Cowboys sign a second rookie

After signing not a single draft pick since submitting cards in late April, the Cowboys have now inked two of them in quick succession.

First it was seventh-round defensive end Sean Lissemore.  Now it’s sixth-round tackle Sam Young.

Per a league source, Young signed a four-year deal with a $110,500 signing bonus.

Technically, we’re told that the former member of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish signed before Lissemore.

7 responses to “Cowboys sign a second rookie

  1. Cool, I love the Cowboys, but right now I want to hear that Dez signed, not a DE that wont even play this season.

  2. Dez will be the last one signed, thats always how it has been done, and rest assured it will get done. Jerry loves the team to much to not have Dez Bryant playing. Go Cowboys!!!

  3. dez won’t sign until 2 or 3 days after camp starts. happens all the time with us, even though he promised he’d be at camp on day 1.

  4. Bryant wide right, Austin in the slot, Witten and Williams split left, Felix in the backfield.
    Defensive coordinators all across the league I ask you, “Who do you double?”
    It’s time for some good ‘ol football talk again. The social and political activist commentators can crawl back in their caves now.

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