers (terrible) and titans (depends on chris johnson, even though the steelers were the only team in the nfl to stop him last year). so everyone who thinks the steelers are over rated just keep saying it. i believe in 08 the steelers overcame an injury to kendall simmons and still had an “ok”year. the steelers are a winning franchise and that will never change

  21. Football says:
    July 1, 2010 3:44 PM
    They didnt have a chance before the injury. Steelers are the most overrated team in the NFL going into the 2010 season.
    HMMMMMMM 6RINGS is overrated . I take it your a Bengals or a Ravens fan . Bengals had one good year in what 12 and the Raven lmao.

  22. I bleed Black and Gold and we’re basically f*cked. I think the reason mgmt has not extended Tomlin is because they want to see how he responds this season which will be filled with distraction, drama, adversity etc. Remember though the Rooneys don’t think season to season. They have a long term outlook and they don’t push the panic button. As it has been said … this too shall pass … and so will ben … while he’s running for his life har har …

  23. Rumor has it that Colon’s injury is career ending. Very similar to Gary Baxter’s injury years ago. Feel bad for Colon but not for the dumb FKs from Pitt. Suk on another losing season azswipes!

  24. Steelers won 7 straight season openers, Tenn has problems on def and Johnson wants more money. T.B. is T.B. and Ravens at home should be a win! All you Steeler haters wish you seen your team win MULTIPLE Super Bowls!! Steelers will get 11 wins easily this year! Bengals are a 6 win team, Browns 3 at best. Pitt gets T.B., Carolina and ATL are 3 easily wins and Aints could have the Super Bowl hangover, or viodin hangover!

  25. WhoDeySood5 says:
    July 1, 2010 3:47 PM
    Go Bengals…reapeat AFC North Champs
    Go Bengals…repeat AFC Playoff Choke Artists

  26. dannyb, what….the….frig did you just type? You the one that got Chris Simms all blowed last night?

  27. jerseykingpin says:
    July 1, 2010 4:35 PM
    Football says:
    July 1, 2010 3:44 PM
    They didnt have a chance before the injury. Steelers are the most overrated team in the NFL going into the 2010 season.
    ——————- HMMMMMMM 6RINGS is overrated . I take it your a Bengals or a Ravens fan . Bengals had one good year in what 12 and the Raven lmao.
    jerseykingpin, your name is jerseykingpin, enough said.

  28. What are you guys doing posting in this thread, shouldn’t you be on Last Comic Standing with your funny “colon” jokes?
    And if being a fan of a team with more Lombardis is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.. In reality the “douchebaggie” ones are those who whine about another team winning and their team falling short every year…. Right @Shuxion?

  29. Ouch, Florio. The o-line isn’t a traditional strength for us? Remember when it was.
    I still believe games are won in the trenches. But it takes a combination of coaching, commitment, and talent. We’ve been lacking in one area or another for years. Half the league seems to think Colon’s a top 3 tackle, and the other half thinks he’s no great loss. But no matter who steps in for Colon, Kugler is a coaching upgrade over Zierlein. Maybe that will be enough to help the line at least break even despite losing Willie … or improve if he’s not really the great talent some think.

  30. If I understand correctly then according to Florio losing the team’s best offensive lineman is not a big deal because they were not that good to begin with. I am sorry but that just does not make sense to me.

  31. Florrio is right. It doesn’t ‘kill’ their chances cause he was no good anyway. Dudes a dud!
    GO RAVENS!!!!!

  32. funi says, “and Ravens at home should be a win.”
    Dude, have you even be paying ANY attention this offseason? You’ll have either Fat Albert or his skinny kid brother playing that day. Good luck!

  33. Florio’s right.., Willie Colon’s injury doesn’t kill the Steelers chances. The Steelers chances were killed when Ben Roethlisberger raped that college girl in the bathroom in Georgia.
    A fat mans leg injury won’t affect the season that much.

  34. O.K., Mike, if you eliminate Colon’s injury, at least give us another probable cause of death.

  35. If the Steelers win more than 6 games this season, I’ll run around in a college bar with my junk hanging out……

  36. Steeler fans, buckle up….
    It’s going to be a long and rough season for you people. Fans of other teams, especially in your own division are not going to forget all of the ragging and bragging you threw in everybody’s faces.
    Not only will you be bad, but you will not know how to respond to the criticism. You’ve been so obnoxious for so long…. Personally, I don’t think you can take the heat.
    Karma is a bitch.

  37. Okay, internet football coaches. What would you do as a head coach or a coordinator of a team on Pittsburgh’s schedule? Would you relax during Steeler week (like your ignorant posts indicate) because you feel they aren’t a threat to you? Or would you prepare your football team like a professional to go out and deal with a team/staff that is very well prepared for you?
    The answer is: you don’t know, because you have never prepared a team for anything. Luckily for you, nobody that makes actual decisions in the NFL will look at the Steelers the way you do.
    As for me, I just got back from summer lifting/conditioning workouts with my players, just like I have for the last twenty-something years. We have always had teams on our schedule that appear “weak.” Philosophy/preparation won’t change, no matter the perceived quality of the opponent, That is why football is damn difficult and damn rewarding. Go drink some more beer and let the grown men handle this.

  38. As much as I love the Ravens chances this year, the AFC North is a toss up (minus Cleveland, sorry Brown fans). In the end, I still believe the Ravens will win it, but Pittsburgh will have a tough D as always and that will keep them in games. We’ll see…Should be fun…
    The Colon loss is big no matter how you look at it (insert your own joke here). Starting tackles in this League are hard to come by…

  39. BenInAZ says:
    July 1, 2010 6:48 PM
    If the Steelers win more than 6 games this season, I’ll run around in a college bar with my junk hanging out……
    –Ben, not a good idea. You already escaped two rape allegations.

  40. @Clubber Lang …
    Not saying they’ll contend, but think the Browns may win a couple more than last year. Expect the division to be very competitive. If not for the impressive secondary, wouldn’t really look for much from Cincy. Their end-of-season meltdown was embarrassing. At some point, they have to stop blaming a 2005 injury for Palmer’s inability to go the distance.
    If I had to choose a team now, it would be the Ravens. Their 9-7 finish last season surprised me as much as ours. They’ve done a pretty good job filling the gaps. Our situation has too many unknowns for accurate prediction. Based on last year, 8-8 to 10-6 is a reasonable assumption. But some of those unknowns could mean a big up- or downswing.
    Thanks for being one of the few these days posting football commentary. Gets old wading through junior high kids looking for the few interested in the sport. Love the screen name. If I didn’t have more work to do … would watch the film right now!

  41. Chances of what? Winning 6 games? The Steelers defense was pathetic last year and now they lost Rapelisberger for 6 games. They also traded their leading receiver. That team is just trying to finish ahead of the Browns.

  42. @Bossman …
    I’m sure our rivals in the AFC North are touched by the concern of a Patriots fan. After all, you guys are BELOVED by the Ravens, Bengals, and Browns … not to mention the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills. That’s because you Patriots fans were so quiet and humble during your Super Bowl runs … the epitome of winning with grace.
    As for taking losses, Steelers fans went 40 years without winning a single playoff game. Many of us were just as loyal during the 80s as we are now. Teams have their ups and downs. Whatever comes, we’re good. It’s people who spend more time trolling other teams than they do on their own threads that tend to be pretty fragile.
    @jibfest … ROFL Now THAT was funny.

  43. Deb, our secondary is more than just JJ and Hall, and Crocker and Williams/Ndikwe are less than overwhelming so I think you’re misguided to only be concerned about the secondary, pass rush will be better this year, pass O will be better for many reasons, and the run game will benefit, with or wirhout Ced for a few games (which would be ridiculous). Our strength last year was the OVERALL D and the running game, now add a much improved pass attack on both sides, I hope Pitt. takes the Bengals as lightly as you apparently do.
    And to respond further, your fellow fans are seemingly unaware of the drought your team endured before turning the franchise around based on their haughty ass attitudes and NY Yankee style ring pointing, which I have never been able to wrap my head around, it’s a what have you done for me lately league, like what have you done for me in the last week, not three decades. Also, I’ll eat my words with a smile if I’m wrong, but Pitt aint makin noise past November this year, it would be a miracle if they made the playoffs, especially after likely starting 1-3 (again, will gladly eat if I’m incorrect).

  44. @CurseofBoJackson …
    First, thanks for being adult enough to provide a football response. And thanks for directing the last bit to my fellow fans since I never forget the droughts and am not predicting a championship year for the Steelers. It gets old reading vulgarities from junior high kids who don’t care about the game, completely distort my comments, and need to trash a woman to feel like men.
    In retrospect, my comment was dismissive, and I apologize. The Bengals had a great year in 09. I love defensive football and nothing impresses me more than a killer secondary. But obviously, there was more to the team than that. When I commented, I was thinking about your last two games against the Jets. The first could have been gamesmanship, but the wildcard–yikes! And I was thinking the Ravens will be much improved and the Browns will be somewhat improved. Don’t believe Palmer has ever fulfilled his potential–and at this point, you can’t blame that on 05. I just think it will be a competitive division all around and expect the Ravens to dominate.
    As for Pittsburgh, meant what I said about the unknowns. Prior to all our drama and injuries, I felt good but not great. You can’t discount last year and say this is a team one year removed from a championship. This is a 9-7 team that missed the playoffs. I was happy because the team addressed my major concerns in firing Zierlein and hiring Kugler, re-aquiring McFadden and Anthony Madison, bringing in new coaching on special teams, drafting Pouncey, and addressing some issues with Arians.
    Then we lost Sweed, Holmes, Colon, and Roethlisberger for at least four weeks. Polamalu still isn’t 100 percent. There’s just no way to predict the impact of each individual loss or how Roethlisberger and the team will handle the psychological pressure of all the turmoil. People could surprise by stepping up or fail miserably. The team could rally or fold. Fans and haters are making bold predictions, but none of us will know until we see what happens. Anything is possible.

  45. Deb
    “completely distort my comments, and need to trash a woman to feel like men.”
    Ironic from the female who claims that any and all women (plural) who accuse BR of the same, vulgar crime must be whores and gold diggers.
    Pot meet Kettle.

  46. No. That’s well documented. It’s the reason he stressed the word “plural.” It’s the reason you keep stalking me with this insanity after that ridiculous pretense that you were trying to have a serious conversation. You both think it’s a funny subject and you’re getting your jollies taunting me about it. You two weren’t absent the day they handed out reading comprehension skills. You’ve understood everything perfectly. You were absent the day they handed out souls. The one solace for me is knowing that one day you’ll die. And hell is waiting.

  47. Deb
    The one solace for me is knowing that one day you’ll die. And hell is waiting.
    Another Classy Pittsburgh Steeler fan…….

  48. I know what I said. It has nothing to do with football, the Steelers, or whether I have class–which is only a word to you. It’s just a woman speaking to someone who has mercilessly harassed her for months because anonymity has freed him from conscience and human decency … in this life. But you will die and so will your anonymity. Your behavior will catch up to you. And hell will be waiting.

  49. I guess insults, taunts, harassment and a lack of conscience and human decency are OK if it’s from someone who holds herself above all others.
    I further surmise taht calling victims gold digging whores is fine as long as it’s you doing it to them.
    But God help us if anyone crosses you and actually doesn’t fall for your bullshit.
    Notice no one on here (or at least I haven’t) has wished for your death or for terrible things to happen to you.
    That’s only acceptable – along with accusations against victims you know nothing about – if it’s from you towards others.
    You really should see a shrink. You have problems.

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