One-game suspension without pay, one-game fine for Leroy Hill

NFL_hill_250.jpgAs expected, the NFL has suspended Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill one game for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.  Per the Associated Press, the league also has fined Hill a game check, over and above the suspension.

He’ll miss the season opener against the 49ers.

Hill was arrested in January 2009 for marijuana possession.  He pleaded guilty earlier this year, receiving 12 months of probation and setting the stage for a league-imposed sanction.

Based on his $6 million guaranteed base salary for 2010, Hill will lose more than $700,000.

At one point in the offseason, it appeared that the Seahawks were keeping Hill away from offseason workouts in the hopes that a suspension would invalidate the guaranteed salary, permitting him to be cut without consequence.  It later was determined that Hill’s agent negotiated a specific provision into his contract preventing the guarantee from being voided based on a suspension arising from the substance abuse policy — a prudent but fairly obvious move, given that Hill was arrested before he signed his current contract.

Hill still has other issues that could result in even more game checks being lost.  Arrested for domestic violence less than a month after being placed on probation, Hill was in court on that charge this week, and he’s due back next week.  Apart from the obvious jeopardy the situation creates for his probation, the situation could result in a violation of the Personal Conduct Policy — and further punishment from the league.

Previously, the going rate for marijuana possession was a one-game suspension.  It’s possible that other players also were fined, and that this detail either wasn’t noticed or reported.

9 responses to “One-game suspension without pay, one-game fine for Leroy Hill

  1. The only place it was reported that The Hawks were going to invalidate his contract was here. Florio you are a hack….going back to reporting Vick is going to get cut…LOL. Dumb Arse.

  2. Hilarious that character would matter in Seattle, under Pete Carroll.
    Seahawk fans need to brace themselves for Jim Mora, part 2, only this time, it might last two seasons instead of just one.
    Seattle needs Chucky.

  3. Ok T.O or Pete Carrol…..keep up the Negative and your still talking about me! If you hate Shut the Hell up….it only continues the conversation

  4. Damn, possessing that bag of weed in college only cost me 200 when i got that ticket. 700 grand is pretty steep!!!

  5. You get caught with weed and hitting a women you get 1 game, you never get charged with anything and you get 6 games??? Hello this does not add up. So smoke all the weed and smack women and nothing and a 20 year old drunken slut makes up a story gets you 6 game!!

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