Lions reach back into past with Dre Bly signing

Dre is going to be Dre for at least one more season.

The Lions signed cornerback Dre Bly to a two-year contract, according to John Niyo of the Detroit Free Press News, returning Bly to the organization he made two Pro Bowls with in the middle part of last decade.

The 12-year veteran has played with four different organizations, including the 49ers last year.  Detroit’s secondary remains very thin, but Bly’s play has declined rapidly.  He shouldn’t be seen as a lock for the roster. 

We hope he makes it, if only for his excellent post-game quotes.

30 responses to “Lions reach back into past with Dre Bly signing

  1. The oldest DB they have on the roster is a 5 year vet. They need some sort of veteran presence. Now they have it.

  2. The middle part of last decade?
    That would have been around 1995. Are you sure about that?
    (again, lets review. There was no year zero. The first year on the calendar was year 1. The last year of that decade was year 10. December 31, 10. The first year of the next decade was January 1, 11. The first year of this current decade was 2001. So the middle of the last decade was sometime in the 1990s. )

  3. Hmmm…Jim Schwartz must not be too happy with the corners so far…..BTW, John Niyo writes for the News, not the Free Press. Just sayin…

  4. I am assuming that this was done so he could retire a Lion? If not, this was a horrible decision by a coach that seemed to date to be pretty pragmatic. Bly was a cancer in the Lions locker room and dining room before and history will repeat itself. I can’t believe this signing? April Fool’s joke?

  5. Hey Maddenboy, you’re an idiot. There was technically no year 1 either, seeing as how the system we use now wasn’t invented til WAY after those years.
    1980-1989 = the 80s,
    1990-1999 = the 90s,
    2000-2009 = the 00s,
    2010-2019 = the 10s,
    (again, let’s review. You’re an idiot.)

  6. Maddenboy, enough with that nonsense.
    While mathematically, or whatever, that might be true, NO ONE actually thinks of it like that. NO ONE. Under that logic, 1990 would be considered part of the ’80s and 1980 part of the 70s and so on and so forth. That’s not how people roll.
    Give it up.

  7. You people are sad.
    So very “American” of you. The doctrine of “I don’t have to follow any rules because you know what I mean.”
    No matter when the calendar we use was invented, they did not invent it to have a year zero. It has a year 1. So my logic holds, but you dont like it so you use the “you know what I mean” calendar.

  8. I like it, he can be a very good dime corner for us. His days as an everydown corner are finished, but put him out there on 3rd and long situations and let him make some plays.

  9. How can this be bad? We need experience in the Secondary group. The leader of the secondary(Delmas) is only in his sophomore year. If he can come in and help out spievey further along his learning curve and help him have a year Delmas had last year. Although Im a Lions fan, I believe already at foresight this is a good move. I hope Mayhew pulled another Ace out the sleeve.

  10. His addition can’t hurt. Lions needed another corner, however you want to look at it. There’s a Veteran at every level now…VandenBosch in the front, Peterson in the middle, Bly in the back. Teaching the rooks.

  11. he was and is a cancer. he ran down jo-ey when garcia was there… only problem is they were 5-6 with jo-ey in the lineup. and 1-4 with jeffy in the lineup.
    and the lions always did better when bly wasnt playing. always. look it up. he sucks.

  12. Maddenboy you are technically correct. However you did not capitalize the A at the beginning of the sentence “again lets review”. Also there should be an apostrophe in the word lets. It is short for “let us” and therefore should be let’s and not lets.

  13. “Schwartz “No you dumb drunk, I just said to sign Some Guy!” ……..”
    Hahaha legit lol. I don’t mind this move at all. He wasn’t a locker room cancer; he called out a QB who sucked, a coach who was too soft on the team, and a GM who was a complete idiot at that particular job. He was right about all three of them.
    Welcome back.

  14. If anything, let’s hope he brings his experience and teaches the younger backs some tricks of the trade.
    @ jthom19802
    Spot on.

  15. for those who think bly was a cancer in the locker room, lets review that. he didnt agree with marinelli or joey harrington……and matt millens draft choices………..lets see is there one aspect he was wrong with complaining about? maybe he was trying to talk sense into someone. also he was a dynamic player and throughout the losing seemed like the player trying the hardest to turn things around like he acutally cared. prolly the only reason he is here now. he has a chance to play nickel and do what he does best, strip the ball and pick off intermediate passes. perfect solution to our depth and veteren problem in the backfield, i love this move

  16. @maddenboy
    I have only seen one of your post, yet for some reason, I absolutely hate you with all my heart.

  17. i hope they intend to use him only on 3rd down and as a veteran presence in a very young defensive backfield. if that is so, i am on board…maybe. this is the life of a lions fan…gonna be another long year, methinks.

  18. This is a great signing!
    They need a veteran presence and depth in the secondary.
    The Lions are going to be .500 or better. Watch and see.

  19. “Very good signing” we needed that veteran presense in the defensive backfield to help the young cats, and to provide skills much needed at the nickle and dime back positions, He may be up in age but he’s a major upgrade over Eric King, Hobbs, Manuel, and there also has been talk of playing him alond side Delmas as a Free Safety with ball hawk ability.

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