Strahan: Justin Tuck can be a leader, even if he doesn't want to be

Michael Strahan theoretically passed the leadership torch on the Giants defensive line to Justin Tuck when Strahan retired, but the FOX analyst thinks his old teammate needs to become more vocal.

“At some point somebody has to stand up and be vocal and not worry about
hurting feelings, only worry about getting results and maintaining
respect from the guys,” Strahan told the New York Post. “That’s what a
leader does. They have to find somebody.”

Fair enough.  Strahan talked to Tuck about it last week and said he doesn’t doubt Tuck will step into the role.  Although, then, he does doubt Tuck.

“You can’t make somebody do something they may not want to do. He can do it and he probably doesn’t want to do it. The
thing is, if you’re a star player in New York City and you’re going to
get all the perks of being a star  . . . and you want to be treated
like a star then you need to be one.

“The reluctance I don’t
understand,” Strahan said.  “To me, if you want to win, you’ll do whatever is required
for you to win.”

We doubt Tuck could have said anything to save the disastrous ’09 Giants defense, but his position group will have to put the team ahead of individual goals. 

With Osi Umenyiora possibly coming off the bench and Jason Pierre-Paul added to the mix, it may be difficult to keep all the Giants defensive linemen happy.

5 responses to “Strahan: Justin Tuck can be a leader, even if he doesn't want to be

  1. Im telling you, a Tiki ,Lawrence Taylor, amd Miky Strahan reality show would be top shelf in NY

  2. basically, Strahan is saying that whatever he envisions as a leader, Osi Umenyiora is not it, and that Tuck has to take over Stray’s role of keeping Osi’s childlike ego in check so he can return to being a competent pass rushing DE.

  3. Stray come back Stray
    What Mike is saying is you want to be the man start acting like it
    Come on Tuck step up you can do it this team is to good not to take advantage of the train wreak that is the NFC east
    Filthy NO QB
    DC who knows
    Dallas Same old crap and no chance of winning the big game as long as Romo is QB

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