Browns bring in Bobby Engram

During his final season in Seattle, former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren had the pleasure of dealing with a disgruntled wideout named Bobby Engram.

Now, Holmgren will be dealing with him again.

The Browns have announced that Engram, 37, has signed a free-agent contract with the team.

In 2008, Engram had been griping repeatedly about his contract, skipping the team’s offseason program in a futile effort to get more than $1.7 million in salary.  He eventually broke a bone in his shoulder in the preseason finale.

When he returned in early October, he was still griping.  “You would hope that you’re appreciated before something like this has to take place,” he said of the month-long injury, which actually validated the team’s decision not to give a bunch of money to a pass-catcher with an aging body.

The problem was that, in 2007, he signed a two-year deal.  And then he had one of the best years of his career, just in time to not hit the open market.

Apparently, he was willing to forgot about his past squabbles with Holmgren, especially since Engram otherwise had been generating little or no interest.

Hmm.  37-year-old receiver?  Little or no interest?  It must have been ESPN’s fault.

28 responses to “Browns bring in Bobby Engram

  1. If they sign him, he instantly becomes the second best guy on the team, despite the fact that he sucks.

  2. The Browns are really going for old players now (probably for the veteran leadership). You wonder if they’ll find an old running back they can bring in to round out the QB-WR-RB trifecta…

  3. Why not T.O. to patch the Diva void Lebron is about to leave? At least T.O. would bring a still productive guy in and give the city a little hype..

  4. They only brought him in as a special favor to LeBron. They’ll cut him tomorrow after he signs with the Heat tonight.

  5. At least the Browns are better off this year than they were last year at wide receiver.
    Engram is a definite improvement over Braylon “Hands of Stone” Edwards!

  6. Seriously- as a Browns fan, I can’t see any point in signing this guy. I’ll bet he’s there to help the young guys out during camp and gets cut before the season. David Patten part 2.

  7. @ BrownsClown
    Are you kidding me? Braylon has accomplished so much more in the 6 years he has been playing than Bobby has in his first 6 years, in some stats ever. Braylon Edwards holds a career average of 15.5 yds per catch! Thats more than the Jerry Rice, Jimmy Smith, Cris Carter, and many other greats who have played the game! Granted, they played much longer and probably didnt help their stats in the ladders of their careers, but it still says something for Edwards today. I’m not a Jets fan, nor a Browns fan, but even I take you as delusional when you think Bobby Engram is an improvement over Braylon Edwards!
    Bobby Engram Braylon Edwards
    Years Played: 14 6
    Receptions: 650 273
    Total Yards: 7751 4238
    Yards per Catch: 11.5 15.5
    Touchdows 35 32
    No matter how you crunch those numbers, Edwards will always come out on top against Engram.

  8. Everyone should stop responding to w/e raven-penis-muscle says. He doesn’t comment on Ravens stories, just Browns ones in hopes of getting a rise out of us. Screw him, take the high road and he’ll slowly go away forever.

  9. Ravenmuscle says:
    July 8, 2010 5:28 PM
    Bobby Engram…WOW,,,you lose LeBron and sign a washed up THIRTY SEVEN year old flanker…
    Don’t feed the cockmunching troll, folks. You don’t wanna get anywhere near that constant torrent of diarrhea spewing from it’s mouth.

  10. “You would hope that you’re appreciated before something like this has to take place”
    You would hope a player would show some appreciation to the city that cheered for him instead of skipping town for an extra 10 bucks but that ain’t happening either so hit the road jack. It’s funny because TO still doesn’t have a job. Terrell, karma is b*tch-slapping you right now for all the locker rooms you’ve infected.

  11. toddyarbroughjr, you’ve obviously never seen how a few well placed braylon edwards drops can completely kill an offense. So he has 15.5 average, big deal. Why don’t you check how many 3 down or 40 yard passes he’s dropped.

  12. Engram helped me dominate my fantasy league in 07. 94 catches, 1100yds and 6TD’s. That being said, I wouldn’t draft him for a competitors team now

  13. Erik is right. Braylon will catch the ball all day- until you really need that first down. Or that come from behind TD. Or that big gain to get down the field. You know- in other words, when it really counts.

    sounds like a four year old comment…or someone that did not graduate high school..GET A LIFE!

  15. A little weak at WR Brownies???? Hey you always got the 2011 draft too look foward too. Please enjoy continued losing loosers…. lmao

  16. # Free Ben 7 says: July 8, 2010 7:52 PM
    “A little weak at WR Brownies???? Hey you always got the 2011 draft too look foward too. Please enjoy continued losing loosers…. lmao”
    How’s summer school working out?

  17. jackybadass, you mean like you did the last time we played? Why doesn’t your pussy team move south where it’s warmer?

  18. # flake13 says: July 8, 2010 6:02 PM
    Delhomme to Engram!
    The rest of the AFC North is quaking in their boots!
    More like Delhomme to Eng….no wait, intercepted and ran back for a touch down.

  19. Free Ben 7 says:
    July 8, 2010 7:52 PM
    A little weak at WR Brownies???? Hey you always got the 2011 draft too look foward too. Please enjoy continued losing loosers…. lmao
    A little weak on the O-line Squeelers???? Too bad about the injuries Willie Colon and Chris Scott.
    I can’t wait until 10/17/10 when the Browns grind your fat-ass turd of a QB Worthlessburger into the ground, of course the ass-wipe can keep his dick safely in his pants while he is out in public! It will be easy with no O-line to speak of.
    Oh by the way Free Ben-7…Loser is spelled L-O-S-E-R, not “looser”. Enjoy being a complete retard….ignorance is such bliss!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

  20. I’m a Browns fan and I believe Big Mike has a solid plan to build a legitimate football franchise, things that should’ve been taken care of 10 years ago . Realistically, this will take 3-5 more years.
    I predict 6-10 for 2010, maybe a .500 season in 2011 (if there is one), and hopefully a playoff spot in 2012.
    Signing Engram is a temp band-aid only. It speaks volumes about the level of our WR’s though!

  21. Browns fans will never be satisfied.
    Booby engram is better than most of the other players on your team I mean come on! You beat player last year was cribbs. And not at reciever, at kick returner. I know you guys are depressed from having a horrible team you entire life but at leAst this guy doesn’t drop passes ie Braylon. Yeah you got some rookie talent last year at wr but I guarantee engram will be on the field, at least more than you like.

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