Josh Brent breaks his hand

Recent Cowboys supplemental draft pick Josh Brent already had a lot of ground to make up after missing minicamp season.

Now the defensive tackle will fall even further behind after breaking his hand at practice Sunday.

Wade Phillips expressed some hope Brent could return to practice Monday, but the Dallas Morning News writes that is unlikely.

4 responses to “Josh Brent breaks his hand

  1. I’m hearing this was a finger and he won’t miss any significant time because of it.
    Plus, as a supplemental pick it’s not like he was expected to contribute much this year. This guy is a developmental project, something the Cowboys have had some success with the past couple of years after making bench space for guys like Tony Romo (3 seasons) and Miles Austin (3 1/2 seasons) before calling them off the bench.

    Supplemental draft picks really haven’t been worth much in it’s history. Chris Carter was a good pick in 1987. Jamal Williams (Charger and now Bronco) is another good pick. Rob Moore as well. The Boz was drafted in the same year as Chris Carter.
    After being ruled academically ineligible to play his senior season, Brent chose to enter the ‘other draft’, where the Cowboys used a 7th round pick on him.
    Here’s to hoping something good happens to him. Make a speedy recovery and since he’s got a broken hand, he can only carry one set of veteran pads!

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