Lions interested in Jarrad Page

Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith spoke recently about the small amount of unsigned restricted free agents around the league.

“Of the 20 [restricted free agents] in the league, all of them have
signed tenders — with the exception of our two and Logan Mankins in New England,” Smith said.

Smith, like many others, completely forgot about Chiefs safety Jarrad Page. (Smith forgot Donald Penn too.)

We’ve mentioned Page’s situation a few times over the offseason.  Last we heard, the agents for Page requested a trade.  It now appears there may be an interested party.

According to Len Pasquarelli of ESPN, the Lions want to team Page with second year player Louis Delmas in the secondary.  The Chiefs appear ready to move on from Page and we’re guessing it wouldn’t take more than a late-round pick to acquire him.

15 responses to “Lions interested in Jarrad Page

  1. It’s always a smart move to build your crappy team by acquiring another crappy team’s malcontents.
    Another smooth move by Martin “It’s All Matt Millen’s Fault” Mahew.

  2. Since it doesn’t appear they will ever be on the same page, they’ve decided to turn the page. Closing the book on that chapter of his life.

  3. Robert Ethan is hilarious !!
    As a chiefs fan I all along thought we traded the wrong safety when we let pollard go. And as we all watched, pollard shined in houston but he had plenty of help there. We have some new blood that can fill in for page and it will end another edwards tie to the team. I think that is what fuels this whole issue in the first place.

  4. “Another smooth move by Martin “It’s All Matt Millen’s Fault” Mahew.”
    Mayhew’s had a terrific offseason. He drafted Suh, who was the best player coming out of college. He drafted Best, so now the Lions’ offense finally has some explosiveness. He picked up Corey Williams, who is an excellent 4-3 dt and along with Suh gives Detroit a powerful interior defensive line. He stole Scheffler, who is among the best receiving tight ends.
    And it was all Matt Millen’s fault. Who do you want to blame? Yoko Ono?

  5. @citizen strange
    idiocy is very becoming of you, anyone can see that the talent has been upgraded on the Lions.

  6. @citizen strange
    yes, we know. we also know that Millen ignored scouting and everybody’s input on personnel moves. i.e., he was the only one who wanted Joey Harrington. I believe it was Morningweg (and probably Mayhew too) who wanted Quentin Jammer.

  7. @citizen strange
    yes, but he did not take over as gm until mid-season 08-09, so his impact did not come until off season of 09, i think having 4 of your first 4 picks start is pretty good.

  8. That Kalimba Edwards is gon be realllll good… hah.
    We all wasted sooo much time on this team. Stop talking shit about Mayhew.
    Have you ever had a job where you were under someone and didnt agree with how they worked, but you liked your job and pay so you did what you were supposed to…
    EVERYONE UNDER MILLEN knew that they could get promoted eventually, it just took longer since WCF EXTENDED MILLENS CONTRACT?!?!?!
    I HONESTLY remember the day that happened… My roommate goes, “what do we have to do to apply for that job?”

  9. I agree that this is a case where one mans trash is another mans treasury but the Lions desperately need depth in the secondary.

  10. Citizen Strange sounds like a Florio groupie who can’t understand that Mayhew, while employed by the Lions since 2001, was not listened to by moron Millen.
    Once Millen was gone and Mayhew was promoted, things started to change.
    Of course, no one is going to acknowledge anything until the Lions show vast improvement…..which will happen later this season. Then all this recycled garbage will magically disappear.
    The Lions have a whole new team now folks. The Millen Team is no more. It was gutted. This team is completely different.

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