T.O. says he proved in Buffalo that he's no distraction

With only a couple of weeks to go before training camps open, Terrell Owens remains a free agent. And he thinks that’s because NFL teams are afraid that if they sign him, he’ll become a locker room cancer.

But Owens insists he won’t be a distraction, and he says his 2009 experience in Buffalo proved that.

In comments to the Associated Press today, Owens said he’s concerned that teams are steering clear of him because of the perception that he’s a troublemaker. In reality, Owens says, he proved in Buffalo that he can go through a season without causing his team any headaches.

Of course, it could be that teams are staying away from Owens less because he’ll be a distraction and more because he’s a 36-year-old coming off a mediocre season.
That’s not how Owens sees it, though.

“I feel like I have enough talent to be a starter on any team,” he said. “That’s what’s so frustrating.”

Whatever the reasons, Owens says he does not have unrealistic salary demands, and he says he’s fine with having to wait until after training camps open before he finds a team.

62 responses to “T.O. says he proved in Buffalo that he's no distraction

  1. Ya ok TO…so what was the reality show you bad buddy??Please just go away ..by the way you look more like a monkey than anybody I have ever seen…just sayin…

  2. The days of dictating salary and team are over.
    He’ll play where ever he can find a spot and for what a team is willing to pay.

  3. “Owens said he’s concerned that teams are steering clear of him because of the perception that he’s a troublemaker” — Uhhh, ya think ?? Right, he didnt call out the coach, the O coordinator, Trent Edwards,,,,riiiiiggghhhttt. How hilarious would it be if he didnt get signed this year?

  4. Beg Little man, beg.
    You burned so many bridges with your acid tongue and attitude and now you wonder why nobody wants to Love you.
    Are you stupid?
    Were you stupid?
    Maybe you should pick up the phone and ask for a face to face from those you have burned and ask for a second chance.
    problem is.
    You are a poster boy for how a bad attitude can wreck a career.
    Nobody trusts you T.O.
    Your the girlfriend who was really hot, and you not only Loved em’ and left em’… but you talked smack on you way out the door.
    Now go stand on the street corner of the NFL and beg for a job you whore bitch !

  5. Ya gotta admit, with all the misfits and thugs in the news he’s looking more and more like a choir boy all the time. Plus he can still play.

  6. Come on, it may not have been a typical TO season but it was far from mediocre. Given the “talent” at QB, 55-829-15.1-5 are damn good numbers.

  7. I hope the Pats take him. Would love to see him straight arm Reevis and then run over him.

  8. All that’s been proven is that the Buffalo Bills themselves are no distraction.
    T.O. might as well have been playing for the East Guam intermural football team

  9. He’s still a psychical specimen and in my eyes and (most of the logical world) a 800 yard receiving season in Buffalo is = to about 1400 yards on another team.
    He still can play and at a very high level. I’ll say he’s maybe 85% of what he was… and 60% of a Prime T.O. is still tops in the league.
    The only reason people don’t want him to succeed (posters, media etc) is because they were sick of being shown up and proven wrong. Most hate him for media influenced non sense and have NO FACTS no solid first hand evidence to support their claims. No one bases it on his play; it’s all a media circus. Anyway, He should be signed soon.

  10. T.O. wasnt a distraction because he was irrelevant!! He didnt want to attract any attention to himself because everyone would realize he had mediocre stats.

  11. T O needs to drop his asking price and get in camp and play,he can still play after those numbers last year on a weak team with no QB

  12. The guy is in superman shape. No doubt about that. But he is gunna be 36. Mabye if he will send a video to the teams with him doing a thousand crunches it mite up his chances. That or try on the uniforms so they can see how he will look first.

  13. Keep groveling, you pathetic egomaniac. Back in the old days, a clown like you would have been blackballed as soon as you started your nonsense.

  14. T.O. is correct that last season he was not a trouble maker. However he has become infamous even if it was ESPN’s fault. T.O. could be used in Chicago.

  15. In the meantime, you always have that job as Ochostinko’s wingman, on his Skank-O-Thon…

  16. He’s NEVER a distraction…AT FIRST
    Just wait til midseason, and the TO Volcano WILL go off in your face.
    Just in time for a playoff run – he’ll hamstring and sabotage the team. All the time, every time, he’s proven it.

  17. When you’re in your prime and you think it’s never gonna end it’s easy to be an ass. guess what TO it’s come back to bite you. Maybe if you did some situps in the driveway you could generate some interest. Loser.

  18. I still hope he comes to the Black Hole. We have many young receivers that need to learn his work ethic from him.

  19. Jon Evans says:
    “He’s still a psychical specimen…”
    OK…..whatever THAT is…

  20. Burning River says:
    July 13, 2010 7:16 PM
    Jon Evans says:
    “He’s still a psychical specimen…”
    OK…..whatever THAT is…
    Ha ha!! I believe that would be someone who answers the phone at a psychic-al phone line!
    (and PS- TO ain’t foolin’ anyone. The reason he was quiet last year is not because he’s a changed man. It’s because he played on one the shittiest teams in the league and he had absolutely nothing to brag about on a personal or team level. If he were to sign with a legit contender this year, you can bet the house that his mouth would become big enough again to swallow said house.)

  21. Its hard to do situps in your driveway in Buffalo in January when there’s 6 feet of snow on the ground and the temperature is below zero.

  22. He may have enough talent to be a starter on “some” teams, but he wouldn’t even be a starter on the Eagles anymore. He couldn’t beat out either DeSean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin.

  23. He will find a home. He will not get 5 million, but more like 3.5 million a year. The guy can still play. He did a great job teaching the WR role to the young Buffalo Bills receivers. Good luck with your future Terrell! Go Bills!!

  24. Burning River says:
    July 13, 2010 7:16 PM
    Jon Evans says:
    “He’s still a psychical specimen…”
    OK…..whatever THAT is…
    Well atleast you just shown you were uneducated and (will simply try to relate a typo to intelligence in defense) You knew that it was physical. Everyone knew you just felt to say something else.
    I really dont have to go into how it came out with that spelling but regardless, you understood it. Now go off telling me how my degrees and career and all that good stuff is a lie and I’m some 12 year old in a basement who can’t spell.
    haha, if you don’t want to respond ill bait you.
    I look way better than you.
    I make more money
    I have more friends
    Cheers 🙂

  25. Actually, Michael David Smith, that is a STELLAR year for any receiver that has Trent Edwards & Ryan Fitzpatrick tossing the ball.
    Mike Holmgren/Tom Heckert…. The guy makes sense! MoMass as the 1, TO as the 2, Robiskie in the slot, & TO taking responsibility & helping Carlton Mitchell succeed in the NFL with the Browns.

  26. @Joan Evans
    It has become so obvious with you that you are the type of person that walks into a room where 10 people are rooting for one team and you immediately decide to root for the other team. I believe they call that being a sh*t disturber. Used to have a sister-in-law like that.
    There’s a reason players like Owens never get a ring.See if you can figure it out.
    Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Tony Romo, ask them what they think of Owens.

  27. @Joan Evans
    You’ve posted far too many times with far too many spelling and punctuation mistakes for anyone to take you seriously about your education.
    Nobody is impressed with anything you have to say. You only post to stir the pot. We get it.

  28. San Franscisco
    What did he prove at those places?
    He had a year where he wasn’t that silent in a small market on a team nobody cares about . Woo.

  29. You know, TO is right.
    Throwing two quarterbacks and a coach under the bus isn’t illegal.
    Dividing a locker room or two won’t get you any jail time.
    Showing up in the locker room sporting the jersey of your opponent isn’t even close to a misdemeanor and last I checked, constant histroniocs are not agianst the law.
    Yeah, I can’t think of any reason at all why teams would be reluctant to sign this guy.

  30. @Jon Evans…
    You damned lucky that I only chose that one little phrase to call you on. NONE of what you wrote made a damned bit of sense.
    As usual…

  31. He’s not a distraction and neither is that large motorized propeller on the top of his purple beanie.

  32. As a Raider fan, I’m resigned to the idea that Skeletor the Diminished, will probably sign T.O, to be our next Q.B.
    Skeletor will never die…

  33. I love how upset T.O. makes all of the “guys with ISSUES” LOL
    T.O only led Mcnabb and Garcia to their best statistical years of their careers. Without T.O they have been MEDIOCRE. Steve Young LOVES T.O and goes to bat for him OFTEN.
    While T.O. is in the Hall, Mcnabb and Garcia can shine his shoes

  34. “Whatever the reasons, Owens says he does not have unrealistic salary demands.”
    Seahawks should offer him a low-ball figure w/incentives to PROVE that he can still get it done.
    Roll the dice Carroll!

  35. The problem with Owens’ “proof” is that he was only in Buffalo for one season. He always behaves for the first season. It’s that second season when he becomes a problem.
    As far as his “unrealistic salary demands” go, that depends on who’s opinion you take into account. What Owens thinks he’s worth and what an NFL ballclub thinks he’s worth are two very, very different things, I’m sure.
    I’ve had the displeasure of seeing the Owens act at it’s worst close up. I’m an Eagles fan and had to go through it, I would never wish that on another fan ever.
    Hopefully no owner sees fit to buy into this guy’s crap. It was enough that Jerry Jones basically told Owens he was right by giving him those “25 million reasons to live” after the way he acted in Philly and it blew up in his face.
    He really is a dirtbag.

  36. “60% of a Prime T.O. is still tops in the league”
    Dream on, Skippy. He wouldn’t crack the top half of the league as-is and 60% isn’t going to get him a job unless one of the bottom-dwellers wants to sell a few more tickets.
    “He doesn’t have the same skills to be a distraction anymore.”
    Incorrect. He will be a distraction no matter what his skills may or may not be. Terrell thinks that he is bigger than the game and that offenses should be built around him. Now, he’s just a 36 year old, rapidly deteriorating, festering wound in the locker room. His deteriorating skills would just mean his backup role would make him start complaining by the 3rd game.
    “I still hope he comes to the Black Hole. We have many young receivers that need to learn his work ethic from him.”
    Wow. You must really hate your team if you want their young receivers to learn anything from him. Work ethic: all of the doctors and trainers said TO was healthy but Parcells had no idea why he spent several weeks riding a stationary bike slower than believed possible during training camp with Dallas. Even if you give him way too much credit for having a good work ethic, you still have the other side of the equation where he is infecting your young players with his cancer and me-first attitude.
    How many teams does he have to try and destroy at the worst possible time before fans stop seeing him as a guy who has really turned it around this time and would easily pulled down 1800 yards and 25 TDs? You people need to join the rest of us in the real world.

  37. haha, if you don’t want to respond ill bait you.
    I look way better than you.
    I make more money
    I have more friends
    Cheers :)————————————————–
    OK Joan, I’ll take the bait:
    (1) You may look better than me, I’ve lived a hard life. But I’ve had a LOT of women, all colors, shapes and sizes and am now out to pasture (married). I doubt many liked me for my looks, more for the way I act and carry myself.
    (2) Thats quite possible too, don’t know, don’t much care. I own my own business, I provide for my family, and don’t have to take shit from some jerk boss.
    (3) Doubt that. Lets extrapolate from the people on this website to the people in your life. The folks here don’t seem to much care for a fella that is full of himself, thinks he’s a pretty boy, lies about his education,etc. How does that work for you in the real world Joan?

  38. jon evans … wasn’t that the name of the DC Sniper ??/ if one didn’t have enough reasons to dislike another , there’s mine…punk .. as a Cowboy fan.. F T.O

  39. T.O. is a great player no doubt.
    The dude’s just an asshat & nobody wants to deal with the headache.

  40. @db3300
    Hes mad LOL
    Notice he CAN’T substantiate ANY of his claims regarding how TO faked injury in Dallas? Ask Miles Austin WHO made him a better receiver DUMDUM.
    TO will get signed because he is still a commodity. Name ONE team that he wont start on. I’ll wait

  41. As a Cowboy fan you show your IGNORANCE. You were BETTER with T.O. had you had him perhaps you would have went farther. NO DEEP threat cost your team. Jerry shouldn’t have listened to all the snivel nose whiners like crybaby Romo and crybaby Whiten

  42. It’s very simple:
    The juice isn’t worth the squeeze!
    T.O.(who??) hasn’t been relevant in 5yrs, and smart teams know this!
    NFL = Not For Long!
    Best of luck, Mr. Owens! It’s amusing to see you toil with all your burnt bridges!
    Here’s an idea, write another kid’s book…maybe a coloring book?

  43. To help his case, T.O. should have said the game and the play that he was not a distraction.

  44. TO’s chickens are coming home to roost. Even if he isn’t a distraction any more (yeah, sure you aren’t!), he was a distraction. And he’s a soon to be 36 year old ex-distraction. With a $5 million salary demand. Ah, here’s a thought. Want to play in the league? Stop demanding anyone pay you what you want and let them offer you what they are willing to pay you – if anything.
    As for Jon Evans, sheesh, get a refund on whatever education you think you received because you make about as much sense as a herd of goats farting.
    During the recession people who couldn’t afford a real vacation stayed at home for a “staycation”. I’m assuming you couldn’t actually go to school and ended up with a “stayducation” where your little brother schooled you in the family garage. In more ways than one apparently.
    If you have a need to prove yourself and show off it only proves you are small and dim-witted. People who are true successes don’t have a need to flaunt it. You are obviously a troubled individual whose lack of education is apparent to everyone here. You are not clever, you make no sense and you act as a truculent adolescent. I hope you use this as an opportunity to dig a little deeper and fix whatever is ailing you.

  45. “he proved in Buffalo that he can go through a season without causing his team any headaches.”
    The key operative word in this sentence is “a”. And on that score, he is right. It is only after the first season that he starts causing problems.
    For being one of the “best receivers ever”, though, the guy has hands of stone. How many dropped passes did he have in Dallas? He led the league during his time there.

  46. Ternell, the only thing you have proved is that you are a sack of pigshit. nothing more. Go away loser boy

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