Phillip Merling could land on non-football injury list

The confusing status of Dolphins defensive end Phillip Merling has begun to acquire some clarity.  But that could only make the situation ultimately more confusing.

Yes, Merling suffered an Achilles’ tendon injury while working out.  No, it didn’t happen at the team’s facility.

As a result, the team could place Merling, the first pick in the second round of the 2008 draft, on the non-football injury list, and the Dolphins likewise could withhold his $600,000 base salary for 2010.

Per a league source, Merling suffered the injury while doing pass-rushing drills at a high school field.  But since the injury didn’t happen while practicing with the team or working out at the team’s facility, the end result is that it’s no different that an injury suffered while falling in the tub or jumping out of a plane, or any of the various possible circumstances in between.

If the Dolphins, who aren’t generally thrilled with Merling at the present time due in part to his arrest for allegedly beating up his pregnant girlfriend, decide to park him on the NFI list and not pay him, the situation could prompt the union to push for changes to the rules, which would allow players to receive compensation if injured while exercising.

Then again, what is “exercising” for these purposes?  Bengals offensive lineman Jason Shirley suffered a season-ending injury playing basketball, something many players do to stay in shape.  Shirley has been placed on the NFI list

Moreover, a chance to the rules would permit players who suffer injuries doing stupid things, like playing flag football in an adult “Y” league, to claim that it happened while lifting weights at home, in preparation for the season.

It remains to be seen whether the Fins put the screws to Merling.  The fact that his agent, Jimmy Sexton, represents both V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells and coach Tony Sparano could help, but it possibly won’t help enough.

14 responses to “Phillip Merling could land on non-football injury list

  1. Florio your not a GM and your givin the Dolphins organization too many ideas…quit while your ahead

  2. Classic Flo —- “Moreover, a chance to the rules would permit players who suffer injuries doing stupid things”
    What the hell is a chance to the rules??
    Proof read man, proof read!!

  3. Phil was trying to sack the pregnant girlfriend, but she was way too agile for him and he overextended his Achilles tendon.

  4. It would appear as though she’s about the only thing he’s been able to sack…….

  5. That’s what you get for being a bastard who beats his pregnant girlfriend.

  6. # prophet of the light says: That’s what you get for being a bastard who beats his pregnant girlfriend.
    Maybe she was a Jets fan who kept saying over and over “Dolphins still suck”… like a loony-bin resident, who drools, wears his own special helmet, and lives in a padded cell?
    Not that that would excuse the behavior, but I think anyone whose ever been in similar situation (ie: anyone whose ever read a Dolphins thread of PFT) can certainly understand where he was coming from. 🙂

  7. Mickey Florio:
    You have a typo in your second to last paragraph. You wrote “chance” instead of “change”.
    That’s what you get for trying to take pot-shots at Steve Smith

  8. From the moment Parcells said they wanted “character guys” the Fins have done nothing but sign and shelter turds.
    “Fins WILL be the AFC East Champions!!!”
    @KILLER FIN, in what fantasyland ? Other than the one in the minds of a few Miami fans they don’t stand a chance of winning the division.

  9. He got hurt falling into a damn hole while being drunk. I was there when it happened. He was not playin football.

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