Andre Smith out another 2-3 weeks

Marvin Lewis spoke to a large media contingent Thursday that was hoping to talk to Terrell Owens.  But the Bengals coach was still able to break some news.

Bengals second year tackle Andre Smith will miss at least the next 2-3 weeks of training camp as he continues to recover from his surgically repaired foot.  (Smith was expected to be ready for camp.) As Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer points out, that sort of timetable makes the regular season physically unable to perform list a possibility.

T.O. and Antonio Bryant are good for headlines, but Smith is far more important to the Bengals offense this year.  The Bengals offensive line was a pleasant surprise in 2009, but Smith was expected to provide a boost this season.

Bryant’s health was also a popular question on Thursday, but Lewis said that Bryant’s reported knee troubles did not play into the decision to sign Owens.  Asked how Bryant looked today, Lewis said, “We’ve had one practice, OK?”

Bryant will be limited to one practice a day as he gets healthy, which means T.O. should be able to line up across from Chad Ochocinco when the Bengals convene for their evening practice.

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  1. What’s up with your website the last few days. This article is in the middle of the list though it was the latest one posted.
    Take some pride in your work damnit!

  2. Andre Smith will be fine. I can’t imagine them putting andre on the PUP if he is only out 2-3 weeks. If it was 3-4 or somewhere higher than that obviously he’d be on it, but if he is only out 2 weeks he is ready to start practicing in the 3rd week of training camp (2nd week of 5 weeks of the preseason).

  3. Andre Smith is the shortest, weakest tackle in the NFL… The only top pick Cinci hasn’t gotten right lately.

  4. Lol. I found it funny when I saw bungle fans making fun of Mt. Cody. Look at your own team you ruh-tards.

  5. Ryan_Mack says:
    “Take some pride in your work damnit!”
    C’mon dude, this is PFT, you need to lower your expectations a little.

  6. On the bright side at least he won’t be running w/o his shirt on for a few more weeks.

  7. These attempts @ humor on Andre Smith are maybe some of the worst ive ever seen.
    The weirdness level for the comment section under this article scores a flawless 100.

  8. Andre missed one game due to injury in 3 years at Bama. He also gave up 1 qb sack and never hit the ground unless he was pancaking some poor sap.

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