Despite denials, reports that Eagles could cut Vick continue

Last weekend a report that the Eagles would “strongly consider” releasing backup quarterback Michael Vick was met with a strong denial from the Eagles.

But reports that Vick could be on the way out in Philadelphia are continuing.

The latest report comes from Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports, who reported on Twitter Sunday morning that a high-ranking source inside the Eagles said the option of cutting Vick is “absolutely” on the table.

Robinson also reported that some Eagles executives are upset about Vick’s continued ties to his dogfighting co-defendant Quanis Phillips, who was shot outside Vick’s birthday party last month.

The terms of Vick’s probation bar him from having contact with Phillips, and according to Robinson, the team thinks Vick is continuing to choose to spend time with Phillips anyway. Although some Vick supporters have suggested that Phillips crashed Vick’s birthday party, Robinson reports that those claims “don’t appear to be holding a lot of water,” and that Vick at the very least isn’t making a great effort to stay away from Phillips.

Frankly, it would be dumb of the Eagles not to at least consider the possibility that they won’t have Vick on their roster this season, and dumb not to have a Plan B for their No. 2 quarterback.  The Eagles will apparently continue to claim publicly that cutting Vick is not an option.  Then again, they also claimed publicly that their starting quarterback this season would be Donovan McNabb.

46 responses to “Despite denials, reports that Eagles could cut Vick continue

  1. We all know by now not to trust anything that these teams tell us.
    Teams lie to the fans, players, etc.
    I know this is NBA talk but I find it funny the owner would call out James like he had yet they BEGGED and PLEADED to keep him. If he quit on them in the playoffs then why in the hell would they continue to want him? Teams only care about winning and are not loyal unless you can win games for them. These players don’t owe any of these teams loyalty because they don’t give them any. The Vikings would cut ties with Favre in a split second if he could not win games for them. They only put up with his off-season crap because he can win. If he was a Jake Delhomme type QB they would have cut him already.

  2. Says a lot about the Eagles in that they would even pretend to be comfortable with Vick and his decision making skills leading their team for any amount of time under any circumstances.
    Admit you blew it and move on.
    They should call the Dolphins and see about Pat White’s availability…..

  3. Vick makes 5 million a year and with Banner and Lurie it always has and will always be about the all mighty dollar .If you need any proof of that profits are at a all time high with zero super bowls and you can look for that to continue.Kolb regardless of all the chirping i hear in Phily may not be a NFL quaterback.They are talking about this guy like he is the next Joe Montana,we will be lucky if he is the next joe blow

  4. Cut this Scum!
    No need for losers like this to be in such a great game.
    This guy is an idiot who could not care less about the game.
    He thought Brett Favre’s name was Brent.
    When he won the Golden Gobbler award he said he watched people win the award when he was a kid, only problem it had only been handed out for the first time three years before Vick one it.
    Oh and to top it off, when He said Marcus was an idiot for getting into trouble and was the bad apple of the family. LIAR, DUMB SCUM VICK!

  5. funi-
    What the heck kind of comment is that? Oh, wait, all you see he is black. You’re a racist. I get it.
    I think he should be cut because he is a lousy quarterback and a nimrod to boot.

  6. Andy Reid will work a deal with his pal Chilly and Sage Rosenfels will be the backup QB in Philly…..

  7. What is more stupid, having this POS on your team at $5mil, or not having a backup plan?
    Eagles=Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

  8. I have never hated a pro athlete like i hate vick. he is truly scum. well…ok….ok, maybe there is another guy i hated just as much. Ted debiase, “the million dollar man”. i`ll never forget the time he entered the ring WITHOUT being tagged and knocked the polish national treasure Ivan putski out with a metal chair. i never did forgive him for that.

  9. -the real deal
    can you re-type your message ina language that we can all understand?
    pull your head out of your ass. you were a hit once, like TO, but unlike TO, you haven’t proven yourself to 4 other teams yet. TO, (even the asshole that he is) busts his ass to play hard. whereas Vick, doesn’t do jack shit to show that he has learned from this. The Eagles gave you a chance. thats pretty damn big of them considering NO ONE else would. this is how you repay someone for taking the chance on you.

  10. Other than a few icons- Brady, Manning, etc, teams would consider releasing ANY player with too much baggage. I know PFT REALLY, REALLY wants the Eagles to drop Vick- it is their decision. You know- the professionals, the non-lawyer bloggers with actual NFL experience running a team and all of the information will make the decision.

  11. @ Clemenza:
    You are a moron. First of all, it took a few times to decipher you loose grasp of grammar. Also, nobody in Philly is talking about Kolb like he’s the next Joe Montana. Who is your source of information? Whoever it is, you need a new source.

  12. Vick = Scumbag
    I cant believe the Eagles are employing him (or any team outside of the Bengals)

  13. Tinbender,
    They have a backup plan. Cut Vick loose and pick up a free agent off the street.
    Instant upgrade!

  14. Don’t forget, this is the same team that cut their #1 punt returner option (Jeremy Bloom) a week before the season started. And went into the season with Greg Lewis as their returner. Let’s not get into backup plans too much.

  15. Eagles won’t have to cut him once Warden Goodell kicks him out of the league permanently.

  16. Very thankful not to be an Eagles fan with an classless owner like Jeffrey Lurie letting McNabb go and keeping a thug like Michael Vick. Mr. Lurie should show a modicum of decency and release Vick and make his fans proud instead of ashamed.

  17. Well, that’s really a problem now that he’s not allowed to leave the state of PA.

  18. Heywood Jablowme says:
    July 11, 2010 12:03 PM
    @ Clemenza:
    You are a moron. First of all, it took a few times to decipher you loose grasp of grammar.
    “it took a few times to decipher YOU loose grasp…”

  19. “When he won the Golden Gobbler award he said he watched people win the award when he was a kid, only problem it had only been handed out for the first time three years before Vick one it.”
    Well. I can forgive a lot of things. I can forgive him being a dog fighter, a liar, a punk, a thug, a felon.
    But I can never, ever forgive him not knowing the history of the prestigious Golden Gobbler award. This is like a meat-thermometer to my heart.

  20. If he gets cut it will be because he is one of the highest paid back up Qbs in the NFL. If they put up with the negative PR last year, why would they fold now? This time he is not accused of animal abuse, and no one accused him of having common sense. He had a party in public, because he is on probation, he should not have, but it does not sound like he was involved in a crime or was having some sort of gangster meeting that got shot up like GF#3.

  21. I never understand why anyone would want Vick in the first place. He is a truly awful quarterback. He was a great athlete, but a lousy quarterback. A terrible leader. Terrible at ready defenses. Terrible at running basic plays. All things that have nothing to do with him being a terrible human being.

  22. Heywood Jablowme says:
    July 11, 2010 12:03 PM
    @ Clemenza:
    First of all, it took a few times to decipher you loose grasp of grammar.

  23. at least mcmahon tried, and read the playbook.
    the eagles are putting on a “brave face”.
    but it is just a matter of time.

  24. @ polishkingski: That was a very astute comment! Brilliant….we don’t have enough comments about the “million dollar man!”
    @ rkell21 says:
    “Don’t forget, this is the same team that cut their #1 punt returner option (Jeremy Bloom)…….”
    You really need to lay off the weed, it’s clouding your judgement. Complaining about cutting a 140lb XGames leftover is not very bright.
    FYI: Eagles’ LB Stewart Bradley is suing NBC for trademark infringement. Apparently, “Law and Order” are his tradmarked names for his left and right arms, respectively……..

  25. So let’s see, the Eagles signed Vick last year when no one else would touch him. His stellar regular season performance resulted in 1 TD pass and less than 200 yards of passing. Despite his less than adequate play last season, Philly paid out the roster bonus earlier this year in an attempt to make Vick a less expensive trade target. Michael Vick helps out his employers by making himself about as attractive as your average biblical leper with his off-season decisions. That is what should scare Eagles’ fans the most. Is this the guy you want making decisions out there when the game is on the line? Vick seems more interested in “keeping it real” than “keeping it on track”. What’s the real value of an undersized, inaccurate, one-trick pony QB who can’t perform his trick anymore?
    The Eagles may keep him around until the end of TC hoping to at least trade for a bucket of warm spit, but if he’s on the roster at the start of the season, Philly’s on the hook for the balance of the $5.2 million. Eagles’ management might be praying for Goddell to suspend him and bail them out.

  26. “Heywood Jablowme says:
    First of all, it took a few times to decipher you loose grasp of grammar.”
    You grammar much gooder than hims.

  27. Haters…..15 more days till training camp where you’ll see Mike Vick in that red QB jersey with the Eagles at Lehigh University. LOl…dont let PFT fool you! LOL

  28. I need more Vikings news…
    Vick is worthless and does nothing for your website hits… You know what butters your bread… Viking news… GIVE ME WHAT I WANT AND WHAT WE ALL NEED!
    Feb. 6, 2011.
    Be there for the celebration.


  30. A ticket to an “All White” Vick party = $150.00
    One piece of birthday cake in face = $12.50
    Eagles cutting Vick = $-5,000,000.00
    Vick catching a fatal case of retaliatory lead poisoning from one of Q.P.’s home boys = PRICELESS

  31. Cut him? The man should be banned from the NFL for life! He should be banned from even attending any game!

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