Jets re-start contract talks with Darrelle Revis

For the first time in a month, the Jets and cornerback Darrelle Revis are talking again.

With the the front office and coaching staff now locked down and only 48 hours to go before training camp, the Jets want to make progress with Revis to avoid a possible holdout.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News broke the news, and says a short-term band aid solution is possible, but we consider that unlikely.

Revis wants (and deserves) the money associated with a big signing bonus and long-term deal.  We doubt enough progress will be made to avoid a holdout, but a new contract makes too much sense not to happen sometime in August.

33 responses to “Jets re-start contract talks with Darrelle Revis

  1. He’s not going to hold out and leave $21 mil on the table. He may show up and go half-hearted, but I doubt he’s dumb enough to hold out and lose all that green. But then, he is a jest.

  2. Pay this man!
    Then, once he cashes that check, he won’t give a crap anymore and will be just another corner.

  3. We all Know Revis has 3 years on his current deal and the Jets were just trying to do him a favor right?
    Lets look up all the players with 3 years left and then get all crazy about how much the guy deserves or doesn’t deserve.

  4. Why does he DESERVE this????
    He signed a very lucrative rookie contract…much much higher than what 2011-12 rookies will be getting. HE HASN’T FULFILLED the term of his contract..yet he accepted all signing bonus etc.
    The guy can cover…but as shown by his ridiculous 4 whiffs vs Indy…he cannot tackle @ all in open field….
    EXPECT jets to be premier team to enjoy cap hell in 2011…But thats nothing new w/Tanny there.

  5. A hold out costs him his $20M golden parachute.. He won’t hold out (and no Florio, the NFL will not make his contract null and void based on the new rules in the CBA… they’ll be grandfathered in.. the contract was approved)

  6. The guy can cover…but as shown by his ridiculous 4 whiffs vs Indy…he cannot tackle @ all in open field….
    EXPECT jets to be premier team to enjoy cap hell in 2011…But thats nothing new w/Tanny there.
    Excellent points MistrezzRachael.

  7. It’s better to pay him now than wait two years and end up paying him top 3 corner money when he’s 32 or 33 and has lost a step. He’s not going to be like Ass-o-mugga and still be a shutdown corner when he’s on the downside of his career, he’s strictly a speed corner.

  8. @ Robski
    How does a guy that’s 25 turn “32 or 33” in two years? He’ll still be a great corner when his current contract is up…….at age 27 or 28.

  9. Why do you relay anything this dumbass reports?
    He’s the guy who reported Channing Crowder will miss 2010 from watching a replay of last years game.

  10. LOlolol… he betta hope REXY doesn’t get hungry! he’ll eat the contract!!1!!! cause like, he’s FAT… and you know, fat people EAT EVERYTHING!!!!111!!!!! he’d even eat REVIS ISLAND!1!!!! lolo!L

  11. @metalman1320
    How does a guy that’s 25 turn “32 or 33” in two years? He’ll still be a great corner when his current contract is up…….at age 27 or 28.
    Dog years?

  12. Yeah metalman, but if you give him say a 6 year deal at age 26, he’ll be 32 by the last year of it. It’ll be like Deion Sanders all over again.

  13. Thank God the Jets are thinking with their brains now. In case anyone forgot, Revis is the BEST CB in the NFL. Playing on the best defense, no coincidence, it is WISE to have your BEST DEFENDER HAPPY. Please get this done, even if its just 3 yrs. $30 mil. PS – the guy is a walking ROLE MODEL and he will SHUT DOWN the follwing:
    B. Marshall (twice)
    Randy Moss (twice)
    Anquan Boldin
    Andre Johnson
    Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Vikings, Broncos, Lions, Browns, Bears whatever WR’s they happen to line up.

  14. Rosenthal, you are a complete idiot. He is not holding out. He was never holding out. Why don’t you get it?

  15. your baseing his tackling on one game? revis is a great tackler…watch some f**king games you blind idiots…somefans i would say i expect better from you, but i dont

  16. HellRelle24
    Don’t get all worked up by these monkey Miami fans. They don’t even post in the Dolphins blogs. They sit around waiting for Jets posts so they can defame the organization and make themselves feel better. We both know Revis is a fantastic all around corner. SomeFans just isn’t real bright and he proves it with each post.

  17. bleeding…i know but it gets to a point where they shouldnt even be allowed to speak their own OPINIONS. thats bad.

  18. We post in the Dolphins blogs, just like a bunch of stupid jests fans do too. But you’ve gotta admit that coming onto the jests blogs is just downright hilarious!!!! Gotta love it when anyone doesn’t agree with the overhype you ignorant jests fans start the cussing and cursing. It’s just too funny.

  19. @ Koa
    We all know that you are JetsAreAJoke. You and your Dolphins fan friends are crybaby blog bullies who are consumed by my beloved NYJ. You girls better hope that Miami beats the Jets week 3 because if they don’t, you punks will never hear the end of it. DIAL IT UP!!!

  20. @ MistrezzRachael – first off – he does deserve a new contract. when you start a new job out of college and you’re unproven, you don’t get a salary that the best of the best in your profession are getting. Darrelle Revis has emerged as the best coverage specialist in the NFL, has proven this, and deserves a raise. second, this guy is not expected to be a superb tackler. He’s expected to shut corners down, and in the off chance somebody gets the ball, you let Jim Leonhard come in and pound the guy and possibly cause a fumble. There’s a reason the Jets have hard hitting safeties and corners that stick like glue but don’t necessarily tackle like linebackers. Third – the Jets aren’t even currently in the top 10 teams in the NFL in terms of salaries being paid out. There are other teams with bigger problems, the Jets just like to go get some free agents and see how it works out. The Jets hadn’t really ever had draft classes like they had recently, and when it comes down to who needs to be signed, Mangold, Revis, and Harris will all be signed. Between Braylon and Santonio, one will leave, and I don’t think anybody would expect otherwise. LT and Jason Taylor will be gone as well. So the guys the Jets stacked up on picking up, they’re around for this UNCAPPED year. For the CAPPED year, it’s already an understanding that they won’t all be there. They’re there to win the Super Bowl this year and whatever happens next year happens.

  21. Revis is the best c.b. in the league and he CAN tackle. He deserves a new contract. The Jets defense is sickly good and their offense is going to look pretty good as well. Special teams with Westoff at the helm is always tops in the league. Jets are a definate S.B. contender and everyone is just hating on them because Jets are spending money and trying to win. Smell jealousy?? Especially in the jets 2nd home of Miami (they can’t even sell out down there – pathetic) But when there are high expectations for the jets, it usually means bust – J-E-T-S

  22. @baiko
    You are so correct that the jests will be the biggest bust of the season. And really? Are you going to bring up a team not selling out? When half the articles I’ve read is that the jests haven’t sold enough PSLs to even televise a game this season? Sure, the owner will more than likely go ahead and buy them himself so the fans can watch them self-destruct on television as well as in person.

  23. Lmfao, Koa you truly are an idiot. There is a difference between not being to sell out thousand dollar PSL’s which only give you the right to buy the seat, then actually buying the seat compared to not being able to sell out an old, ugly colored stadium with a name that changes more than P Diddys.

  24. NYJestallfing day
    You’re still just jealous because the Fins actually have a stadium and the jests don’t. And don’t give me that crap how the jests and Giants share it 50/50 because everyone knows it’s the Giants stadium and always will be. Quit showing how stupid jests fans truly are. Oh wait. I forgot jest fan is synonymous with stupid.

  25. @Koa
    Wait, you’re talking about the stadium you share with the Marlins? Oh that’s right, you are. And they use it more than you guys do, so don’t give me that crap how the Dolfags and Marlins share it 50/50 because everybody knows the Marlins sell out Sun Life just as well as the Dolfags do.
    If we come off as stupid, it’s simply to communicate on the same level as you, everybody knows Florida has some of the worst education rates in the country, and it shows.

    You’re correct. They share it with the Marlins. Good business move but everyone knows it’s the Dolphins stadium. Just like in New York where EVERYONE knows it’s the Giants stadium and the jests can use it when they are in there. You know, like for training camp and during games. Try to sell some PSLs like the Giants do. Oh wait. Guess you have to have a product someone actually wants to see.
    You do come off as stupid. If Florida has the worst education rates in the country, why are all the idiotic NY’ers flocking down here? Oh yea, to get away from the idiocy we call Noo Joisey.

  27. the jets were on the verge of building their own west side stadium in manhattan and it was the giants who came to the jets to build the new meadowlands because they couldn’t get it done. so it’s not giants stadium. look it up moron. i love how how dolphin fans get on jets fans but what the heck have the fins done since superbowl VIII? Couldn’t even win when you had Marino at QB. Maybe you guys still bitter about the monday night miracle? who knows, but it’s gonna take an ex-jet to help you guys win – pennington – haha

  28. It will ALWAYS be Giant stadium. Think what you want morons, but facts are facts. What have the Fins done since SB VIII? A helluva lot more than the jests. Another fact!!!! And your jests couldn’t even win with Brett Favre, so what’s your point? I love Pennington, but he’s a third stringer right now and damn happy to be on the Fins team.

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