Raiders sign their latest Cliff Branch hopeful

CliffBranch.jpgThe Oakland Raiders have been searching for the next Cliff Branch for more than 30 years.  Today, they signed a guy who possibly is even faster.

The Raiders have announced that fourth-round rookie receiver Jacoby Ford has agreed to terms.  Ford, who played college football at Clemson, was once clocked at 4.126 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

He ran a “slower” 4.28-second 40 at the Scouting Combine in February.


If Ford can run routes (other than of the 9 variety) and, you know, catch the ball, the Raiders could be continuing to move in the right direction.

53 responses to “Raiders sign their latest Cliff Branch hopeful

  1. Al Davis is such an idiot. Having a “fast” guy in the 70’s was an advantage.
    But nowadays everybody is “fast.”

  2. Flowerio – grow a pair.
    If this was any other team signing their 4th pick, would all this have been necessary?

  3. The only “right direction” for the Raiders is backwards (or at the very least, standing still).
    If their fans are intolerable when the team is completely and utterly irrelevant, just imagine how bad they’d be if the team actually won 6 games (Which may actually happen this year. They always say the eighth time’s a charm).

  4. Ted Ginn Jr., Johnny Lee Higgins, and now Jacoby Ford? These will be the three fastest guys to get to the endzone without a football in hand.

  5. WOW, no dig again from PFT. Could it be that the tide is turning for the Silver and Black. It is going to be a good year.

  6. So, besides Jacoby Ford and Wrongway-Bey, who is their quarterback savior supposed to throw the ball to?

  7. I just don’t get why you can’t report this, and keep your biased sarcasm to yourself for a change. At least try to be halfway professional for a change.
    …and for a few of you other morons. Yes, having a really fast player does still help in this day and age despite what your little pea brains like to think. Ford is being brought in to help with the return game, which suffered a bit last season, so get over yourselves.

  8. “Play fake. Plunkett back. Throwing. Way up the field. Branch plenty of room. Makes the catch at the 35! The 50. the 40. The 30. He’s going all the way! 99 yards. Touchdowwwwwwwnnnn RAIIDDDERRRRRRRRSSSSS!”
    I knocked a lamp over by accident, as I jumped up & down at the sight of Cliff flying to the endzone. It was my GF’s favorite lamp. Her grandmother gave it to her. She freaked on me. lol.

  9. I love all the hate! Bring it. When things get turned around, (and they will) the sweet taste of winning will be that much more enjoyable!

  10. It’s no secret Florio is a member of the RAIDER HATERS… But it’s fine with me, I love how they hate even when the team is down… Just imagine how much they’ll hate when the Raiders surprise everyone this year… >=-)

  11. the 40 yard dash is one of the most subjective measurements of speed.
    -If it’s hand-timed at the finish: For a hand-timed 100 meter dash in track and field, you add .29 seconds.
    -The starter responds to the runner moving instead of the runner moving to the starter’s signal, which adds an estimated .24 seconds.
    Darrelle Green ran a “4.09” 40 dash, but his best college 100 was 10.09. Whenever a professional track athlete of the 100 meter dash (somewhere faster than 9.95…and that .15 is a HUGE difference in any 100 meter dash) runs a 40 yard dash according to TRACK methods of timing, the fastest times you’ll see are in the 4.4’s.

  12. If the NFL was Track and Field, the Raiders would be awesome. Keep on sucking it Jokeland!

  13. And btw, Branch was an Al Davis project that played one year of football in college and dropped everything his rookie year in the NFL, and now belongs in the HOF.
    Hang out a couple years you DHB haters.


  15. @cryptkeeper
    When things get turned around [and they will]…….
    Yeah, Al can’t live forever.

  16. Yet the greatest Raider WR of all time is Freddy B. Famous for actually catching the ball.
    What an idea.

  17. Um, Jacoby Ford can actually catch the football. Nd the Raiders also have Louis Murphy nd Chaz Schilens to throw the ball to. I think they’re pretty set at the WR spot. I think they signed Jacoby as a special teams guy, not to be a main receiver anyways.

  18. Poor Jacoby ! Even if he is good, he will be a joke because Dead Al endorseses him. If he does well Al sings his own praise and if he fails, well that will be somebody elses fault !

  19. While Ford has his faults, he’s getting a bad rap just because he was drafted as a speed guy. But he actually has good production. He caught 55 passes in 09 for 779 yards. If you ask me, the Raiders have a pretty good receiving core with Schilens, Murphy, DHB (if he can build on OTAs), and Ford. Plus, if Higgins can return better after a putrid 2009, this is one of the leagues better cores. But, things have got to be proven on the field. But there’s HUGE potential.

  20. what? a 4th round signing gets a post? Retarded…kind of like that guest host job you did today on DP.

  21. Same rhetoric that gets spewed every off-season by the silver and blackout crowd.
    Jamarcus? Wow what a cannon! McFadden? The next Marcus Allen. DHB? Fastest guy in the draft.
    Rober Gallery, mediocre. Larry Brown, Gibril Wilson, Warren Sapp, Kwame Harris, Tommy Kelly, etc, etc.
    The list of guys that can’t play having big money thrown at them grows every year. When the Raiders finally get back to mediocrity, then the rest of the NFL will pay attention.
    Until then, you guys are just showing up at the party handed. The only thing that changes is the date on the calendar.

  22. Damn right Branch should be in the HOF! As should Hayes, Stabler, Plunkett, Guy, and Coach Flores….
    @ John El Way….Are you upset because mommy didn’t get you to the mall in time, to get a Timothy Richard jersey…..

  23. dabarber says: July 19, 2010 4:43 PM
    Al Davis is such an idiot. Having a “fast” guy in the 70’s was an advantage.
    But nowadays everybody is “fast.”
    Is everybody Chris Johnson?
    Is everybody Devin Hester?
    Is everybody Johnnie Knox?
    dismissed. He’s an idiot with three rings…a lot of “smart” guys have NONE.

  24. @909RaiderLifer
    How is it humanly possible to be upset when we have the Raider nation to laugh at every season. Then again i don’t expect you to understand. High I.Q.s and Raider fans don’t mix. Unlike your mom, and crack.

  25. @ John El Way
    Right back at ya, gotta love we have the mules in our division, a bunch of jackasses

  26. @John El Way
    All this talk is coming from a guy who’s team pulled the biggest choke move in years

  27. bigrig:
    1. Jamarcus Russell- Was a consensus top 3 pick. Most Raiders fans gave up on him long ago, despite the popular media theory that he could be a good QB somewhere else. As it turns out, that somewhere else better make sure to padlock the cafeteria and medicine cabinets.
    2. Darren McFadden- It wasn’t only Raiders fans who had this guy pegged as a star. This is a make or break year, but I think the expectations were high for this guy across the borad, not just in Oakland.
    3. DHB- Even most Raiders fans felt this pick was a reach, but labeling him a bust after 1 season is ridiculous. Let’s see what this guy can do in his 2nd year.
    4. Calling Robert Gallery mediocre makes it apparent that you’re the one spewing the same rhetoric, because if you actually watched him play since 2007, you would know Gallery has turned out to be a very good guard.
    5. Larry Brown- You’re right on this one, but why not Javon Walker?
    6. Gibril Wilson- Bad signing, but was cut after 1 season and offered another big contract by Miami, who cut him after 1 year. Why not go bother Dolphins fans?
    7. Warren Sapp- Wasn’t a terrible signing, but it didn’t end well.
    8. Kwame Harris- Signed for one year and was terrible. Not a huge investment; essentially swapped Barry Sims (who struggled nearly as much) for Harris and gave him a shot. He was given a lot more money by the team that drafted him…
    9. Tommy Kelly- For some reason, Kelly is criticized a lot more than what his play warrants. A very good player who is making too much $, which is pretty standard across the NFL. Terdell Sands is a way better example.

  28. Nate, how about the rookie WR who had over 500 yards last year with the worst QB in the NFL? Louis Murphy is a very good young WR, and Chaz Schilens has always had injury problems, but if he can stay healthy he’s easily the best WR on the team. Those are the two best WRs on the Raiders team, just because you’ve heard about Bey (who supposedly is MILES better and ready for his second year) and now Ford doesn’t mean they’re the only guys on the team.
    Ford isn’t going to start, he’s expected to be a kick returner and punt returner this year, and if he can get his route running and everything right then in the future he’ll be a WR…
    And finally, if people are trying to take shots at the Raiders WRs and how they’re not great, don’t forget their TE who IS great, Zach Miller should have a 1,000 yard season and fight for a pro bowl if he can stay healthy… This isn’t the Raiders of the past, they’re going to be a different team and should be at least 8-8 this year, whether all the haters want to hear it or not.

  29. “Ford was once clocked at 4.126 seconds in the 40-yard dash.”
    If the Raiders have ANY creativity, they will light off the “wildcat” plays with this guy. He should be fun to watch!

  30. Lots of decent posts in here today, and I so love it when the haters spew forth. It’s nice to know they still exist. Meanwhile, some of Raider Nation should take a word of caution. First of all, note my username and how it has applied correctly since the famous “Chuckie Bowl” some years ago (yes, being that I’m a Raider fan living in Denver having to co-exist with Donks fans, you see how it applies) Whatever curse/general malaise/lack of intellect re: Raiders ownership/mgmt has befallen us since the dark days appears to be going away, yet our recent history has us beaten down still. Only winning and rational decision making is all we have left to restore Raider Nation back to where we belong. Until then, chill, and have plenty of crow recipes handy when we are disappointed, and it will happen, but hopefully not in my lifetime. I love my Raiders, but still hold my expectations down. I think an 8-8 season would be a helluva improvement, and upwards from there.

  31. The three time winning super bowl champion Oakland Raiders are going to open the eyes of all the haters, ESPN this year and win their divison. Solid defense and upgrade at QB along with rookies will make an inpact.

  32. Raiders at SD will be the showcase of how far the raiders have come in developing players and getting back to domination of the leauge.

  33. These haters don’t seem to understand football and its utterly ridiculuos for true football fans to read such nonsense about a team that is well repected among football historians

  34. History does, and can repeat itself. The Raiders were once the most feared. Don’t be so shocked if that comes full circle. The Excellence is back in the air in the “O”….. That Tatum Feeling is lurking, the plastic shall be laid by the “D” and the fear will be installed once again to the league… It is Written!!! Toouchdooowwwnnnnnn Rrrrraaaaaidderrrsssssss!!!!!

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