Cushing still a favorite of Texans owner

B. Cushing2.jpgLinebacker Brian Cushing brought the Texans and the league’s PED problems plenty of unwanted attention this offseason, not to mention a major hole in Houston’s lineup to open the season. 

That hasn’t dimmed Texans owner Bob McNair’s enthusiasm for last year’s Defensive Rookie of the Year, however.  McNair sees Cushing as the ideal Houston Texan.

“Everybody I’ve talked to — strength coaches, assistant coaches, what
have you — say Brian Cushing is the hardest-working athlete they’ve ever
worked with, that his workouts are so strenuous that no one could
compare,” McNair told Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle.

Asked what he’s learned in nine years of being owner, McNair essentially said he needs to find more Cushings.  And fewer guys like David Carr.

“Maybe in the case of David Carr, that was probably the one thing we
overlooked,” McNair said. “I think David enjoyed the game, but I don’t think
he has that real burning desire, that passion, that not only do I want
to play, but I want to be the very best at this position.”

Cushing is the exact opposite, according to McNair: “There’s not anybody on that field more intense than Brian, and the players know that,” McNair said.

The Texans couldn’t stand behind Cushing any stronger.  They recognize he will be a huge part of the franchise for years to come and see his suspension as a temporary setback.  McNair, in fact, hopes that Cushing’s intensity rubs off on Mario Williams and Amobi Okoye. 

Well, starting in Week Five at least.

21 responses to “Cushing still a favorite of Texans owner

  1. so McNair wants a team full of performance enhancing cheaters? That is what he is saying.
    Scary that an owner comes out and admits he wants a team known as cheaters.
    Bobby Kraft on the other hand, tried his hardest to deny he has a team of cheaters.

  2. Texans owner Bob McNair’s love for LB Brian Cushing wasn’t affected by the player’s drug suspension.
    That’s like saying I love the passion Bernie Madoff had for making money. Now there is somebody I really admire!
    ……. or I love the way that Barry Bonds wanted to get the fame and glory of setting all the homerun records. What a great guy!

  3. From this article, PFT must be firmly behind cheating if that’s what it takes to create ‘ burning desire’. Hasn’t McNair ever heard of ‘roid rage? Nowhere in this post does PFT dwell on – or even mention – Cushing’s suspension for banned substances. Just another example of PFT’s bias as an attack dog: support or condemn players and coaches arbitrarily and without consistency of principle.

  4. I’m sure David Carr had the desire, but it got knocked out of him getting his ass kicked every Sunday behind that swiss cheese OL.

  5. @onlymyopinionmatters Nothing more dangerous than an idiot with a laptop in Onlyhismamasbasementmatters

  6. Yes, that is exactly what he is saying.
    Every team would be very happy to have Brian Cushing, don’t try to pretend that they wouldn’t. It is safe to assume that everyone in professional sports is doing something illegal to enhance their performance. Cushing was just one of many that will be caught.

  7. Yeah, let’s reward players for using PEDs, that seems like a good idea to curb PED-use.
    Especially a Rookie too. You hear that Rookies out there… if we catch you using PEDs we are going punish you so much your head will spin, it just might take place 8 months later and you can keep your rewards and you’ll just miss a few games, but other that watch out?!?
    If a Rookie comes into the league with ZERO respect for the PED policy then that should have massive consequences. I’d go as far as to say a Full Season of suspension for Rooks failing tests.

  8. so the guy is on growth hormone and his workouts are too strenuous for anyone else?
    imagine that… such a hard worker!
    now that’s funny.

  9. Since when, did roid rage = burning desire?
    At least he learned how to cycle his PED’s at usc to prevent the bitch tiddies he showed up there with.
    -spelled incorrectly on purpose=tiddies

  10. # Tinbender says: July 25, 2010 11:42 AM
    I’m sure David Carr had the desire, but it got knocked out of him getting his ass kicked every Sunday behind that swiss cheese OL.
    There’s no doubt that having a poor OL didn’t help him, but he also made his OL look worse than what it was. And I agree with McNair on the desire thing. He never seemed/tried to want to go anywhere he could have had a chance to start after Houston let him go. He backstabbed the organization publicly after he left too. He sounded very happy to be a backup. He even admitted that he didn’t prepare as hard as a backup until he knew he would start. Another weird personality that wasn’t a leader (like Harrington).

  11. Let’s see how he plays without roids in his system. Maybe he’ll turn out like Merriman, basically average without a little help from his friends.

  12. Texans support him because they know he was set up to take the fall by UnJolly Roger and DeElmer Fudd. Plain and simple.

  13. JimmySmith says: July 25, 2010 6:34 PM
    Let’s see how he plays without roids in his system. Maybe he’ll turn out like Merriman, basically average without a little help from his friends.
    You already saw it last season. The test he failed was before the season opener and he passed every subsequent test per the source and himself.
    Did you happen to notice that he got better as the season went on? When he was being tested bi-weekly.
    Not trying to dog you out, I just have to keep up to date with it as I live in Houston and hear more about this little flub than almost anything and all of my buddies here are Texan fans.

  14. There is no test for HGH. Coming off a cycle of steroids, HGH has some added *pop*. Cushing coulkd have stopped taking ‘roids in August but contined with HGH all season.

  15. Black Douglas is right on…..
    Lyle Alzado wasn’t the only one juicing in the 70’s and 80’s and neither was Mike Webster…since the beginning of time athletes have always done something to get an edge….I for one am looking for the first 6’8 300lbs linebacker with a six pack to run a 4.2…or someone with the same dimensions to hit a homerun with an aluminum bat. Cushing just got caught point, blank,period…who cares!!!!!!!!

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