D'Brickashaw deal raises several interesting questions

Florio Jr. has rock camp this week, where he and several other young musicians are preparing for a July 21 concert at which they’ll rip it up to the tune of Detroit Rock City and Walk This Way, among others.  (Last year, it was Frankenstein.)

So I picked him up and we went to lunch just as the news broke on the D’Brickashaw Ferguson deal.  Rosenthal did the heavy lifting on the details (as if anything we ever do requires the lifting of anything heavier than our fingers).  And I’m compelled to chime in, now that the hot turkey sub from Chunki’s has begun to digest.

The development raises a few questions for me.

1.  Will the numbers come in as good as advertised? 

Folks in the media typically get early contract numbers from the agents for the players.  Though other agents and NFLPA sources eventually will have access to the information, typically it’s only the team, the player, and the player’s agent who know the financial figures when the deal is first done.

And as we’ve seen in the past, agents often pump up the numbers, and the reporters who get the scoops from the agents rarely if ever ask questions.

So we’ll believe that Ferguson got a six-year, $60 million extension with $34.8 million guaranteed once we have a chance to pick over the terms of the contract and confirm it on our own.

2.  Will the rest of the “Core Four” now get new deals?

When cornerback Darrelle Revis took his contractual discontent public, he pointed out that he and three other young players — Ferguson, center Nick Mangold, and linebacker David Harris — believe they’d been promised new deals.

So now that Ferguson has gotten a new deal, could it be that Revis and the others will follow?

The decision to start the process with Ferguson is confusing.  He’s got two years left on his rookie deal, and he wasn’t publicly clamoring for a new contract.  Besides, Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com reported in June that, of the “Core Four,” only Revis would get a new contract before the finalization of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

In the wake of the development, one fact is clear — the money paid to Ferguson won’t make the other three guys any less inclined to look for new contracts of their own.

3.  If collusion is happening, it’s not unanimous.

The manner in which the Chargers have handled receiver Vincent Jackson and left tackle Marcus McNeill have caused us to wonder whether teams expressly or implicitly have agreed to not spend big money on veteran deals until a new labor contract has been negotiated.  Any such agreement would amount to collusion.

The Jets’ decision to give so much money (supposedly) to a guy who has two years left on his rookie deal shows that, if there’s collusion, the Jets didn’t get the memo.   

It’s possible that the Jets opted to disregard the subtle — or otherwise — messages, if any, aimed at getting owners to keep their millions in their pockets and out of the players’ hands with a possible lockout approaching.  Indeed, the Jets have become a renegade of sorts over the past year, with Rex Ryan’s loquaciousness coaxing owner Woody Johnson to become a showman, of sorts.

4.  What does Tom Brady think of this?

Ferguson’s agent is Don Yee.  Don Yee represents Tom Brady.

If the reports of $34.8 million in guaranteed money are accurate, Ferguson’s deal significantly exceeds the contract that Brady will complete in the 2010 season.  And that could make him even more determined to get top dollar from the Pats come 2011.

Which could make it even more likely that Brady will be getting top dollar from some other team instead.

UPDATE:  A league source points out that Ferguson fired Yee last month and hired Brad Blank.  We relied on the list distributed at the Super Bowl and didn’t check the NFLPA website.  We apologize for the error.  And we still wonder what Tom Brady thinks of the fact that a team in his division isn’t bashful about making a long-term commitment with a key player who has two years left under contract notwithstanding the labor uncertainty behind which multiple teams are hiding.

52 responses to “D'Brickashaw deal raises several interesting questions

  1. The Jets are going to implode again. When was the last time they made the playoffs twice in a row?
    This management team has insured this fate for years to come.

  2. Does it raise “[an] interesting question” or does it raise “several interesting questions?”
    I’m very confused by the title and cannot figure out if it is a single question, or plural questions. I will continue to decipher the title before I read the article so please help me out here as I am very interested in learning the question, or questions, D’Brickashaw’s deal raises.

  3. Rosenthal just said “reasonable” … below market value for D’Brick.
    Seems like Rosenthal and Florio are just about as on one page as McDaniels and Nolan last year …

  4. Brady is not worth that kind of money and neither is Da Brick. Jets saddled with big money players and PSLs as Pats make the playoffs with another QB.

  5. Tom Brady will be the Browns QB in 2011. Randy Lerner will give him whatever he wants and Brady will lead Cleveland to multiple Super Bowl wins!
    I am allowed to dream aren’t I?

  6. Lol at Patsfan. Your dynasty is over. It’s been over since the cameras stopped rolling. And what you said about Brady is just a complete microcosm of your entire bandwagon jumping fan-base. How many Pats fans were there before 2001 again?
    Enjoy going back to your miserable existence. It’s over. Even the Phins are moving past you.

  7. @ Dapollack
    From Wikipedia: D’Brick is named after Father Ralph de Bricassart, a fictional character in the 1977 novel (and on the 1983 television mini-series) The Thorn Birds, played by Richard Chamberlain.

  8. Jets were a fluke & the patsie ride is over!!!Fins will be the 2010 AFC East champions!!! GO FINS!!!

  9. Jets are a loaded team. Im not a Jet fan but give credit where its due. the talent on that roster far exceeds the talent the Dolphins have. the Jets didnt have to sign Ferguson right now, but its hard to kill them for it. the guy is a premium LT and those dont come cheap. Is it alot of money? Yeah probably, but foolish contracts like the ones given to Haynseworth and Peppers totally blew the market up. I understand they play different positions, but I cant see how you can argue that theyre more important to their team then a top LT. Especially when your sticking a young QB out there. You need to keep him on his feet. A good LT is one whose name I dont hear the announcers call during game time. Ferguson was great last year
    Revis is not going to get $20 million a year. but I am curious to see what Brady and Peyton Manning get when its time. Throw Brees in there too.

  10. #4: You are wrong. Don Yee is no longer D’Brick’s agent, he changed over to Brad Blank a few months back. A simple google search would have made you look a little less moronic.

  11. So, is there collusion or not? Wouldn’t this be proof that there isn’t? Or, perhaps, is the league afraid of collusion charges and told the Jets to go ahead and give him a big contract to disprove the collusion charges?
    So they colluded to disprove collusion charges?

  12. You’re on sizzurp if you think Brady will play for another team in 2011. The Pats may be sliding, but they’re not THAT stupid.

  13. Brady is not going anywhere. If the Pats don’t get him signed they’ll use the exclusive rights franchise tag on him and eventually get a long-term deal done. It’s not like they have someone behind Brady that could take over if they traded him, all they have is second year undrafted free agent Bryan Hoyer.

  14. Tufdan says:
    July 7, 2010 3:49 PM
    What does it say about a team when their QB is not one of their core players??
    Where have you been? He was drafted last year and has over $20 million in the bank already…I thought there were educated people reading this column…

  15. people forget that Brady took less money last time to allow the Pats to add more pieces around him… and that they refused to do that until a few years later when they finally went after Moss, Welker etc.

  16. So many Jets haters, more than any other team, i love it. your all scared.

  17. Giselle is going to give Brady an allowance to change diapers.
    Why would the patriots pay Brady who benefited from knowing the oppositions defensive signals his entire career big money? Even that stiff Matt Cassell was able to win with Belicheat and his cheating ways.
    Brady = system qb and that system is CHEATING!!!!!!!

  18. not worried the jets will fold like a taco, no one to give you freebies at the end of the season this year to LET them get in!!!

  19. Kraft is waiting to see if Brady gets hurt again before he commits to big $$ to sign him long term!!! But they will franchise him if he stays healthy then evaluate his worth!!!

  20. Where does the name D’Brickashaw come from?
    Same place as “purple drank” I suppose. BTW- we don’t hate the jests and no one is scared. I’ve seen this weak comment before. What are others “scared of.” A QB that ranked at the bottom of the NFL. A fat turd sandwitch of a coach that called his own team done before luck moved in and teams rested their players. That D that the Dolphins lit up for 61 points and swept??
    Dude, you’re DELUSIONAL— we laugh at the jets. Big difference.

  21. so much for the jets “not taking care of their own” bullcrap you were spouting a few weeks ago, florio.

  22. The chances of Tom Brady playing for a team other than the Patriots are about as good as my chances of nailing Mrs. Brady.
    Come on Vikings, make them an offer!

  23. Wait, so, it was Mangini the scumbag that, according to PFT, promised everyone new deals and then renegged on the deal? Yet the common thread between those Jets and these is Mike Tannenbaum, and theres STILL people saying they’ve been promised new deals?
    The longer and longer Mangini is away from the Jets, the less and less of the ‘douchebag’ Mangini seems to be the truth.

  24. love the PATS love…have to have a new CBA before Brady can get a deal that is good for him as his base is low this year…phins going to win? that’s as funny as when JJ and your team kept showing up in courtrooms to sway juries sitting in on your “innocent” players that were on trial. your gimmick is done you suck as much as rex swallows

  25. Good god please let the salary cap come back. Almost every other team has shown restraint on big spending this year to put pressure on the union. If the Jets extend Revis and Mangold this offseason after D’Brick’s deal, they will be screwed beyond screwed in ’11.
    Enjoy the ride Jets fans. You have a good team and have a legit shot at winning it all this year, but after the season your team will be broken up piece by piece to pay for all these guys, and it will be back to 3rd place in the division behind two teams that actually know how to build and keep a roster.

  26. Brady’s deal is 6? Years old. That’s why it’s been passed. When he cashes in within the next few years (the patriots could franchise him for 2011 to fix any 30% rule problems), he will probably get 50 million guaranteed.

  27. Brady hasn’t done squat since Spygate. That cheating cost the Jets 2 superbowl wins and maybe Hall of Fame for Pennington. Think of what could of been if not for the Cheatriots.

  28. hahaha i love all these arrogant fools who think the jets are gonna fold…it just makes me more confident about the season.

  29. Rangenius says:
    “Brady hasn’t done squat since Spygate. That cheating cost the Jets 2 superbowl wins and maybe Hall of Fame for Pennington. Think of what could of been if not for the Cheatriots.”
    Talk about delusional! Jets 2 rings? Pennington a hall of fame qb? And oh by the way, all Brady has done is set record for 50 TDs in a season, most points scored by an offense in a season, 16-0 regular season record, and married the sexiest babe on the planet.
    Brady hasn’t done squat – right dude – get real

  30. Tufdan:
    It means that their QB is only going into his second year and still has 4 years left on his deal! So, he is not one of their core players looking for a new deal! Brilliant over there!

  31. tomservo24:
    How do you come up with 2 teams that know how to maintain a good roster? The patriots only count as 1. I dont count a team like the dolphins considering they have not won a playoff game in over a decade!

  32. Killer Fin —
    Remember when Saban showed up? Do you remember the euphoria surrounding that move?
    How did it turn out for you?
    Remember the euphoria surrounding Ronnie Brown’s arrival — teamed with the pot smoker? How has that turned out for you?
    You had a reinvented Chad Pennington come in second in the MVP. How far did the suckholes get in the playoffs? AFC championship game?
    You got Henne, Jake Long, Philip Merling and the WILDCAT! How has it worked out for you?
    The Dolphins suck manass and have for the last 35 years. And for 17 of them you had the bloated Dan Marino.
    NY Jets 12-4
    Pats 9-7
    Bills 6-10
    Blowholes 5-11
    Sorry Killer Fin. Read it and weep.

  33. Who Cares! What about my man Braylon?
    Why ain’t that boy in line for a big contract?
    He’s done a lot to deserve it!
    Ten reasons why….
    1. His luck is improving. Going during the OTA’s he successfully caught a bus two days in a row. That was a career high.
    2.Further showing that his ability to catch is improving last weekend he took his friend Donte out for a drink. After downing a quart of Tequila, both caught cabs to go home! Led the league for one night!
    3.His hand transplant seems to be working. Feeling is slowly returning to both arms and right now is just slightly below the elbows.
    4.His mental state is improving. Both lobotomies seem to be working.
    5.His blocking and route running have improved. Mighty Rex said the improvement is mighty. “Today Braylon runs like a bee, has the agility of a water buffalo and blocks like a dear (deer). We couldn’t tell if Rex was saying he blocked like a four legged deer or a two legged one!
    6.Braylon’s attitude has improved to the point where he is seriously considering opening up and reading the playbook.
    7.He is oiling his hands regularly.
    8.For the first time in his life he caught a cold.
    9.Building on his success, last week he caught a fish.
    10. As Rex said.. “He ain’t droppin anything anymore, which is unfortunate, because that include his pants when he goes potty.”
    Finally, this is a confident guy. He had his hands bronzed in anticipation of making the Hall of Fame. That’s led to his current problem of not been able to catch WAS!
    But, give him his due. Get him a new deal!

  34. @ Matt Walsh
    You’re a dick.
    Get a new routine.
    Go blow ItalianArmyGuy while you’re at it. Don’t ask don’t tell.
    Adding to Patsbrat, Brady’s 2009 was his 2nd best statistical season of his career. They did go 11-5 winning the division also.
    Yeah, he’s done squat. Sure.

  35. NYMets,
    The second year Saban was coach of the Dolphins, Sports Illustrated had the Dolphins going to the Super Bowl, which the current Jet hype reminds me of. Over the last 35 years the Dolphins have won the AFC East division 5 times, the Jets 1, how did that work out for you. I won’t even ask how things with the Mets have worked out for you over last few years. The Jets will be lucky if they only have 4 losses in their own division, not to mention a considerably more difficult schedule next season. Either you are in elementary school, or you’re a complete imbecile to post your moronic takes (not to mention your Marino penis envy). Jets fans like you are the reason everyone else will be taking great pleasure in watching the Jets go 4-12. Sorry NYMets, read it and weep, your teams are historic chokers and losers and will continue to be so.

  36. Florio, making it up as you go along again. Are you going to bring up Brady every time some gets signed???? You obvious lack of the facts only emphasizes your clear agenda.
    1. You keep implying that Silver had some inside information that Brady was upset with the Pats, when he DIDN’T. He was just speculating.
    You imply that Brady has been vastly underpaid as a Patriots QB when he hasn’t. He might not have been the highest paid QB, but he was in the top 10 ever since he signed his 2nd contract.
    You implied that Brady has given the Pats breaks when he has continuously redone his contract so the Pats could sign players over they years, when you know for a fact that when any player does that, he most often gets get more money up front or gets more money guaranteed at the back end. Bottom line is that NO player who as redone his contract has EVERY given back a single dollar to do so. Yet you make the implication every time. HYPOCRITE.
    You imply that because Brady is making less than $9MM this season the Pats have done him a disservice, when you know for a fact that Brady has been the highest paid Patriot for Most of his career with the Pats and you want to penalize the Pats for being smart enough to front load Brady’s contract instead of adding useless dollars to the end of contracts like so many of the inferior teams tend to do.
    You keep trying to report pure speculation as fact, and hope that if you do it often enough it will get reported as fact, as seen by some of the Bozo comments above. The big LIE. Nice strategy if that’s your agenda.

  37. What the Jets have done here is typical Jets – they spend a lot and front-load the money and invariably it ends up that they get screwed on the cap. They did this in 1996 with $70 million in big contracts and it didn’t work – they did surprise the league by going 21-11 in 1997-8 but then they crashed to 17-15 and have been mediocre since even as they commit contracts to players who aren’t worth it.

  38. I asked Manish Mahta (nydailynews) about how the jets said it would be hard to do long term deals with no CBA, and he responded:
    Ferguson wasn’t hindered by the 30 percent rule (he made $6M last year). That’s a real obstacle for Mangold and Harris.
    Shows you what most in NY already know, Rich Cimin is a fraud! Can’t stand that guy.
    I hate the term core four. Yankees have won multiple championships. *THAT’S* a core four.

  39. @ BrownsClown
    You are the worst poster I have ever seen. Not only is it cut and paste, but its a mile frigin long and takes up a rediculous amount of space.
    If you want to be “cool” and keep posting the same thing over and over again because its “funny”, PLEASE oh PLEASE come up with something thats… well… funny!

  40. re: collusion. Disagree; Ferguson is not an RFA with an expired contract potentially eligible to test the market as a free agent. If the owners are colluding, they are doing so to squeeze the 200 or so RFAs who would have been UFAs in a “normal” league year, so that they will press the NFLPA to give on total salaries. Part of the squeeze isn’t just no new deals, it’s reducing the market for their services and thus reducing potential value of contracts.
    Ferguson’s deal can thus be seen as part of the overall scheme, if it indeed exists (wink wink). “Look, Marcus…this is what you could be getting now if only your union would be reasonable.” McNeill was paid about $550,000 last season, BTW, less than five other o-linemen on SD’s roster, including backup tackle Scott Mruczkowski…

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