Harvey Unga surprised to end up in Chicago

The Bears selected Harvey Unga in Thursday’s supplemental draft, adding one more running back to a roster that already featured Matt Forte, Chester Taylor, Kahlil Bell, Garrett Wolfe and Brandon Minor.

Knowing all those players were already in Chicago, Unga didn’t expect the Bears to pick him.

To be honest, I was surprised,” Unga told the Chicago Sun-Times. ”They’re stacked up with running backs right now. They don’t need another back. I’m just going to come in there and bust my butt and make the best of the situation. I told them this is something they won’t regret and I’m a man of my word.”

That crowded running back depth chart means Unga is no lock to make the 53-man roster. If he fails to impress in training camp, the Bears could decide to release him, and they would be out only a 2011 seventh-round pick.

30 responses to “Harvey Unga surprised to end up in Chicago

  1. Hey Harvey….you went in the 7th round of the supplemental draft. Relax. You’ll be lucky to make the roster.

  2. nosferatu…
    You are aware of what the “honor code violation” was for right?
    Only at BYU.

  3. Dumb move by the Bears. Smart move by the other 31 teams who can now wait until his is cut and pick him off the waivers without the loss of a 2011 draft pick.

  4. I agree that the code that was violated is a bit stupid.
    However, Unga chose BYU, and in doing so, he committed to following their rules.
    You both win. Now let’s get back to football! Is it preseason time yet?

  5. I swear, the Bears are the thickest franchise in the NFL.
    Last season they wasted a 2nd round pick on Gaines Adams when they didn’t even need another DE. The fact that Adams passed away a few months later is besides the point. Adams never even played a down from what I remember.
    And now they get another RB when they already have about 6 on the roster.
    You really have to wonder what the mental state of Lovie Smith is when he makes decisions like this. I’m sure there’s other postions the Bears needed to strengthen in.

  6. Mutant, they picked up a DE last year because their two starters were in contract years and they knew they wouldn’t be bringing either of them back, so I’d say they definitely needed help at DE. Trading a 2nd for Gaines Adams (RIP), that we can debate, but they were looking out for their future interests.
    I doubt Lovie Smith was the one calling the shot since that would seem to be the GM’s job.
    A lot of people say Unga would’ve gone much higher in the actual draft than a 7th, so giving up that pick might net them something in trade value or a reliable back (not a bad gamble if you ask me).
    If he’s good enough (or a very good special teams contributor), I could easily see a backfield with Forte, Taylor, Bell, and Unga. Wolfe hasn’t done anything as a Bear and Minor probably has even less of a chance of making the team than Unga.

  7. Mutantdeadman: I sense thickness….but most of it is coming from you! “they wasted a 2nd rounder on Adams when they didn’t need another DE”…. REALLY? Whale was a FA, Brown was only a servicable DE at best and the Bears didn’t need a DE? Wonder why they went out and got Peppers? Cuz they needed a DE dolt.
    As far as RBs, Wolfe is too small, Bell can’t stay healthy, and Minor is an undrafted free agent. This is a big slamming back (like the Bears haven’t had forever) that can catch also, like reverb says pass catching FB or possibly a TE.
    He won’t be cut.

  8. “I doubt Lovie Smith was the one calling the shot since that would seem to be the GM’s job.”
    Yeah, but doesn’t the GM work closely with the Head Coach? Meaning the Bears GM would have spoken to Smith about what they needed. I doubt the GM would have willy nilly gone out and drafted another RB without consulting Smith first.
    Maybe they have a plan to convert him into a WR or something…

  9. He’ll be a Bengals by the end of the preseason….P-squad, but hey we could use a RB/FB hybrid who can catch out the backfield

  10. This is a Martz pick, big brusing back who can catch the football. Whether he makes the team or not, he’s exactly what Martz like to see in a running back.

  11. @ nosferatu
    He has paid a heavy price for his honor code violation; one that few of us are able to comprehend. All of his stain-resistant magic underwear has now been reclaimed by the gnomes.

  12. Did someone really say they don’t have a QB?
    Moving on….. It seems like a pick that doesn’t make much sense unless they have significant concerns about the talent on their current roster. A 7th round pick is a 7th round pick any way you look at it so the risk isn’t very significant. I would have liked to have known where this guy projected in the draft had he come out this year. That could have made this easier to understand..
    Until then, Martz is still a dbag and I still can’t bring myself to cheer for Cutler. Thats too bad, because football is better when the Bears are relevant.

  13. Needing a DE or not, the bears SEVERLY overpaid for Adams. Not only in hindsight, but even at the time. No way was Adams worth a 2nd. He wasn’t any better than Brown.

  14. Considering where he ended up, Harvey should have had a cocaine fueled 12 way with the cheerleading squad. With a few of their moms and sisters thrown in.

  15. yea what a wasted pick by the bears.do they not realize all the great talent that is available in the 7th round of the draft?think of all the talent they could have chosen from with that pick instead of wasting it on some of some big record setting back.he has no shot at making the team over a midget who has done so much for the bears since they drafted him(not) or some undrafted free agent that bears fans have never heard(minor?) of and a guy who did ok when he played in bell but is always injured. shouldn’t you viqueen fans be sitting beside your radios listening for the latest lord favre news instead of worrying about what the bears are doing?

  16. Do you retards realize it was for a 7th round pick? Besides, they can stash him on the practice squad if they want to, but I think he’ll make the team cause he’s got great size, decent speed, and will be a good short yardage back. It’s something they don’t currently have on the roster. He seems awfully similar to a guy the Queens drafted in the 2nd round….hmm

  17. LOL. One guy (Gerhart) was the runner up for the Heisman Trophy and the other is a 7th round supplemental draft pick. Some of you dipsticks will sure reach to show your stupidity.

  18. # Bun McSticky says:
    LOL. One guy (Gerhart) was the runner up for the Heisman Trophy and the other is a 7th round supplemental draft pick. Some of you dipsticks will sure reach to show your stupidity.
    The other guy WOULD have been taken higher than the 7th if he had entered the draft instead of trying to get reinstated at BYU. Oh and HO, HO, HO, guy, that runner up was drafted AFTER several guys who weren’t runner up so it wasn’t as impressive as you’d like to think. It’s the award for the best COLLEGE football player NOT the best PRO prospect.
    Looks like you belong in the dipstick class there, bucko.

  19. @Bun- Gerhart is the biggest one-trick pony at RB; Minny reached for this guy cause he has the same amount speed as Unga, but without the good hands. Good luck with that.
    Don’t worry, I’m always careful and thoughtful when passing the dutchie on any side.
    You many want to consider changing your name to Mutantdumbman. G. Adams played a lot of snaps toward the end of the year. Also, Lovie isn’t the GM- If you don’t remember the Bears were one of the worst short-yardage teams in the league last season. Unga will make the team, and will help in that regard.

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