Former NFL player dies after routine surgery

Whenever a pro athlete undergoes a surgical procedure, the operation invariably is described as a success.  For former NFL fullback Kenyon Cotton, the outcome couldn’t have been any worse.

Cotton has died, reportedly after surgery to repair a torn Achilles’ tendon.  Following last week’s outpatient procedure, he returned to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing.  Doctors placed him into a medically-induced coma to assess the situation.

“From what I’m told, when he came out of the coma, he had a series of
strokes back to back,” Cotton’s younger cousin, Kenyon Allen, told the Bossier (La.) Press-Tribune, via Aaron Wilson of NFP.  “He
had been on life support the entire time he was in the hospital.”

Cotton, 36, played two years for the Ravens, in 1997 and 1998.

Cotton is survived by two sons, age 13 and 9.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and teammates.

54 responses to “Former NFL player dies after routine surgery

  1. Nice scoop. The man died last Friday. Today is Thursday. I guess Florio never worked in obituaries before.

  2. A story from a Shreveport paper about a football player dying? I hope you did your due diligence, Mikey.

  3. What a terrible thing. This is why I am very careful about counseling anyone regarding surgery. People say, “Well its just a little procedure….” and while anesthesia and surgery in capable hands is very safe, there is still a 1/40K major complication rate from anesthesia.
    G-d should comfort his family.

  4. Damn. Maybe clots went to his brain and caused the strokes? That really is terrible for his whole family.

  5. Another reminder that tomorrow is not promised. Love your kids, spouse, family and friends today because you can’t always do tomorrow

  6. I guess ESPN will have the “breaking news” tomorrow after breaking down what lebron is doing in Miami!

  7. These posts making light of this are sick. One should hope and pray (if you’re into that) that those surviving children have a strong male figure or role model to get them through. I’m a father and the thought of not being there makes me sick.

  8. @SeriousRadio:
    In a story like this, you would think you would have the decency to put aside your remarks.
    This is awful, thoughts and prayers to his family.

  9. My aunt had a hip replacement surgery a few years back, pretty routine style surgery. Came out went back to work, week later died of a Heart Attack. Where the blood had clotted up from the surgery, the clot burst & caused her to have a Heart Attack.
    Condolences to his family, hate to hear something like that. I’m only 34 & really don’t think about the fact that anyday could be the day!

  10. dscjmc says:
    July 22, 2010 9:36 PM
    This is terrible news. How does this happen for a so-called routine surgery?
    Easy, over-paid doctors who half ass everything. Hope for the best for the family.

  11. These tragic medical rarities we see today will become the norm once national health care is full fledged, in about 20 years – after all the good doctors and hospitals are long gone, because businesses and insurance companies are no longer responsible for the majority of funding – some dolt like Barney Frank is – so payments will be late and not enough to keep the best and brightest interested and in the game. So, you get half-wits and slackers that end up being doctors, because demand will increase. Ever know somebody that’s performing a task that’s a bit over their head? Ever had your taxes done by a flunkie accountant? Ever had your auto engine diagnosed by a schlub with no inherent logical or mechanical ability and it costs 5 times more than it should because the dude’s an idiot? Well, these tasks aren’t terribly important. Brain surgeons???
    Anybody ever notice photos of men and women from 50 years ago? They were all thin and in decent shape. They didn’t live as long, but that was mainly because advances in medicine were being realized by the year back then. Now? Look at an average class of 7th-graders. Most look like Augustus Gloop. Factor that by 20 years, coupled with slowly degrading health care and granny won’t make it long enough to have her “plug pulled”. How will you not be forced to ration medical serivces when 60% of the population is terribly overweight, and everybody “gets it for free”, so demand will be incredibly high.
    My rant relates to this story because this type of tragedy RARELY happens nowadays, considering the numbers of people that choose to be put under the knife. Come talk to me in about 20-30 years.

  12. based on description, sounds like pulmonary embolism. one of the risks of surgery. hopefully, his kids will get through this okay.

  13. Those who are making snide comments about this story are idiots.
    Way more importantly, my Prayers go out to his family, friends, and teammates.

  14. In 1982, while stationed in California, one of my fellow soldiers went in for a colonscopy. Apparently, the Army doctor pierced something and they moved him into surgery. I don’t know what all happened but they couldn’t get him off of the life support machine. They pulled the plug on him about 12 hrs. later. He was but 28 yrs old.
    I had my share of writing letters, contacting families, escorting caskets and pulling “Honor Guard” duties for fallen soldiers but that was usually in combat, or some unfortunate accident. There was always an action, a reason that caused it.
    This was just a routine procedure that went horribly wrong. It was unfortunate but demonstrates that when it is your time to go, God will not be denied. We must live each day as it is our last…because it may well be.
    And Hauschild, keep your G*d D*mn politics out of it. Dipsh*t!!

  15. @Hauschild
    What a terrible place for a political rant, it makes you wonder what exactly posts are moderated for.
    Condolences to his family, it’s always a tragedy when anyone dies in a fairly routine procedure, particularly at such a young age.

  16. Hauschild, you are a real dumbass. Trying to play this simple story of a medical complication into an indictment of affordable healthcare.
    Yes everybody, Hauschild is here to tell you how bad it’s going to be when poor people have access to healthcare. It will ruin it for everybody!
    And that’s why we have such a big deficit too, because the poor people are hoarding all the money!
    And what, Dr. Strangeglove, does the current obesity epidemic have to do with anything? Kids and adults are obese because their are four commercials an hour for some kind of junky food. One of the things foreigners say when they visit the US is how “obsessed” we are with food. (Oh, it’s those damn inferior to me foreigners, with their foreign ideas and languages, they’re bad, and if you respect them, you’re bad). Americans are pigs! Fat little oinkers, conditioned by the consumer culture to be selfish and self indulgent.
    Come talk to you in 20 or 30 years? By then you’ll be dead from sticking a fork in an electrical outlet. Celebrate your ignorance while you still can.

  17. Since he has been retired I wonder what caused his achillese to burst? One antibiotic can cause large tendons to rupture or tear. I wonder if the family knows this.

  18. Its that illegible chicken scratch that all doctors write with. “Achilles Heel” could just as easily be read as “Aeortic Harm” or “Acute Headaches”. Half the time they operate in the wrong area or remove the wrong organ.

  19. “Cotton is survived by two sons, age 13 and 9.”
    Very sad for his boys to grow up without a dad.
    Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  20. Oh my god. Where did they find these people?
    My condolences to this poor fellow’s family. I have a feeling that his Ravens and NFL family will be there for them.

  21. Wow, a story about the tragic death of a 36 year old father and someone goes on a politically incorrect rant…unbelievable. Anyways, this is why im scared as hell to go under the knife. My prayers are with his 2 sons.

  22. Prayers go out to the friends and family of Kenyon Cotton, especially his sons. A few days ago I was trying to find a way to comfort a young friend after she blurted out how much she still grieves her father. He had a fatal heart attack when she was 11, about the age of Kenyon’s sons. She’s 21 now, and losing her guiding force at that age created a lot of upheaval and confusion. It’s tragic that Kenyon died so young and following such a routine procedure. It’s tragic these children have lost their father and will face the same upheaval and confusion my friend has had.
    And it’s tragic some people consider this an appropriate time for making inane jokes, chiding Florio, and ranting about politics.

  23. Bad news. It has nothing to do with poor anesthesia or even poor docs. This sounds like a pulmonary embolism or a blood clot that probably eminated from the casted leg. It travels up the venous system, to the heart, and is pumped into the lung where is lodges, causing shortness of breath and even death. Ususally, blood thinners are given…even just aspirin occassionally. Things like this happen…although rare in someone his age. SO many precautions are taken to prevent this, but as the saying goes..when its your time…
    I feel for his boys.

  24. It is a shame that such a tragic death cannot by pass political BS.
    It probably was an embolism. but regardless of what was the cause he certainly is gone and his family deserve prayers and support- not that BS about health care. Geesh what a misguided person!
    I am sure the NFL and his Ravens family will do what they can to offer the family support. My prayers for his family and for the persons who think this should be a springboard to launch into some political diatribe.

  25. Don’t mean to get all “religious” and am certainly not making light of this, I feel for his family, but Biblically-speaking death should really be viewed as nothing more than passing from one phase (life) to another (eternity). The sadness is, obviously, for those left behind. His family and friends are the ones who feel pain. I hope he was a believer in Jesus Christ. If he was, that transition now has him in a great place. Death shouldn’t be feared. Death just takes you from life on earth to, hopefully, life in heaven for the rest of eternity. If you don’t believe that, then you need prayer as well. God bless.

  26. There is no such thing as risk-free surgery, anywhere. Even if only one in a thousand or million suffer complications, it still happens to that one person and it is no less of a tragedy for the people it hits.
    Nice job on approving the nutjob’s rant, thought moderated comments meant you could avoid the insane ppl taking over threads?

  27. A torn Achilles’ tendon can happen at home, in the workplace, in a parling lot, etc… All it takes is a wrong step on an uneven surface, like the basement stairs (my personal minefield). Or backing up onto a childs yard toy, like a sand box, while cutting the lawn (yup, done that too = 3rd degree ankle sprain),
    As for political rants – way out of bonds and no excuse for it here. Are these people that ignorent? Are they that insensitive? Are they that demented? Or are they just paid political hacks? Perhaps there is a need here for some non-elective surgery – like a lobatomy!

  28. rc iv….. are you as dumb as you sound? read a book you stupid moron and get out of your moms basement.

  29. This is really sad. I feel for his family.
    The people on here with no class who have decided to make their usual snide remarks are the reasons I seldom read comments on these stories any more.

  30. My thoughts and prayers are with this family!
    My belated sympathy to this young man and all who knew him!

  31. We love giving the Raven fans on here a bunch of crap all the time, but I truely hope they can find peace in losing one of their own. God knows it’s always tough when a former Steeler dies, and there have been quite a few of those. R.I.P. Kenyon, may God bless and comfort his family.

  32. These tragic medical rarities we see today will become the norm once national health care is full fledged, in about 20 years
    While I wouldn’t want to interupt a good political rant you have there, actually the first part of your comment is incorrect. I’m a nurse and have been for 20 years. Embolisms (blood clots) are common after any surgical procedure. They can be undetected during the original admission and most patients do get in distress after leaving and going home. The accounts of this article that state he started having difficulties breathing would be an indicator that he probably through a clot to his lungs. You can die quickly from a Pulmonary embolis.
    Your stance on healthcare is noted, just don’t think was the forum for it…….JMHO

  33. Mistakes are going to happen in anything that people are involved with because people make mistakes. My condolences to the family and friends and I am sorry for the loss of a father by the 2 sons. A tragic loss is not a good time for a political rant.

  34. Why doesn’t PervyHarvin have anything to say on this topic? Oh wait… it because this isn’t about Brett Favre?

  35. Tragic things like this happen every day. Of course, that doesn’t make this incident any less tragic for him, his family, and his friends. The definition of “routine surgery” is surgery that happens to someone else. Any surgery always results in a chance for infection, clots, or a host of other complications. It doesn’t always mean that someone screwed up.

  36. Just had a friend go in i local hospital…almost died. They were giving him meds that his medical records clearly stated he was allergic to! This is likely what happened in this case…

  37. Ths goes too show you that no Surgery, however simple, does not mean it is without Risk. God Bless his Family. As for the individual who uses a sad occasion as this too spout useless and uninformed political garbage, try actually knowing what you are talking about and not what some idiot talking head with an agenda tells you what too think. If you are worried about Health Care 20 years from now try having your head removed now. Maybe you will learn too think for yourself.

  38. A consideration, without knowing the decedent’s medical history, would be for antiphospholipin antibody syndrome, an autoimmune disease characterized by the presence of anticardiolipin antibodies. Persons with this disorder are more prone to the formation of thrombotic diseases such as strokes and deep vein thromboses. There is a statistical incidence in young men, but may be more closely associated with disorders such as systemic lupus erythematosis, slightly more prevalent in the African American population. Pulmonary emboli and strokes following surgery are sometimes associated with this rare disorder.

  39. I loved Cotton back in his Cajun days. So sad to hear this news. Love to all his family and friends especially those kids.

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