Adrian Wilson not a fan of teammate's Twitter takedown

Dueling Cardinals teammates Darnell Dockett and Kerry Rhodes are new school.  Safety Adrian Wilson is decidedly old school, and not a fan of Dockett’s recent Twitter takedown of Rhodes, whether it was manufactured or not.

“I don’t really like to be in that whole back-and-forth,” Wilson said to Darren Urban on KTAR 620 on Friday.  
“I’m a man, and if I’m going to say something to you, I’m going to say
it to your face, bottom line.  I’m not a Twitter type of guy. . . .  That’s
not my style. I’m not in that world at all.”

(Dockett, meanwhile continued his discussion about Rhodes vs. Rolle discussion tonight.)

Wilson ranks as one of my favorite players because of his attitude and his hard-nosed, versatile play.  He’s stayed on top in part because of his inability to stop working out.

“I don’t know, I think it’s an addiction,” Wilson said. “My wife told me
I need to be on the show Intervention. . . . It’s the scare factor. You
don’t want to be passed up or have people think you don’t got it. I’ve
got it.

I’m also a fan of Intervention, but hope for Wilson’s sake he never makes the transition from NFL network to A&E.

10 responses to “Adrian Wilson not a fan of teammate's Twitter takedown

  1. It’s too bad other Americans don’t have Wilson’s addiction..
    My DC metro commute would be much more pleasant..

  2. I live in the AZ but I am a dolphins fan but there are two guys on the cards every fan should love #1 is Larry Fitz the guy is the definition of class act and #2 is A dub Adrian Wilson he still doesn’t get the credit he deserves dude is a stud

  3. not a cardinals fan nor a hater but i love wilson and what he stands for…. he seems to be a very stand up guy on and off the field…. guys like that need to be more present in sports

  4. I knew this was a Rosenthal post halfway thru when it became all about him. Always with the diary entry stuff…

  5. Wait, wait, wait…..Wilson is so above this Twitter feud thing and so old school that he “will say something to a guy’s face”?
    I can agree that he is old school. He is going old school by talking to a reporter rather than tweeting!
    How terribly ironic.

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