Joe Haden holdout seems likely

When Browns coach Eric Mangini appeared on Monday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show with a certain Internet hack with whom you may be familiar, Mangini expressed optimism that the team’s top three draft picks — cornerback Joe Haden, running back Montario Hardesty, and quarterback Colt McCoy — would sign their contracts in time for camp.  (We forgot to mention second-rounder T.J. Ward.)

But the rookies report Friday, and camp opens several days later.  And while it’s possible that Hardesty and McCoy will be signed, Haden’s deal presents a couple of challenges.

For starters, Haden is represented by a relatively inexperienced agent, Malik Shareef.  Then there’s the fact that Haden is operating out of the same No. 7 overall slot occupied in 2009 by receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, to whom the Raiders paid a whopper of a deal — five years, with $23.5 million guaranteed.

The floor for Haden’s deal will be set by another Raiders’ top-ten pick, linebacker Rolando McClain.  It would be foolish not to wait and see whether the Raiders do another foolish deal.

That said, Shareef said in June that Haden has no intention of holding out.  To avoid a holdout, however, Haden and Shareef may have to leave a nice chunk of money on the table.

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  1. The Browns are in no position to play hardball. The must pay the price to “turn the corner.”
    Just like LeBron; players want paid, they want to win, and they want the respect & the bling that comes with it. They want that feeling that they are at the top, the best. LeBron left money on the table with Cleveland to play with Miami.
    Teams like the Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Cowboys, 49ers, and Packers can get away with hardball because the players “want” to play on those teams.
    The Browns might be there someday but, until then, they must pay!

  2. This doesn’t seem like a terribly big deal Browns fans.
    At least not as big of a deal as with other top-10 picks. Unlike those guys, Hadden is not likely to start at the beginning of this season. Cleveland is solid at the CB position with off-season trade acquisition Sheldon Brown teaming with the immensely underrated Eric Wright. So it’s not life or death for the team.
    Being on-time to camp is import for Hadden however, as Michael Lombardi Reports that Joe struggled at OTA’s. Not that Lombardi is reliable source of info (especially pertaining to Cleveland, a team that he flamed out at in the early 90’s) but missing a large portion of camp would lessen Hadden’s odds of prying a starting position from Sheldon Brown ( who most agree would be better at safety anyway.) Add this to the fact that most rookie CB’s struggle anyway, and Hadden may find himself still manning the nickle late in the season.
    All things said, I wouldn’t expect a hold-out. The team holds all the cards in this situation, but they do have quite a bit of cap still available. Expect a fair, but not record-breaking, deal to be signed as soon as Hardesty and McCoy are taken care of. If Hadden misses anytime at all, it will be a couple of days tops.

  3. Haden’s agent actually said it would be in the best interest of everyone if Haden reported on time– what’s wrong with that? The implication was that if the Browns negotiated in good faith, there would be no problem with Haden reporting on time. You need to get your facts correct–don’t blog like an intellectual primate! This agent’s role is to get a fair and equitable contract for his/her client and the Browns need Haden in camp on time. The ball is in their court–give Haden the contract he deserves or there will likely be a holdout. Even an “inexperienced agent” knows the rules of this game!

  4. Foolish and the Raiders? That’s an oxymoron isn’t it? No maybe just redundant. Maybe just what should be said is that the Raiders made a deal. That would just imply that it was foolish.

  5. Its already been determined that Haden is a bust at corner and will be switched to safety. He runs a 4.6 40 and really disappointed his coaches in the Browns’ OTAs
    A 4.6 corner is touchdown city for the NFL’s speedy receivers. The Stains really know how to screw up a draft.

  6. Is it your money? The Raiders have always paid there players. Al Davis isnt trying to take it with him to the grave unlike other owners crying broke.

  7. The headline says a holdout seems likely, but there’s nothing in the article that would lead one to believe that. What a deceptive headline.

  8. It really is the best way to fend off the impending staph infection and career ending injury he’ll sustain in Cleveland.

  9. I rumors about him being slow are true… then the Brownies had better be very careful. In the NFL slow=bust. Watch those guarantees.

  10. Ravensmuscle again is trolling the Brown’s Stories to try and stir up things with Brown’s Fan’s. GAYvenmuscle, how could you say Haden is already determined a Bust? When did 40 time ever equate to NFL success? If 40 yard dash times equated to success, the Raiders would have won 20 Super Bowl’s in a row now. Darren McFadden & Heyward-Bey are examples of fast players that haven’t had much success as of yet. A number of Corner’s ran similar 40 times or worse and are in the hall of fame. Even though it pains me to say it, Mel Blount of the steelers was one of the best. He was so physical as a corner, it didn’t matter how fast he was. As I remember it, Haden re-ran the 40 and clocked in around the 4.4’s anyways. As I have said numerous times before, if you are going to be ripping on all teams that aren’t the Ravens, at least be factual, original, etc. You show your lack of football knowledge by making the statements you make.

  11. This guy needs to sign ASAP. He came out of OTA’s playing in the dime package. He just looked lost most of the time. Hope he improves at training camp and the pre-season games. Time will tell here.

  12. That would be 19-0, moron.
    All first rounders are possible hold outs right now. Wow, what a story. You should all believe everything mike lombardi writes. He really knows what he’s talking about. Really.

  13. @ Ravenmuscle – Look you rejected rimnents of a petri dish from a sperm bank idiot!
    Go get a life! At least with Stooler fans they kept their team, but you Baltimore bums jank a team and then want to come back and talk trash to us!?
    The audacity of you hommo’ ignaramous’ is amazing!?

  14. The Browns will never amount to anything until they get themselves an axe murderer like Jazz Hands (Ray Lewis).

  15. What raven_douche forgets is that all those great draft picks his ratbirds have chosen were made by…..a Browns Hall of Famer! Now, go get your shine box!

  16. @Penismuscle
    Speaking of apples, how’s those Bulger apples your tongue resides under.
    A) Haden ran a bad 40 @ the combine while participating with an injury, not being a puss and actually working through it as much as possible
    B) Don’t talk about a teams secondary. Your team will need to put up 30+ with Ed Reed out possibly 6 weeks
    C) Your a Cleveland Browns fan… Hows that feel?

  17. You’re showing your ignorance again Florio with your “ignorance and Raiders” comments. Just look at how everyone thought the Raiders were crazy for locking up Nnamdi a couple years ago, and now the Jets are “sane” for trying to blow Nnamdi’s deal out of the water by signing the #2 DB in the NFL to a blockbuster deal.
    You see, “crazy and ignorance” are terms the media uses with the Raiders and Davis, because Davis depises the media and doesn’t give you guys the time of day. Consequently, the media declared open-season on Davis and the Raiders, and have been pumping out the anti-Raider propaganda ever since.
    Mark my words, the day Davis dies he will suddenly be remembered and praised by the media for who he really is/was. Yes, Davis was ignorant for hiring the first black HC in modern NFL history, and the first hispanic HC, the first woman in upper management, has helped the needy, paid for the funerals of former mayors, got Howie Long’s mother into a top notch nursing home, and on and on . . . People like you, however, can’t understand how football can be so all consuming to one individual that he pours his whole being into a team. Instead, you sit back, point fingers, and laugh like the other good sheeple have been taught to do, just like mcarey032 . . .

  18. rraiders says:
    “Is it your money? The Raiders have always paid there players. Al Davis isnt trying to take it with him to the grave unlike other owners crying broke. ”
    Most people just don’t understand that. Years ago Al and some player (it may have even been Marcus, I don’t remember) were having problems negotiating on a contract. Al’s mother asked him if Al was planning on taking the money with him when he died, and when he responded “no” she asked him why he just didn’t give the player what he was asking for then. Al did, and continues to do so today. He truly is a players coach, and the one man John Madden would call if he could only make one phone call.

  19. Go get your shinebox….haha. TDDawg, that is best line ever. When in doubt, tell em to get the shinebox. Somewhere in hell, Billy Batts is smiling.

  20. Haden’s not a starter, at least until mid-season. Or as part of a nickel-package. And the BROWNS are deep at corner and safety.
    And they sure as hell won’t need him to beat a very average Ravens team or a rebuilding Steelers team…especially with their best players watching in street clothes.
    It’s gonna suck for you this year…

  21. Dear Joe Haden
    Holding out of training camp is the only leverage a player has against a team and look what other wonderful benefits it can lead to in your career! You can potentially be beat out of your starting position by bum like Charlie Frye. Frye is so bad he gets traded after one game. For every Frye there is a Brandon Mcdonald waiting to keep you on the beach! Then you can lose your chance to start to a one year wonder and interception machine like Derek Anderson. You would think I would be smart enough to hire an agent who didnt negotitate my entire contract based upon time played incentives. You would think that after plummeting in the first round like Enron stock I would have wanted to get into camp as soon possible and win the job.
    Signed : Brady Quinn

  22. For those of you responding to Ravenmuscle with long, drawn-out explanations of why Haden is this or isn’t that, etc., you’re playing right into the troll’s hands. He already knows he’s wrong, he’s just trying to stir shit up because he gets a weird thrill out of trying to piss off Browns fans… So, in the future, try it more like this:
    Ravenmuscle says:
    July 21, 2010 2:05 AM
    Its already been determined that Haden is a bust at corner and will be switched to safety. He runs a 4.6 40 and really disappointed his coaches in the Browns’ OTAs
    A 4.6 corner is touchdown city for the NFL’s speedy receivers. The Stains really know how to screw up a draft.
    Ravenmuscle’s message, TRANSLATED: “I’m a pathetic asshole.”

  23. Message Translated…Ravemuscle wants “spirit fingers” Ray Lewis’ Love Muscle dangling from his lower facial region.

  24. Very very sad about the Haden pick since day 1
    Holdout, dont holdout…only thing it does is increase his chance of becoming a bust….all these rookies get paid way too much as it is, they need a cap on rookie contracts so this crap doesnt happen every year.
    Some unproven shmuck gets to make 10-20mil just for signing his name…..tuh!
    Preliminary thoughts: The Browns worst pick of the draft.

  25. I know it’s a lot to ask Florio but could you try doing your f’n homework for once.
    Never mind the shots at Davis for doing bad deals, but you also seem to imply that the Raiders won’t sign McClain on time by stating that in order for Haden to be in camp on time he might have to leave money on the table.
    With one notable exception (Russell) the Raiders get their players signed in time for camp. So do some research before you spout off about people leaving money on the table if they don’t want to wait for the Raiders to sign their picks. If you tried that, you wouldn’t look like such an idiot.

  26. I hear the printing presses in Cleveland getting ready to print the “It should have been Kyle Wilson” shirts.

  27. I really hate to say this, but I know what Florio meant as to why Haden will be a holdout. The Browns rookies report in 2 days, July 23, and even though it’s just the rookies it’s considered training camp. At this point I don’t think and 2nd or 3rd rounders have signed so no chance Haden’s signed by Friday. So as usual Florio being a dick and taking another shot at the Browns.

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