Charlie Weis will call most plays in Kansas City

Todd Haley couldn’t co-exist with his first offensive coordinator Chan Gailey last year, so Haley took over the play-calling duties before the season started.

Hired gun Charlie Weis should get the honors this year — most of the time

“We’re going to work together,” Haley said on Sports Radio 810 in Kansas City.

Weis will call “most plays” but Haley will be heavily involved.  As Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star points out, giving up control will be a great test for Haley to see how he’s matured as a head coach since last year when he appeared to run himself ragged.

Even if the Haley-Weis partnership goes just as planned, some fireworks can naturally be expected between two strong-minded coaches that aren’t afraid to bark their innermost thoughts.

20 responses to “Charlie Weis will call most plays in Kansas City

  1. As long as Cassell is able to stay up right and Jamaal Charles is who we think he is, and TJ does his part…KC will be alright
    and Romeo Crennell is back bein a DC, they’ll go second in their division

  2. It’s gonna look like the fight between Boldin and Haley on the sideline during that NFC Championship game in ’08 – all season.

  3. The offense could be decent. Jamaal Charles has a chance to be this year’s Chris Johnson. He is a stud.
    But that defense is terrible and I don’t see how they will be much better. Second place in the AFC West is possible but that is not saying much.

  4. OK, run 30 yards downfield, cut left, get me 4 hotdogs, extra large bucket of cheese fries and a diet coke.

  5. # TallGuyMe says: July 28, 2010 11:20 AM
    OK, run 30 yards downfield, cut left, get me 4 hotdogs, extra large bucket of cheese fries and a diet coke.
    If he drank water instead he could really lose some weight 🙂

  6. Hopefully that fat ass will get out of the way if someone is going full speed out of bounds. I never thought I’d see a 500 lb man tear his ACL like Weis did. Hopefully they have someone that is good at stealing the other teams plays…that will make Weis’ job easier, like it was in New England.

  7. Charlie Weiss is one of the best (if not THE best) play callers in the NFL. It’ll be interesting to see what he can do with Cassell.

  8. May be 1 year away..but this is a team on the rise.
    They are going to be the strength of their division very soon..maybe mid season.
    kinda reminds me of the changes made in New Orleans a few years ago…Good for them..great fan base there…alot like Green Bay fans.

  9. The Chiefs will be lucky to win 3 games this year. And that’s with or without Weis. Their nearly as irrelevant as the Royals…

  10. As it should be. Haley would be nuts to bring in someone like Weiss and not let him do what he’s best at.

  11. Weis will call all the plays, Haley is just leaving an opening for when he has enough and calls a dangerous route that’s designed to get Dwayne Bowe’s jaw wired shut.

  12. The flip side of Weis’ play-calling sheet is actually a Chili’s To-Go menu.
    “I Right 21 Dive and an order of Southwest Egg Rolls on three.”

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