Falcons lead the way in two-a-days

Like the Nutcracker drill and tiny college dormitory beds, two-a-day practices have gone out of vogue in NFL training camps.

Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News, clearly in an enterprising mood, found out that the Falcons lead the league in scheduled two-a-days with 14 this training camp.  The Cowboys come in second with 12, and the Ravens clock in at third with ten.

There’s a very good chance the Patriots will crack the top three.  The first seven days  of Patriots training camp are scheduled to be two-a-days (fun!), but a complete schedule isn’t available. 

Now teams change their schedules all the time in camp, but the relative dearth of two-a-days shows how times have changed with improved offseason conditioning.

The Titans and Bears have completely eliminated two-a-days, although Tennessee has a modified version that includes a brief special teams practice in the afternoon.  Jeff Fisher believes staying away from two-a-days helps avoid burnout.

Then again, Fisher’s Titans teams are 9-15 in the season’s first quartet of games over the last six years.

8 responses to “Falcons lead the way in two-a-days

  1. “Jeff Fisher believes staying away from two-a-days helps avoid burnout.”
    Apparently, it also helps to avoid championships.

  2. there is a fine line between working them to hard and not working them enough . maybe with a veteran team you dont go as hard as you would with a younger team .
    Go Browns!

  3. Two-a-days has always been an unnecessary aspect of football all the way down to the high school level. Just serves as a way of completely overworking people, especially when it’s in extreme heat. I loved playing high school football, but I would rather lose a toe than go through two-a-days again.

  4. If you are cracking heads twice a day, then no, it probably doesn’t help. But if you are productive in other ways, (conditioning etc), there could be some benefit. In spite of what some think, not everyone comes into camp in shape. You have to run your ass to really get into “second wind” shape.

  5. The Packers are doing 8 two a days (one is a scrimmage) which appears to be more than average but not at the top end of the list.

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