Browns sign T.J. Ward

The Cleveland Browns are down to one unsigned draft pick.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns reached an agreement on a four-year deal with second-round safety T.J. Ward.

Second-round running back Montario Hardesty signed earlier Monday, which leaves first-round cornerback Joe Haden as the Browns’ only unsigned rookie.

Ward, who was taken with the 38th pick in the draft, is expected to compete for a starting safety spot in Cleveland.

22 responses to “Browns sign T.J. Ward

  1. No complaints about the direction of this team so far. Let’s just hope it translates to some W’s. Can’t wait to make the 6 hr drive from Chicago 8 times this fall. Go Browns!!!!

  2. No complaints about the direction of this team so far. Let’s just hope it translates to some W’s. Can’t wait to make the 6 hr drive from Chicago 8 times this fall (I know I’m dreaming but maybe more than 8) Go Browns!!!!

  3. its a shame tj ward was the most overrated player in the draft, that is, after the Browns’ first pick.
    Holmgren needs to stick to drafting offense

  4. @hitdog042…
    Two things…
    1) Draft ratings don’t mean shit when it comes to game time.
    2) Holmgren didn’t draft anyone, other than telling Heckert to get McCoy in the 3rd.
    You’re a moron.

  5. hitogo42 needs to stick what ever crappy team he normally watches. You do realize that Holmgren is not the GM right?
    Deeming draft picks overrated and busts before they even play a down in the NFL makes you sound real intelligent.

  6. Haden wasn’t overrated. Top rated corner–Kyle Wilson? Please.–great college player and he filled a need. Maybe McClain would’ve been a better pick, but Haden was a decent choice.
    Ward was a huge reach and the Browns passed on some good players to fill a need. Larry Asante was just as good and they got him in the fifth or sixth round.
    Clevefan, if you think this team will win 8 games this season, you’re smoking dope. This is the problem with you guys. You put up unrealistic expectations and then scream and run your front office and coaches out of town when they don’t meet them. Then you have to start all over again.

  7. HereThere,
    You serious? I think Clevefan is referring to the fact that he lives in Chicago and drives 6 hours to watch the Browns play at home 8 times a year. That is the problem with posters like you, you jump to conclusions without actually reading what was posted. Then you look like an idiot.

  8. HereThere, let me be a fan of my team. It’s my opinion, I don’t care what you think…so move on.

  9. # HereThere says:
    This is the problem with you guys. You put up unrealistic expectations and then scream and run your front office and coaches out of town when they don’t meet them. Then you have to start all over again.
    Dude, as for your opinions of the Browns’ draft picks…OK, you’re entitled, even if you’re wrong. But the rest of what you wrote is pure horseshit.
    Who did you want them to keep? Carmen Policy and Dwight Clark? Chris Palmer or Butch Davis? Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel? Please…not ONE of those turds could find their ass with both hands…on the field, in the front office or in the draft room. The fans put up with that crap for over 10 years. Who wouldn’t scream?
    Finally, Lerner (who finally started paying attention) brought in PROFESSIONALS to run the team. And the result has been, so far, that there is a real plan in place, for a change. Browns fans can already tell the difference. Maybe you can’t, but who cares what you think, anyway?
    Eight wins this year is very realistic, in my opinion. Personally, I see the Browns at 9-7 and tying for the division lead. And what you think about THAT is of no consequence to me.

  10. HereThere, he wasn’t predicting 8 wins, he was stating how many games he will be going to.

  11. Funny part of it all is this…. They are over drafted or overrated according to whom? Do any of you on here scout professionally? Oh, I got it. you read Mike Florio & Mel Kipers pre draft articles, right? Then the funny part… True talent evaluators hit on a good pick who was stated to be a prebust, overdrafted, overratted, etc, & you boring dullars say: Oh, what a STEAL. LMFAO… It isn’t a steal because a talent evalutor could see the value in the player.
    Fact is, all of them are overdrafted & overpaid until they prove something @ the NFL level. T
    Too many of you anonymous message bloggers are just excessively f***** stupid!

  12. as a true browns fan i think 7-9 or 8-8 are a real possibility and if they can pull out a couple close games they can be 9-7 . we have drafted and signed alot of young talent and in a few years this team will be good for many years. look at the olds patriots team young players becoming champions. look at the new york jets that is a team eric mangini built that someone else was lucky enough to take over and go to the play offs and get the credit. i can tell you this the new regime in cleveland will turn this team around and get championships . anyone remember holgrems packers or his seahawks it can be done just be patient . dont put unreal pressure on this team this year we are going in the right direction . we will be good and then us true browns fans can talk all the shit we want and rub it in the haters faces. and for you haters go somewhere else and spill your garbage and hate on other teams. you guys are as bad as that homo ravensmuscle. the same one who takes ravensmuscle from his boyfriend

  13. Ravenmuscle used to troll as “DAsagency”, he is a douchebag who lives in the cleveland area. I have tried to make this post on three other articles and they won’t publish it. He is currently trolling the site as “ravensfan”. His stupid “bwahahaha” bullshit laugh gives him away.

  14. brownsfan88:
    I’ve been pouring a few down tonight too, but you’re probably too far gone to be posting. Take a break and hit it again tomorrow. See you in the Dawg Pound.
    As far as Ward being a reach: If anyone has respect for Gil Brandt (if you don’t know who he is then you don’t know enough about football to be commenting here) then you know that Ward is a well deserving second round pick. The Cowboys thought he was theirs in the second round, they had no idea the Browns had done their homework.
    9-7 is not a reach. Team football wins games. Disagree as you might, but the Browns will have a solid defense and one of the best if not the best running game in the NFL this season. Defense and a running game is a winning formula. Mark Sanchez will vouch for that. (Even if the Jets are one of the luckiest teams in the past 20 years to back into the playoffs by playing the Colts and Bengals who rested their starters for most of the last two games. Mangini built the Jets too, not the lucky bastard Rex Ryan.).

  15. Let me make a case against the Browns.
    QB: Jake Delhomme, McCoy, Wallace
    First of all, McCoy could be the next Kyle Orton or Drew Brees. Just depends. But the Browns downgraded this position. Delhomme is coming off his worst season ever, and he is 35 years old. Why do some Cleveland fans suddenly think he has more potential. He had 17 turnovers last year.
    RB: This is a solid running game, but I disagree with the Browns decision to draft Hardesty. There were other needs on the roster, and I thought Jerome Harrison would be fine as the feature back. It can be a good duo, but both players aren’t terribly different from each other.
    WR: This is horrible. Massaqoi can be a very good number 2 in this league. I just don’t see that much hope after that. Robiskie has potential (I’ve heard he’s looked good in minicamps), but after than it looks bleak. Stuckey and Mitchell are number 4 to 5 receivers, and Cribbs is a gimmick as a receiver. He’s never caught more than 20 balls in his career.
    TE: Ben Watson is and will always be an underachiever. He was in a contract last year and still caught 29 passes (correct me if I’m wrong). Not much of a pass catcher, and a marginal blocker. Evan Moore is a solid target, and I actually think the Ben Watson signing will hinder his development.
    OL: Joe Thomas is the best left tackle in football. I also like Alex Mack. But the right side is bad. Tony Pashos was an outcast in ‘Frisco and won’t be an upgrade.
    DL: Rubin has performed well at nose tackle, but I’m afraid that the d-line does have any gun powder left…or firepower. I don’t like Robaire Smith, and I’m interested to see how Shaun Cody performs at DE
    LB: I’m interested to see how Matt Roth, Scott Fugita, etc. perform. Fugita is on his last legs, but Roth may just be an upgrade over Kamerion Wimbley. D’Quell Jackson is a very nice player in the middle.
    CB: I didn’t like Haden when they drafted him, and he hasn’t performed well in OTAs or minicamps. Eric wright is a good corner, but McDonald flat out sucks.
    S: I actually like both safeties they picked up. I got to watch a lot of Ward, and I think it was a minor reach. Larry Asante was a nice choice. Going on to the veterans, I think Abram Elam is a marginal performer, as is mike adams.
    KR/PR: We all know Cribbs is a flat out beast. I wouldn’t expect every inept coach to kick to him this year (Todd Haley, Week 2 is a possiblity), but I think he’ll get at least 1 out of sheer luck.
    Prediction: I think this is another 5 win team. It’s such an anemic offense, that it will hinder a by all means solid defense. An example of that is last year with the Raiders, even though I think this is a better defense compared to the 2009 Raiders. I wish good luck to Holmgreen, Heckert, and Mangini. I just thought he could have done a better job with drafting.

  16. @Joshsports60
    You make some valid points, but I will disagree on the following:
    If you think the Browns have downgraded at QB, you must not have watched much of them last year. There is no way they could have downgraded from the inept combo of Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.
    Neither could hit sand falling off a camel. Even taking into account Delhomme’s “diminishing skills”, he at least has the experience and veteran saavy that have been missing from this position on the Browns since possibly Jeff Garcia. He will not be asked to do as much here. They will run a lot, and run many plays out of the wildcat with Cribbs and Wallace. I see the QB spot as either a break even or an upgrade from last year.
    Say what you will about TE Ben Watson, but he is an upgrade over what the Browns have had. He is no Pro Bowler, but at least he has been in the endzone, something the Browns have not seen in a while.
    As for the DL, this may be the one area that really surprises, or not…Rubin is solid, but not even the starter. Sean Rogers, albeit with suspension coming for the gun thing, is still a beast when he wants to be. Watch out for some undrafted FA sleepers on the line. Remember the names Geathers and Danso…
    CB, I agree with your assessments, but you forgot about Sheldon Brown. McDonald will not see much of the field this year, if he even makes the roster. Brown and Wright will be the starters, and Haden will be the nickel.

  17. @Joshsports60…
    It’s painful trying to take seriously any team analysis made by someone who can’t even take the time to spell the players’ names correctly.
    Do your homework next time.

  18. The Browns have the right personnel in place for the first time in a long long time. We our on our way up…slowly but surely….Go Browns!

  19. @tdawg69
    If the Browns didn’t downgrade, they certainly didn’t upgrade. Delhomme didn’t have that much to do. He had two 1,000 yard rushers on his team. He had arguably a top 5 wide receiver, and an average number 2 (muhammed)
    I honestly think that Watson isn’t an upgrade. I say let Evan Moore develop.
    You’re right. I forgot about Sheldon Brown, but even he isn’t the player he was. Brown is solid, but very susceptible to the double move.
    @ Burning River
    Get over your self. I’m pretty sure that it was a comment, not an article. Why don’t you disagree with me there.

  20. I do have faith that Holmgren and Heckert will get this team rolling in the right direction. I agree with those who think Haden and Ward were picked above where they should have been. If the offense can get rolling then I think this team will win six games. Their schedule is 10th hardest according to

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