Signs point to possible Anthony Davis deal

As we wait for the first puff of white smoke that will mark the first first-round rookie deal of the 2010 season, the first whiff of burning incense could be coming from the Bay Area.

Then again, maybe it’s simply covering up the smell of the marijuana.

Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area mentioned on his Twitter page that agent Drew Rosenhaus was at the 49ers’ facility on Tuesday.  Rosenhaus recently signed offensive lineman Anthony Davis, the 11th overall pick in the draft, as a client.

Though Rosenhaus could have been present to discuss business on behalf of other Niners clients, we’ve previously heard that Davis was closing in on a deal before switching from Sunny Shah to Rosenhaus.  So, in theory, it wouldn’t take all that long to finalize a contract.

Likewise, first-round deals typically culminate in a face-to-face meeting, with the agent typically making the trek to the team’s facility.

So stay tuned.  I mean, what else are you doing?  Watching the baseball game?

12 responses to “Signs point to possible Anthony Davis deal

  1. “Then again, maybe it’s simply covering up the smell of the marijuana.”
    I literally lol’d. That’s just how we gets down out here in they Yay Area.
    Hope the Niners can make the complete opposite of last year happen, and have their 1st round pick to be the 1st to sign. Gotta get to work and get ready to beast on the rest of the NFL. They not ready…

  2. Anthony Davis from USC wears the boots here.
    I can’t believe he flamed in the pro’s.

  3. no mom…nothin…it’s just incense…i’m busy watchin the baseball game…i’ll get a job tomorrow…

  4. burning incense is so 60’s. If you wanna be slick in a dorm room, nowadays you use Dryer sheets attached to a cardboard toilet roll tube. Your floor will smell tide fresh!

  5. “what else are you doing? Watching the baseball game?”
    People still watch baseball ?

  6. Dude… I’m smoking baseball and watching Marijuana! You were waaaaaaaay off Mister Florio…’cause like…you said…wait… what was I saying? Oh yeah… GO 9ERS!!!

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