PED suspensions way up versus this point last season

Following Falcons linebacker Robert James’ suspension on Thursday, we started to think that it seemed like there were more PED suspensions than usual this offseason.

For once, we actually checked to see if we were right.

The NFL confirmed that seven players have been suspended for violating the league’s performance enhancing policy, up from only two at this stage last year.

Suspensions tend to pick up as the season wears on, so this could turn out to be a record season.  Here were the total PED suspensions over the last three years:

2008: 14

2009: 8

2010: 7 (thru 7/8)

Brian Cushing of the Texans brought the PED issue to the forefront of the NFL discussion in May, and all of the violations since only support the notion that PEDs are a significant and possibly growing problem for the league.

9 responses to “PED suspensions way up versus this point last season

  1. 6/10 players in the NFL are taking a band substance (the margin for error on this test is 4).

  2. The NFL isn’t serious about stopping PEDs if they were, they would abandon the laughable “system” they have now and impement a real system like in Olympic Sports.

  3. Okay now, how many were vikings?
    Who else it seems like there were more than that?

  4. And every last one of them….”Had no idea how this substance got into my body”. Guaranteed.

  5. Hopefully old man river gets nailed for a total of eight.
    Bend over Chilly!

  6. 71 players for training camp x 31 teams and they catch 8-14 a year.
    Great system.

  7. ‘Roids and other PED’s are everywhere. If there’s an opportunity to cheat or gain an advantage people will do it, unfortunately this is “The new American way”. Just visit any Jersey town on the coast.

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