Browns say little about Robaire Smith situation

On Thursday, Browns defensive lineman Robaire Smith was charged with attempting to take a loaded gun onto an airplane.  The incident occurred in November 2009.

On Friday, the Browns acknowledged the situation with a brief statement from G.M. Tom Heckert.

“We have been aware of the situation with Robaire Smith and continue to monitor it closely,” Heckert said in a statement e-mailed to us by V.P. of media relations Neal Gulkis.

A similar comment was issued by team president Mike Holmgren after similar charges were filed against Browns defensive lineman Shaun Rogers in April.

At this point, the Browns presumably have on their computer system a file titled “Comment for Use When Player Is Charged With Taking A Gun Onto A Plane.”

14 responses to “Browns say little about Robaire Smith situation

  1. Am I the only one disturbed by this? “On Thursday,” that would make it July 1, 2010, he was charged. The incident happened Nov. 2009. If he was trying to take a loaded gun on a plane, that’s something you can kinda tell right then, without waiting for some DNA evidence or something like that. What about that took 8 months to charge?

  2. Was he invited to a Vick hosted party in Nov. 2009?…….That would explain alot….

  3. @chhutson27
    Maybe the TSA guys weren’t sure if it was a real firearm or a squirt gun.
    Those douchebags can’t stop a damned thing w/out calling in the entire cast of CSI: Miami.
    On another note:
    Florio… I’m a Browns fan… but that last paragraph made me laugh out loud. Funny stuff.

  4. The gap in time is because in the state of Michigan they have to determine if the local police or the feds will make a charge based on the circumstances.
    In this circumstance he ended up with a local charge of something like taking a gun into a sterile section of the airport or something like that, lol…It is a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony if the feds had charged him.

  5. They’re the brownies – what does everyone expect coming from the most dysfunctional, losing team in the NFL?

  6. nflisking says:
    July 2, 2010 9:07 PM
    They’re the brownies – what does everyone expect coming from the most dysfunctional, losing team in the NFL?
    Really? Are you a football fan or just dense?

  7. In no way can carrying a loaded firearm on a plane be condoned. Both Robaire and Shaun should be punished, according to the law… and fined, or whatever, by the NFL.
    That being stated, you also have to consider that:
    1) Robaire lives in Flint, MI. If you have ever been to Flint, you would understand the need to carry a gun.
    2) They weren’t shooting anyone…or themselves (Plax).
    3) They weren’t attending either birthday parties or scrip clubs
    4) They were not raping anyone.
    5) Shaun Rogers, I understand, is licensed to carry a gun. Maybe Robaire Smith is, too.
    6) The Browns and the NFL were both notified at the time of the incidents. Florio was the only one kept in the dark (and rightfully so).
    7. The Ravens, Steelers and Bengals all suck.
    That’s all I have to say about that.
    GO BROWNS!!!

  8. Good to see the Browns DTs are on the same page off the field. Maybe they’ll be on the same page on the field.

  9. @ Burning River –
    All Good points. (except #7 – they are all better than the Browns)
    However, the most important one is, licence or not, it is ILLEGAL to carry a loaded gun onto a plane. End of story – guilty. Plax got 2 years for having a loaded gun in a public place…but that was in NYC – let’s what “local” laws are and act accordingly.
    To play devil’s advocate….he “attempted” to bring it on the plane – I would imagine that it never made it past security…so, if he is licenced, did he really do anything wrong?

  10. You can’t carry a gun onto a plane! What’s so difficult about this?
    The only stories you hear about people packing heat while trying to board a plane are either complete whack jobs, or they’re NFL players. To a point, that’s probably one in the same group, but seriously…what’s his excuse? He forgot he had it??

  11. Nflisking….you are forgetting the Raiders, thank you very much.
    AND…the Browns defensive linemen are just trying to show that they are willing to pull out all the stops in order to get to the quarterback this year. Don’t be surprised to hear of another D-Lineman getting caught with a samurai sword or with OJ’s knife…they are just trying to show the new regime that they are willing to commit felonies to get sacks.

  12. I am a lifelong Browns fan but, believe NFL plyrs should be subjected to the same laws and their respective punishments, as you and I would face.
    Unfortunately, we don’t know all the details surrounding the events…although most people know that it is NOT a GOOD IDEA to carry firearms anywhere near an airport!!!
    However, time and time again, it is demonstrated that politicians, professional athletes, and other celebrities live in another world from us common folks.

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