Pats sign Rob Gronkowski

And then there were two.

The Patriots rookies report for training camp today with all but two of them under contract.

The latest to sign?  Second-round tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Per a league source, Gronkowski has agreed to terms, and he’ll participate in practice today.

Still unsigned are first-round cornerback Devin McCourty and second-round linebacker Brandon Spikes.

Gronkowski fell to No. 42 due in part to a back injury that caused him to miss the 2009 season.  If he ends up being healthy, the Pats got a steal.  Otherwise, well, the franchise survived after using a second-rounder on Chad Jackson in 2006.

10 responses to “Pats sign Rob Gronkowski

  1. He will get through training camp, play one game, then be out for the year with a screwed up back.

  2. I was just thinking that the Patriots hadn’t had enough early-picked tight end injuries over the past decade.

  3. Pats Fan Lisa:
    Hmmmmm, let me seee…………….
    Brady has another subpar season and will not get Peyton Manning money.
    You and the rest of your fellow bandwagon ‘fans” will be dissappointed when your team finishes 9-7 and misses the playoffs(at least that’s better than getting slaughtered by the Ravens again in the first round, and all you hardcore “fans” seen leaving by halftime again)
    Unfortunatly the crystal ball also shows that you still will not get a man, will not lose the 85 pounds you were hoping for, and you will continue to be told you look just like Susan Boyle

  4. @onlymyopinionmatters
    Brady didn’t have a supar season last year.
    The Patriots have only won less than 10 games once under Brady 2002 after winning the SuperBowl 2001. Sophmore slump year.
    The Pats have the best record over the last 10 yrs including playoffs, not the Colts.
    The Pats and the Fans both had a bad day vs. the Ravens(Browns) I doubt it ever happens again…? First home loss that season.
    Which team do you prefer? Where are you from.
    Really feel the need for personal attacks? All she said is your a jerk? I don’t think that’s unfair?
    What are you 13? Who is Susan Boyle?

  5. Good lord. Still talking about the Ravens game, dipshit? It was one game. You’re talking like it was the greatest win in NFL history. How did the Ravens do next week?

  6. @Dr. DipshitConnors
    Mark your calendar for October 17th. That’s when we kick the sh#t out of your pu$$y defense worse than last year dipshit.

  7. What is it about the majority of the Ravens fans ON HERE and the Pats boards?? They are horrible. They are gutless douchey trolls who showed up only when the game in Jan was decided in their favor. That’s spineless.
    To all you cool Ravens fans…I hope these “brain stem only” types on here don’t represent your fanbase.

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