Getting caught up with the Holmgren era in Cleveland

With Florio supposedly on “working vacation” this week — whatever that means — we will be missing much of the usual PFTV and PFT Daily content you’ve come to expect.  (Insert sarcastic appreciation below.)

But we will still have plenty of video content including team-by-team offseason reviews, with the Browns’ getting the treatment below.  Since we’re all about value here, I’ve also included “three things to know” in Browns training camp, from our preview:

1. Defense first.  Mike Holmgren
arrived to run the show, but focused on defense over the
offseason. Cleveland brought three rookies into the secondary including
No. 7 overall cornerback Joe Haden, who is already facing questions about
his speed. The team also added two veterans (Scott Fujita, Chris
Gocong) to a workmanlike linebacker unit. Holmgren is asking Eric
Mangini’s defense to carry the team again.

2. No passing fancy.
The starting quarterback job is Jake Delhomme’s job to lose. (Delhomme
is fully capable of doing so. Seneca Wallace is the backup; rookie Colt
McCoy won’t play.) It’s hard to imagine the Browns passing attack
performing worse than last year, but the receiver group must develop in a
hurry. Josh Cribbs, Brian Robiskie, and Chansi Stuckey will compete for
snaps opposite promising deep threat Mohammad Massaquoi.

3. One to watch. Rookie running back Montario Hardesty impressed coaches with his smarts and his moves during offseason workouts.
Look for the burly Tennessee product to pass Jerome Harrison on the
depth chart and start the opener. Hardesty makes a nice sleeper pick for
Offensive Rookie of the Year.


25 responses to “Getting caught up with the Holmgren era in Cleveland

  1. What is with this hatred of Jake Delhomme? Every time he gets mentioned there’s a rip of his play. That he fell off the map last year is true, but basically calling him a failure is wrong.

  2. I’m with you Mike D. It pisses me off no end. He’s had a lot more success than some first round darlings but since he wasn’t one, he never got any credit for what he did for his team (only blame for last year and what he DIDN’T do) and gets too much hate now.
    No one knows if he will turn his ONE BAD YEAR around but it might be nice if they bothered to do anything but spew knee jerk ignorance.

  3. jsbeck,
    I’m “talking” any bets that you didn’t make it past the 3rd grade with your remarkable spelling skills.

  4. @jsbeck, I’ll take that bet. How about the loser (you) never posts ever again on any Browns related topic and finds better things to do than troll.

  5. Who was the random guy talking about Hardesty…I’m pretty sure he was a little “light on his feet…And if he’s not he REALLY needs to do something about that LISSSSSSP…

  6. The ‘experts’ who come on here and spew Browns hatred need to move on. Nobody can discredit the direction of this team. I hope it translates to hard nosed competive football. Playoffs would be awesome, but overall, I just want to see consistant improvement. Here’s to brighter days for the Browns!!

  7. You heard it here first…T.J. Ward will be an All-Pro within 2 years. All this talk of Haden being slow is nonsense, he is “game fast”.

  8. Yeah…and the very first words out of Florio’s mouth, when he does the Browns’ 2010 “season re-cap” will be:
    “…therefore, I apologize to all Browns fans everywhere, but I’m sure that no one else predicted their sweeping the AFC North, either. And Jake Delhomme’s re-emergence as a premier play-maker was the key.”
    “But, to be fair, much of the Browns’ success was also due to Ben Roethliberger’s year-long suspension, Ray Lewis’ incarceration and the Bengals being…well…the Bengals.”
    “Again, my regrets to the Browns and their fans for being arrogant, pompous and…well…Mike Florio.”
    I can’t wait…

  9. If the Browns won 5 games last year basically without a QB, and they can mediocre play from Jake D. this year, they will win more than 5 games.
    Playoffs? No. 7 or 8 wins is not such a stretch. They are better than last year. Thank god.

  10. All the media outlets do is create stories to create drama. It’s working.
    Noone has any idea whether or not the Browns will continue to play like they did thier 4 final games. I know its tough, but we just have to stop speculation and listening to “experts” and just be patient. The season will start soon enough.
    Go Browns!!!

  11. Here is the most likely scenario for the browns this year. Even this is optimistic. If you take in Jake’s revenge factor for the Panthers and we split with the steelers the best we can hope for is 6 wins.
    Week 1 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Win
    Week 2 vs. Kansas City Chiefs – Win
    Week 3 @ Baltimore Ravens – Loss
    Week 4 vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Loss
    Week 5 vs. Atlanta Falcons – Loss
    Week 6 @ Pittsburgh Steelers – Loss
    Week 7 @ New Orleans Saints – Loss
    Week 8 Bye Week
    Week 9 vs. New England Patriots – Loss
    Week 10 vs. New York Jets – Loss
    Week 11 @ Jacksonville Jaguars – Win
    Week 12 vs. Carolina Panthers – Win
    Week 13 @ Miami Dolphins – Loss
    Week 14 @ Buffalo Bills – Win
    Week 15 @ Cincinnati Bengals – Loss
    Week 16 vs. Baltimore Ravens – Loss
    Week 17 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Win

  12. I’ll take that bet, but if they win 5 I win. I’m a teacher, so if I lose I want you to volunteer an afternoon reading to children at your local library or school. (If they allow you, if not then buy your local school’s library three books on football appropriate for elementary children)
    What do I have to do?

  13. Massaquoi is a DEEP THREAT? Seriously, Rosenthal, the guy is big with decent hands, but he’s not getting deep with ANY kind of frequency… are you sure you’re covering the right sport?

  14. Boom Boom says:
    July 27, 2010 1:14 PM
    Here is the most likely scenario for the browns this year. Even this is optimistic. If you take in Jake’s revenge factor for the Panthers and we split with the steelers the best we can hope for is 6 wins.
    Week 1 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Win
    That’s quite optimistic considering the Bucs will whip the Browns to start the year.

  15. cleveland will rise. jake will have a good year (a few more tds than ints), rookies will show improvement from one game to the next. I think 7-8 wins will be the magical number. Jake haters go back in your holes you came out of or go to pittspuke.

  16. I see PFT is now a site that is shilling for other NBC sites. Same ol’, same ol’. You guys must get so bored writing the same stuff over and over again.

  17. Browns are going to win 10 this year. Improvement added in many positions this year more than i ever have since we came back. It doesnt seem that far out of reach if you have watched closely this offseason and to all you haters just wait.

  18. I’d think it’s safe to say 7 or 8 wins, which most people would find acceptable (assuming there’s even more improvement in 2011).
    That being established, the one section of the clip shows you why Florio is a Browns hater or st worst a moron: No one is expecting the Browns to make the playoffs, so why would Mangini’s job be in jeopardy if they don’t? The franchise is looking for improvement and consistency, not miracles with a roster that’s relatively weak in some areas. Even the most optimistic of us fans aren’t even thinking playoffs.

  19. I think with Big Ben’s suspension and Cincinnati’s signing of TO, the Browns prospects have brightened considerably. But, even with that, I believe 6 wins, maybe 7, would be a great step in the right direction.
    The Crows are the odds-on favorite unless a pile of cocaine and a pile of loaded weapons suddenly appears in the locker room.

  20. I see the season being weighted slightly in the Browns direction. Certainly not to the extent that the gift year of 2007 was weighted in their direction, but as I see it, they will face as many bad teams as good ones, but the average teams they will face tend to be on the ‘low average’ side rather than the ‘high average’ side.
    Bad teams
    Tampa Bay
    Kansas City
    Low Average teams
    High Average Teams
    Good Teams
    New England
    New Orleans
    New York Jets
    Division Teams
    Pittsburgh x2
    Cincinnati x2
    Baltimore x2
    I think it will largely depend on what they do within the division. I could see them winning perhaps 5 of the non-divisional games in some combination. Most likely Buffalo, Tampa, KC, and 2 of the ‘low average’ games, but it would not surprised me to see them only win 2-3 of them and to surprise the ‘high average’ team and one of the ‘good’ teams.
    So it will largely depend on what they do within the division. I would not be surprised at all to see them swept within the division. However, it would also not surprise me to see them go 3-3 within the division.
    I think somewhere between 6-8 wins is probably the best outcome for this team this year, which 6 being a reasonable expectation. I do not think Baltimore is as good as people believe they are, but even when Baltimore is not great, they tend to pulverize the Browns. The Browns almost never beat Pittsburgh, but conversely the Browns also tend to outperform against the Bengals even when the Bengals are supposed to be better.
    Based on past history, I would suspect the divisional record would look something like this:
    Pittsburgh, loss away, win at home
    Baltimore, loss away, loss at home
    Cincinnati, win away, loss at home

  21. You guys paying attention? “ravenmuscle”, that douche who has been trolling the browns site for weeks, is now “ppdoc”, which is a fitting name for him, because he has seen enough pp’s to get a PhD in them…anyhow, look at the “bwa hahaha” stupid bullshit and the stroking of art modell. He is also dasagency who used to troll the site. Dude, come up with new material when you change screen names.

  22. @ brasho
    “Massaquoi is a DEEP THREAT? Seriously, Rosenthal, the guy is big with decent hands, but he’s not getting deep with ANY kind of frequency… are you sure you’re covering the right sport?”
    Over 18 yards per catch and totaling 624 yards on a dreadful, horrendous passing team which very nearly didn’t pass the last 4 games of the year. Wanna rethink your statement?

  23. I believe the Browns will also win more than 5 games and heres why I believe so.
    A. I don’t see 2007 as a fluke year whatsoever and saw it as what the team can do with a functioning offense.
    B. 08 and 09 came down to bad prep on the coaches part. Instead of building on 07 they spent the whole time argueing over the QB’s. Starting Anderson in 08 who was recovering from a concussion then throwing in Quinn once Anderson actually did recover and became productive thus starting the season over just for him to get injured was just dumb and was followed by the random QB game in 09 where you could tell Mangini and Daboll did not agree on either guy.
    C. No matter how bad the team played, they normally were within fighting distance in games in their division last year
    E. Their running game will exist without Jamal Lewis which combined with their special teams and defense will probably result in 6 or 7 wins by themselves even if they don’t have a functioning passing game.
    When it comes down to it, the Browns defense can hang with any team as long as they aren’t on the field all game which their revamped running game should do for them (remember, most of the Browns losses came in the second half of games after defensive collapses.) Jake Delhomme should be much improved over last year because unlike in Carolina, most drives will not be starting at the 1 yard line since now he has a Josh Cribbs lead special teams crew getting him room to work with and even Jake Delhomme at his worst was more productive than Brady Quinn at his best (at least so far in Quinns young career). I can’t say playoffs for sure but 3rd or 2nd in the AFC North doesn’t sound too far fetched at all.

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