Sunday morning one-liners

Terrell Owens’s television show has its season premiere Sunday with an episode focusing on his departure from the Bills.

An early scouting report on the Dolphins wonders if their young cornerbacks will be better this season.

Who is going to start alongside Brandon Meriweather at safety for the Patriots?

LB Brashton Satele has caught the eye of Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine.

Dannell Ellerbe and Tavares Gooden know they will be battling all summer for a starting linebacker spot with the Ravens.

Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco’s television career (and his romantic life?) takes another step forward on Sunday night.

Browns S Nick Sorensen has been in the NFL for a decade but remains relatively anonymous.

Steelers S Troy Polamalu calls defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau “the greatest coach of all time.” 

The Texans plan to use Antonio Smith as an interior pass rusher on third downs again this season.

A profile of Colts QB Peyton Manning’s agent Tom Condon traces his route from player to agent.

A bumper sticker is the latest way Jaguars fans can show their support for keeping the team in Jacksonville.

The Titans waived DE/LB Jay Moore and undrafted rookie TE Gerald Hayes this week.

A look at the impact Broncos QB Tim Tebow has on the sales of products with his name or image.

The Chiefs may have added two starting safeties in the draft with first-round pick Eric Berry potentially teaming with fifth-rounder Kendrick Lewis. 

The Raiders placed OL Elliot Vallejo on the reserve/retired list.

Former Chargers coach Don Coryell’s life will be remembered at a memorial service on Monday.

Cowboys Stadium produced more tax revenue than expected in its first season.

The Giants need to see more blocking skills from TE Travis Beckum so opposing defenses can’t key on him only as a receiver.

A contemplation of whether the loss of Donovan McNabb’s mobility will hurt the Eagles offense.

S Reed Doughty isn’t taking a spot on the Redskins for granted this season.

Vince Vaughn and Kevin James joined many Bears players at a charity kickball event hosted by TE Greg Olsen.   

The purge of draft picks from the Matt Millen era with the Lions is complete.

Packers CB Al Harris will release a Christian rap album with Kevin Soto, a childhood friend who served time for a variety of crimes.  [Editor’s note:  Soto wrote the first single, Do Unto Others . . . Then Split.]

Vikings QB Brett Favre will attend the ESPY Awards this week.  [Editor’s note:  Southwest Airlines has provided complimentary barf bags for the folks who attend the ceremony.]

Former Falcons QB D.J. Shockley doesn’t think his NFL career is over after being released this week.  [Editor’s note:  He’s right.  How can it be over if it never really began?]

How much will the Panthers’ decisions to save money affect the team on the field?

Deuce McAllister was feted at a retirement dinner by Saints teammates and others.

Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman threw a lot of interceptions last year, but it might not be that bad of an omen for his future efforts.

The Cardinals’ quarterback job gets a mention in this look at training camp battles.

Frank Verducci, who coached for several NFL teams, has joined the Rams staff as a consultant.

The 49ers are looking like a good value bet to win the NFC West this season.

Like the founder of this fair website, Seahawks FB Owen Schmitt loves the state of West Virginia.

8 responses to “Sunday morning one-liners

  1. I need my barf bag just thinking about all those self obsessed sports superstars surrounded by snycophantic Hollywood publicity sluts.

  2. Maybe you meant this note: ” [Editor’s note: Southwest Airlines has provided complimentary barf bags for the folks who attend the ceremony.]” for the Al Harris new item instead of the Favre one?
    Al Harris should rap about how his helmet grabbing technique and wrenching his fellow player’s neck is the only way he knows how to bring people down. He should have been issued far more personal fouls than he’s received.
    Your “Editor’s Notes” are nothing but snarky soundbites. No wonder the tone of this site is consistently so negative.
    FYI – I find it interesting that you made such a derogatory comment about Favre when he’s issued exactly 2 statements and 1 interview to the media since January 24th. You act like he’s drama queen – but really isn’t you, the media, who won’t leave him alone? We all know he’s coming back. We all know that his teammates don’t mind him missing part of camp. We all know that he’s fun to watch on the field. Shut up until Sept 9th. I’m a Vikings fan and a Favre fan – but your unrelenting need to publish something with Brett Favre’s name involved every single day drives even me nuts.

  3. Regarding the Jacksonville Jaguars, they should move to Los Angeles. Really.
    I feel bad for the fans in Jacksonville, the few loyal ones anyway. I almost feel sorry for the players but they get paid a boat load of money so it’s difficult to feel for them regardless of the fact that their home stadium is rarely if ever, sold out.
    Not sure even winning 10 games in a row would bring the fans back into the stadium this season.

  4. VikingsPrincess says:
    July 11, 2010 11:41 AM
    I find it interesting that you made such a derogatory comment about Favre when he’s issued exactly 2 statements and 1 interview to the media since January 24th.
    And how many pictures of swollen ankles and bruised vaginas?

  5. Josh, the Favre comment was inane, superfluous and just plain overkill. If you wanted to include the ESPY thing as a news bit, fine. If not, fine. But once you decide to use it, just state it and let readers – hang on to your hat here, Josh, this is a NEW IDEA – let your readers draw their own conclusions. How about THAT for innovation?
    Favre played well enough to be nominated in several categories, was invited, asked to present an award (a prestigious one), and plans to attend. Wow – how outrageous can this guy be?!

  6. josh, i think your editor’s notes are usually pretty funny and are in a florio-esque way what help this site be so original!
    i also think some of you guys should be more tolerant of people’s attempts at humor… the pft guys aren’t trying to be dicks, they are trying to be funny, and they are apparently succeeding when i’m reading. obviously, not everyone can agree on what constitutes funny, but pft’s ongoing growth and success seem to indicate that people are ok with their style…

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