At 33, Clark Haggans keeps working hard

The Cardinals have undergone significant roster turnover this offseason, with quarterback Kurt Warner, receiver Anquan Boldin, linebacker Karlos Dansby, and safety Antrel Rolle moving on, and moving out.

As the team transitions, a fairly recent arrival has been setting a strong example with his work ethic.

Clark [Haggans] is a breath of fresh air in today’s world,” Cardinals strength and conditioning coach John Lott told Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.  “He’s
somebody who has an old school approach to a new school way of playing.”

Haggans, who entered the league in 2000 with the Steelers, won a Super Bowl in 2005 and then jumped to Arizona in 2008, just in time to make it to the Super Bowl again, where the Cardinals lost to his former team.

Now 33 years old, Haggans remains focused.

“It’s very easy to wake up, get on the computer and look at your checking
account and say, ‘Man, I can kind of chill if I want,'” Lott said.  “He
looks at this like, ‘OK, I need something to motivate me.  I’m going to
come look at these young guys who don’t know what they don’t know.'”

A backup in 2008, Haggans started 14 regular-season games for the Cardinals in 2009. 

This year, the Cardinals need Haggans and former Steelers teammate Joey Porter to lead the team’s defense — and to help the defense compensate for the inevitable dip in offensive production that will happen with Kurt Warner retired and a 2006 top-ten bust getting a chance to turn his career around.

9 responses to “At 33, Clark Haggans keeps working hard

  1. I don’t see much production coming from the former QB of the USC Trojans…
    He can train for MMA with that midget ,Jay Glazer, all he wants..(still not sure how this training, save the conditioning aspect – which at the NFL level should be there already translates to the NFL) he’s still not a QB who can make decisions when the game’s on the line, a la Tom Brady, Drew Brees, etc..
    And it all starts with the QB… you want a guy barking orders like Dan Marino, or Tom Brady circa 2004, Payton Manning, etc..
    Not some unproven dude who funnels beers in the offseason, that’s for high school kids.

  2. Why does everyone still harp on Matt for something he did in the offseason 3 years ago? Dude was young and has a lot of money he has a right to be enjoying himself in his own home at night in the middle of the summer. Yeah he hasn’t proven he can play yet but he hasn’t proven he can’t play either. Give the guy a full season as the starter taking reps with the 1st team in practice before you pass judgement. You think Tom Brady never let’s loose in the offseason or is he studying film and working out 24/7? At least he doesn’t go out to strip clubs and rape chicks at bars! He’s actually taking to his new role quite well, settled down and got engaged, and is trying to step up as a leader this year. I’m not saying he ultimately won’t be a bust but the jury is still out on his career. And if you could party with several hot chicks in the hot tub at your mansion you can’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing. Dude just got unlucky and some bitch posted pics of it online.

  3. Siggy, Haggans didn’t always suck. He was pretty solid in ’03 and ’04, and brought the heat more than Porter did back then. He slacked off after that, and no matter how hard he works, he’s at best a mid-tier LB.

  4. Haggans never rushed the passer better than Porter. Porter was just wasted in pass coverage too much because he was so good at it.

  5. Haggans was a good pass rusher for a few seasons, and it was him beating Sean Locklear of Seattle around the corner that forced Locklear to grab him around the neck and get called for holding in Super Bowl XL. He made a huge play there that contributed to the win.
    Didn’t Haggans go to the same school as Porter and have more sacks? I’d have to look that up. In any case, Haggans is way past his prime now.

  6. Arizona: The NFL’s version of Pittsburgh’s sloppy seconds.
    Still, loved me some Haggans and Porter back a few years ago.

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