Derrick Burgess considering retirement

We now know why Derrick Burgess didn’t show up to Patriots camp: He’s not sure if he wants to play football anymore.

Len Pasquarelli of reports that Burgess told associates on Wednesday that he was leaning toward retirement.

However, Burgess hasn’t made up his mind yet and might still decide he wants to play. As Tom E. Curran of pointed out when he first broke the story of Burgess’s absence, plenty of veterans are in the mood to retire in late July, only to decide to play after their teammates are done sweating through two-a-days.

But for now, the 31-year-old Burgess is thinking about calling it quits.

18 responses to “Derrick Burgess considering retirement

  1. He won’t be sure if he wants to play another year until the third exhibition game of the season.

  2. I can’t think of any other player who would be undecided about playing just to get out of training camp.

  3. Where’s the part about how this was a bad trade for the Patriots? Or how they overpaid him for low production?

  4. Hi, my name is Adalius Thomas. I can play outside linebacker and I promise I wont be a malcontent.
    Hope you are thinking of me,
    Adalius Thomas

  5. Belichick is a dick and a compete phony without cameras. I never wanted to be here in the first place.
    Derrick Burgess

  6. JSpicoli and the rest of the cross dressing Star Trek/WWE wannabes,
    I realize that the Pats traded a 3&5 for Burgess and his 5 sacks last year, unlike the Raiders that traded away their first round pick (top 10) in the 2011 draft and paid franchise tag $$$ for Richard Seymour and his four sacks
    If only the Patriots were run as a successful franchise as the Raiders and could draft players like Jamarcus Russell and DHB.
    Save your comments for your dysfunctional franchise and mentally challenged fanbase.

  7. Brett Favre started this whole BS about faking a retirement because your too lazy to go to camp. I JUST LOVE these reports. Lets not forget about aaron schobel either….what a joke

  8. Maybe Burgess thought he would be treated like a rookie by Belicheat.
    Or maybe he just wants to join other ex-Patriots talking heads R.Harrison & Bruschi on the NFL shows.

  9. “belicheat” HAHAHAHAHA! that’s SOOO FUNNY!

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