JaMarcus Russell appears in court, pleads not guilty

Former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell was in a Mobile, Alabama, courtroom this morning, where he entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

A preliminary hearing was set for August 11, and Russell’s attorney, Donald Briskman, reiterated his previous prediction that Russell will be exonerated.

We’re looking forward to the hearing on August 11,” Briskman said, per the Press-Register. “I asked the court to set it early so we could get this behind us.”

Briskman added that Russell is “getting prepared to play professional football.” There have been no substantive reports of any NFL teams planning to sign Russell, although the UFL’s Omaha Nighthawks have shown some interest.

33 responses to “JaMarcus Russell appears in court, pleads not guilty

  1. When I read the headline, I thought someone accused him of being an actual QB. He is assuredly not guilty of that.

  2. I would be interested to know how much money this dude has left. Something tells me he’ll be flat broke in a very short period of time.

  3. “Briskman added that Russell is “getting prepared to play professional football.”
    Yeah, Madden 11.

  4. Former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell was in a Mobile, Alabama, courtroom this morning
    That is what happens when you sneak out of Golden Corral with the full steam trays.

  5. Don’t these ghetto thugs realize that if you make a deal with the prosecutors and plead guilty they’ll get off without any punishment (ALA Shabazz and Co)? I’d be smart (well, then I wouldn’t be JaMarcus) and cop a deal for community service…

  6. Such a waste of talent. On a poor team in 2008 Russell had a great final 4 games of the season, think he had a 90 rating for the final month. It was his second season – 13 td’s and 8 ints, not bad at all considering he had no o-line, no WR’s, no rushing attack and different headcoaches and co ordinators.
    2009 all Raider fans thought big things would happen but nope. Russell came to camp fat and overweight and looked a shadow of that player who in the last month of the 2008 season looked like he had a bag full of potential.
    You cant blame Oakland or Al. Money went to Russells head, he didnt care that fans booed him or pundits slated him, he was rich and just wants to ‘bling’ it up all the time.
    IF Russell threw 2 td’s and 15 ints during year 2 and showed no potential then it would be easier to take. But he showed something at the end of 2008, such a waste.

  7. Philly – I too am curious as to Mr. Russell’s current financial situation. The guy comes across as not being the sharpest tool in the shed, and I could envision him blowing his money at a record rate. Professional football – that’s a pretty broad description and the fact that playing NFL football is not mentioned leads me to believe Russell will not be playing in the “bigs” anytime soon if ever again.

  8. psj3809 – Thats one of the few things a Raiders fan says that I would agree with: It wasn’t the Raiders’ fault that Russell has such a horrible work ethic, and that is something that is hard to gauge during pre-draft analysis…
    That being said, there WERE pre-draft concerns and signs about his intelligence, and more importantly his football smarts, from the get-go. So in that sense, it was a horrible decision from the upper-echelon to draft him. Just chock it up to bad decision making and try to improve. I’m not a fan of Oakland, but my Father is so for his sake I’d like to see them improve… as long as they aren’t better than the 9ers 😉

  9. After Jafattest left court he went right to Wendy’s and ordered 10 triple burger bacon burgers and 6 milkshakes.

  10. Not guilty? Haha, yeah right.
    Didn’t the police raid him/catch him WITH the stuff? Just own up to your actions, moron. He’s just trying to use his $$ to buy out his sentence so he can play in the UFL.
    Crash & burn, Jamarcus, crash & burn.

  11. AllThat says:
    July 20, 2010 12:13 PM
    JaDrank was in court.
    Did they use the freight entrance to let him in?
    That was funny.
    The more and more I see of him and his lifestyle, the more I see for a model of what not to let into your locker room….and more importantly…what to toss out of it.
    “Fat, lazy and addicted to cough syrup is no way to go through life son.”

  12. Ravenmuscle says:
    July 20, 2010 12:40 PM
    After Jafattest left court he went right to Wendy’s and ordered 10 triple burger bacon burgers and 6 milkshakes.
    Did you high-five your mom after making that witty and well-thought out comment?

  13. @DcNinerFan, Russell is NOT from a “ghetto”. He’s from a small southern town and hardly a “ghetto”. Also, Russell is NOT a thug. The problem is that he wants to be “cool” and be “the man” in terms of celebrity. Once he got the money, liked being “that cool guy” more than he did being a football player.

  14. Cut the guy some slack.
    He needed all of that cough medicine after having to breath the air near Al Davis.

  15. Mike_Florio says:
    July 20, 2010 1:00 PM
    Ravenmuscle says:
    July 20, 2010 12:40 PM
    After Jafattest left court he went right to Wendy’s and ordered 10 triple burger bacon burgers and 6 milkshakes.
    ——————– ——————– —
    Did you high-five your mom after making that witty and well-thought out comment?
    No, he high fived yours.

  16. Philly Cheese says:
    July 20, 2010 11:41 AM
    I would be interested to know how much money this dude has left. Something tells me he’ll be flat broke in a very short period of time.
    Something tells me you’re already flat broke.

  17. Wet Paper Bag – One doesn’t have to be from the ghetto to act like you are from the ghetto – See kids from well to do families acting ghetto all the time because “they’re keepin’ it real.” One doesn’t have to be from the ghetto to be a thug either. Thugs don’t have use for the law, and believe they are above the law (see Mike Vick for example). Thuggery can be prevalent in many different locals and is not exclusive to the ghetto, nor do you have to be black to be a thug. Small southern towns have their fair share…

  18. Suitcasehead Golic – “Once again–I ask–Who names their kid JaMarcus??”
    Parents who want their kid to become either a) a pro sports player or b) a drug dealer/convicted felon… Looks like they got the 2 for 1 deal…

  19. @DCNinerFan
    How do people from the ghetto act? You seem to be knowledgeable in the subject so inquiring minds would like to know.

  20. Make fun of the guy because he’s a horrible football player, not because his first name is JaMarcus.

  21. i’ve always thought don’t wish bad on somebody lest they wish it on you , I do hope he makes a recovery and comes back in the league , so much talent and potential. (no saying it is likely)

  22. A few reasons why JaMarcus Russell deserves a life of hardship:
    1. He screwed his supporters as he was given an opportunity most people can only dream of and squandered it.
    2. He screwed over and slapped the man who gave him said opportunity and paycheck in the face with his lack of effort and indifference, despite that man’s belief in and support of Russell.
    3. He screwed the organization, his coaches and his teammates.
    4. He screwed the fans, especially those who spent money to watch him play or bought his jersey or memorabilia.
    5. He screwed his alma mater by forcing LSU to be linked to one of the worst failures in sports history and associated with someone who will mostly be remembered as a loser.
    6. He screwed the NFL by not giving 100% and wasting his talent and becoming a black eye for the league, even after his release.
    7. He screwed players around the league as owners already looking to curtail the amount of money given out to players regardless of performance will be even more wary of guaranteed contracts when negotiating a new CBA.
    8. He screwed future draft picks by all but assuring they will not see the kind of guaranteed money he received, as Russell is the poster boy for a rookie salary cap.
    9. He screwed his family now and in the future by throwing away a steady 7-8 figure yearly income with nothing to fall back on and a very questionable future.
    10. He also screwed his family by putting himself into position to lose $9.55 million more after a grievance was filed against him and he was arrested shortly afterwards.
    11. He also screwed his family by allowing his name to become synonymous with “bust,” and being known as out-of-shape, lazy, stupid and indifferent. He screwed them again by getting caught in a sting operation while supposedly working on resuming his career in football, further tarnishing his name and legacy.
    12. He screwed his former coaches and several others who supported him in the media and absolved him of blame by falling asleep in meetings instead of studying, partying instead of practicing, earning the nickname “Radio,” and getting arrested 2 months after his release, which affects a grievance for $9.55 million.
    13. He screwed his town by getting arrested in a sting operation for codiene and being responsible for the ensuing negative publicity.
    14. He screwed himself by not getting an education and wasting his money and talent, basically throwing away the lottery ticket he was born with.
    I have zero sympathy for the guy, as long as he doesn’t attempt to become a better human being. He had everything handed to him, had the chance of the lifetime and was content to be a failure and a loser. If he were to actually put his ability to use and work to redeem himself, he would deserve any success in life that comes his way. As for now, he deserves anything but success.

  23. @Shanahan’s Rat Teeth,
    Why so much hate on Jamarcus? And what’s your defination of a “better human being”? So let me get this straight, just bc he doesn’t give a sh_t about football, makes him a loser? Dude has millions, so do you really think he gives a f_ck what you all have to say. You hope he blows his money…u sound a little bitter, prob bc your fat and broke. Okay he got caught with some prescribable drugs, whippie doo. Atleast it wasn’t steroids or even crack for that matter….those are drugs. And it’s not like he was playing this year anyway, so what if he wanted to hit the syrup or even a blunt, which i’m sure no good citizen has done….yea okay. And to the guy talking about his name,,, your a f_ckin idiot. Look, it’s Jamarcus’s right to do what he wants,l and if living a celebrity life is what he wants then so be it….i mean seriously, we all dreamed that dream before, but the difference is Jamarcus has the money to actually pursue it.

  24. “Briskman added that Russell is getting prepared to play professional football.”
    So that means only 2 Big Macs instead of 3.

  25. @dirtyjerz: You obviously aren’t very well educated, so I’ll try to keep it simple. Also, PFT never posted my first response, but in case you ever decide to take a look I want you to know what a complete fool you are.
    -I don’t hate JaMarcus, but he deserves nothing.
    -A “better human being” makes the most out of the chances handed to them & cares how their actions affect others, to name a few examples.
    -when you don’t have any skills & pass up a free education & degree to play pro football as a career, but “don’t give a sh_t about football,” yes that makes you a loser.
    -JaMarcus not giving “a f_ck” has cost him his job & millions in future earnings with nothing to fall back on.
    -I’m bitter that he screwed over the Raiders & the fans. I’m bald, skinny, under 35 & better off than you. Check prices on a 3BR, 2BR in zip code 95120 if you wanna verify & FYI it’s paid for. How much are you paying in rent these days?
    -thanks for the info on what drugs are OK. I prefer uppers myself. But codeine requires a prescription or else it’s illegal. Make sense? Also, I’m a Raiders fan, moron. I don’t care what players do as long as they perform. see: Stabler, Ken.
    -I NEVER said I hope he blows his money. Stick to the facts; you already sound stupid enough.
    -JaMarcus is not playing this year because he “hit the syrup” too much & couldn’t do his job. Now he’s about to lose $9.55 million more, which is just as well.
    -So you’re trying to criticize me for having 0 respect or sympathy for Russell & the guy who makes fun of his name is a “f_ckin idiot,” but JaMarcus has the right to do what he wants? You=uneducated hypocrite. “F_ck” JaMarcus’ name and whatever your name is too.
    -JaMarcus has the $ to live like a celebrity, but he could have been an actual celebrity & not the Lindsey Lohan of the NFL & made so many millions more if he cared about football…you know, the career choice that got him that $?
    It’s apparent you have no $ and that’s why you look up to JaMarcus with your “Street Dreams” mentality, unable to see the bigger picture or understand that he did not actually pocket over $30 million because of taxes and agents. You’re defending a guy who gets arrested drinking “sizzurp” with a $9.55 million grievance looming over his head.
    But we’re the stupid ones, right? While you’re livin’ ghetto fab & keepin’ it real like Travis Henry, I’m going to do what I can to protect the little $ I’ve been blessed to earn & leave my kids with something to show for it.

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