All Carolina picks are signed, except Clausen

As the Carolina Panthers prepare for a training camp that will be critical for coach John Fox, their highest-profile draft pick is the team’s only rookie who has not yet signed a contract.

Darin Gantt of the Charlotte Observer points out that quarterback Jimmy Clausen, a second-round selection but Carolina’s first in the 2010 draft, and the Panthers have yet to strike a deal.

Complicating matters most likely is the desired (by the player) inclusion of language aimed at paying him like a starting quarterback once he becomes one.  Haggling over such terms prompted former Browns first-rounder Brady Quinn to hold out in 2007, which kept him from being in position to replace Charlie Frye, who was traded after only a week.  Which opened the door for Derek Anderson to claim the job.  Which threw the quarterback position into a three-year quagmire. 

To date, Quinn has yet to reach any of the triggers aimed at unlocking escalators that would have paid him like a starter.

Clausen has a separate issue with which to contend — the perception that he’s not a team player, and not a good leader.  Holding out would do nothing to dissuade folks from concluding that the holdout is about one thing:  the fact that everything is all about Jimmy.

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  1. in a contract about your job, your livelihood, your existence, yeah, it is all about Jimmy. it should be. you know–at-will employment … capitalism … football is a business … anything striking a chord here Florio?

  2. Florio, you don’t even know what the hold up is. Do you even know what he’s been offered? It’ll play itself out, and stop trying to make Clausen out to be the bad guy.

  3. Excuse me Jim but the real story here is the fact that Carolina is in great shape with or without Clausen.
    The fact is, Matt Moore has done an excellent job and has one of the higher cumulative qb ratings in the league (for the games he has played)…
    His win in late last season’s game, where the Giants were in a fight for their playoffs lives, Moore simply picked the Giants apart.
    The following week the Vikings were in a huge struggle to lock up NFC homefield advantage and when Moore took the field posted 299 yards on the hapless Vikings.
    Hunter Cantwell knows the system and is the number 2 qb and Tony Pike has prototypical size and arm strength and with a corrected motion may well be a starter someday.
    But for Panther’s fans Moore is better than just good enough. He may well not have the best practices but he plays at a higher level than any other Panther QB has done in a long, long time.

  4. I think this is more a case of Jimmy Clausen being the lowest man on his agent’s totem pole. The kid’s just getting lousy service if you ask me.

  5. The rookies better get all they can this year because the new contract might have them on a more realistic pay scale. The proven veterans should be paid more then a guy that has never played in a NFL game.

  6. Wow Florio! Don’t forget, Clausen is a second round pick and the majority of second rounders are still unsigned. But you had to go to a negative situation in 2007 and compare him to a first round bust? I guess the 80+ unsigned rookies are being Jimmy too.

  7. Jimmy is going to suck in the NFL. How long will it take for him to realize that Armanti Edwards is a better quarterback. Give me some football!

  8. Another QB who Weis will make millions for who wouldn’t have gotten the $$ without him.
    KC was the smart team here because they got WEIS not one of his QB creations.

  9. “the FACT that everything is all about Jimmy.”
    You are a real moron Florio. In April, all you wanted to say was that Jimmy was too “loving and caring” and you would rather an “a-hole, prick, rat b*stard” on your team over Clausen. Yes, those were your exact words.
    Then, about a week ago, Clausen was on your short list of QBs that needed to start right away. So, according to your logic, he is too loving and caring, you would prefer an a-hole, prick rat b*stard….. but he is good enough to start for an NFL team right now??
    Now, you are back to indicating that it is a “FACT” that it is all about Jimmy, just because he hasn’t signed yet? First of all, that’s far from a fact. Second, hardly anyone relevant has signed yet outside of Dez Bryant.
    Make up your mind. Take a position and stick to it. You can’t hate on Clausen in one post and then vow for him to start in another.
    One more thing: I tried posting this same post in the article where you vowed for Claused to start but it never got posted. I guess you dont like readers calling you out on your idiotic, contradicting thoughts. Or is it because we cant use words like a-hole and b*stard in our posts, even though we are just quoting what you said in another article?

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