PFT Season Preview mag is flying off the shelves, we think

The first-ever (and possibly first-only) PFT Season Preview magazine has been stocked on the shelves of Walmarts, Targets, Borders, and Barnes & Nobleses from sea to shining (must be the oil) sea.  And since it’s virtually impossible to determine the precise number of units sold, we can declare the magazine to be an unqualified hit — especially since there’s no real way to prove that assertion wrong.

Far more definite is the number of online sales, to which you can add by clicking the link and placing an order directly from the publisher, at the reduced price of $7.99.

Camps don’t open for several more weeks, so you’ll need something to carry you through the rest of the offseason.  And people actually seem to genuinely like the magazine, despite the fact that Silva wrote the Raiders preview.

It’s also got previews of all other 31 teams, with the workload shared by Silva, MDS, Rosenthal, and yours truly.  The magazine also includes interviews of Roger Goodell and Eric Mangini, along with many other features that will get you ready for one of the most compelling NFL seasons we can remember.

So help us out.  All the content at PFT is free.  Surely, you’ve enjoyed at least eight bucks worth of it over the last eight-plus years.  Now’s the time to give a little back — and to get for yourself 128 pages of content written in the love-us-or-hate-us-but-never-ignore-us style that you love or hate but can never ignore.

25 responses to “PFT Season Preview mag is flying off the shelves, we think

  1. Got to be better than the Sporting News. I glimpsed at their preview, and didn’t really see much info on why the players on the team I follow were good or not that good outside of one or two players.

  2. Bought mine when I saw the first promotion. I haven’t really gotten into it yet, as we still have a LONG time til the season and as I get more excited I will use the magazine to quench my football thirst.
    Florio, you know you have a ton of loyal readers that will purchase something like this because A) they appreciate the free site and want to give something back, and B) they will really enjoy the read and get their money out of it. More products like this should serve all parties well.
    Money is tight for me so it’s hard for me to justify making an unrequired donation, but increasing the subscription service for PFT by a mere $20 a year, wouldn’t alienate a whole lot of folk.
    Thanks so much for the site.

  3. Silva wrote the Raiders preview? Damn.. and I was just about to click the link!

  4. You’ll be happy to know I purchased 13 copies! I know you don’t care, but they are for each member of my fantasy league.
    They should start engraving my name on the trophy now…

  5. Damn, kinda made me feel like I owe you the $8 for visiting your site every day.
    Don’t you get ad revenue?

  6. I just bought one…damned power of suggestion…post a link to your book and maybe I’ll buy that one too.

  7. I just took a trip to WalMart just to pick up a copy of this. They didn’t have it so I ended up spending $300 on other goodies instead.


  9. I want an autographed copy, especially if it might be the only pre-season mag Florio ever does.
    If I buy a copy of the magazine, can I send it to PFT headquarters to get it signed by Mike and Joe???
    If so I’ll head to Walmart later today…

  10. It doesn’t matter if it’s flying off the shelves or not. PFT benefits from the wholesale numbers, so they got their money. It’s the stores that stock them that need people to buy them.
    Personally, I was thinking about getting a copy, but then I remembered the unprofessional snarky comments at the end of every Raiders segment, and decided to use better judgment. I think I’ve done enough to support this site by clicking on it several times a week since it’s inception. I’m not going to blow $8 for a rag written by a bunch of biased knuckleheads.
    Really, if you have the internet, why bother blowing cash on a rag, no matter who it’s written by? There’s nothing in them that you can’t find on the net.

  11. I want the magazine, but they want $20.00 for shipping ?? It sucks being Canadian sometimes !!

  12. I may have purchased a copy, if that website was not trying to charge me $20 to ship a magazine to Canada.

  13. I read a few paragraphs of the raiders section and decided not to buy this mag. chargers #1 in afc west i understand. chiefs second i was really just wondering what the writer was smoking. what did they do to deserve anything except being in the afc west dumpster. then i read a few paragraphs of another magazine that gave a good analysis of what went on this off season. Chargers #1 afc west donks or raiders 2nd – #4 chiefs. florio if your the person that started why make this mag look bad with someone that cant give a good analysis. let him write paragraphs and one liners that are even worse then yours. you take care of the mag cause and make sure you read everything that goes into it. doubt there will be a next year for this mag but hey your with nbc so it might happen.

  14. “…written in the love-us-or-hate-us-but-never-ignore-us style that you love or hate but can never ignore.”
    Truest words ever written on this site.

  15. WHAT!
    DustinColquitt says:
    July 8, 2010 2:50 AM
    I just took a trip to WalMart just to pick up a copy of this. They didn’t have it so I ended up spending $300 on other goodies instead.
    You bought $300 worth of goody things from Wal Mart…how do you do that…… $300 freaking dollars at Wal Mart…geeze!

  16. Got this a while back but I just noticed today that Drew Brees is getting his crank yanked by a phantom hand in the photo. Brutal.

  17. PFT: you can hawk your crap all you want, it’s your website. But our clicks bring in money to PFT and they’re the only reason anyone wants to publish your magazine. You should be thankful to readers, not begging them to make you even more money.

  18. I went to our Walmart the other day to see if they had a copy. Not to buy one.
    The only one to be found in the store was being used to prop up a lopsided cabinet holding feminine hygiene products.
    On a whim, I went out back of the store and took a peek in the dumpster. There were literally hundreds of copies tossed in there!
    Interestingly, the rats were ignoring this bounty as a source of nesting material and, instead, carrying away as much Chinese drywall as they could from the same dumpster!

  19. I have it and disagree with most of it but it does make good bathroom reading material.

  20. You all really need to upload comments immediately so people can have an actual discussion. This is like talking to yourself. I’m bored to tears here. NFL.COM isnt the greatest but it beats the hell outta this.

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