Yet another take on Tom Brady's comments

So we’ve heard today various takes regarding the comments from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. 

Here’s another take.  Mine, as influenced by a league source with knowledge of the ongoing labor negotiations.

Brady’s “aw shucks, I just wanna play football”-style remarks will make it very hard for the quarterback to assume a leadership position in the union if/when a work stoppage becomes imminent.

Brady said he won’t be one of those “spoiled
, bitching about making millions of dollars.  Everyone works
hard to make a living for themselves.  I certainly don’t
think we have much to gripe about.”

Instead of saying “we”, Brady should have been careful to say only “I”.

Said the source:  “File Brady’s comments about his contract away for when the
shit hits the fan in collective bargaining.  He said all the right things today
to get himself and everyone else focused on football.  As a player rep, he may be
coached to say something different, but these words today may make a more hard
line position later ring hollow.”

The source is right.  Brady’s effort to explain his own attitude toward getting paid to play football easily applies to every other player, and especially to any player making seven figures. 

So when the union prepares to dig in, in the hopes of getting more money from the owners, the league needs to hit play on the DVD, so that we all will hear Justin Bieber’s big brother talking about “spoiled athletes, bitching about making millions of dollars.”

25 responses to “Yet another take on Tom Brady's comments

  1. “These words today may make a more hard line position later ring hollow.”
    Your source is an idiot because if they knew what they were talking about they would know Brady has made very similar statements many times over the years. This isn’t saying all the “right things” to smooth over camp and start the season well, its what Brady really believes and feels.
    I know the press think its a damn shame he’s not another a-hole like Haynesworth, Chris Johnson or any of the rest of the greedy pigs. It would make a whole lot better story for you if he was a jerk but guess what, he’s not.
    The press just can’t stand it when somebody isn’t a screwed up jerk that gives them stories they can have feeding frenzies over.
    Brady 1000
    Press 0

  2. Brady doesn’t have to worry about money like other players. His wife makes $25 million a year. He makes 10s of million in endorsements. He just doesn’t have as much to lose as other players.

  3. It’s situations like this that astound me that there are fans out there who would rather hear lip service from the same drones all the time such as Brady or Billicheck rather then hearing people who speak their minds such as Parcells, Favre, Allen, etc.

  4. I’m sure we’ll be reading articles about Manning and Brees and their contracts in no time now, right Florio? Right?

  5. Brady is saying the right things.
    Since when is that a crime?
    I get tired of the press trying to twist the words of guys who are being positive and then jerking off assholes like Favre at the same time.
    The Media really, REALLY sucks.

  6. Brady’s comments may not make the greedier players happy, but that’s just how he feels.
    His wife’s income has nothing to do with his feelings on his salary. He has said essentially the same things about being lucky to be where he’s at and being over paid for years. Even before he married Gisele. Brady is a smart guy and probably put some money away, made investments etc. I would bet that if Gisele left him and he never got another check from the NFL he would probably still be set for life. He isn’t a dumbass who makes it rain and spends all his money on bling.
    PFT gets an A for effort today for their relentless attempts at spinning Brady’s words. You may be able to fool the dumber fans here, but the real football fans know how to seperate fact from speculation, regardless of what team they root for. Hey, if the players don’t give you a juicy story, just make one up. It seems to be working for a lot of sportswriters, just ask the Cryptkeeper, Mort, Michael Silver etc.

  7. FoF, you’re jumping to a pretty big assumption there buddy. What makes you think that Brady is full of it? You need to look past his current superstar status and remember that he was a sixth round draft pick who was lucky to be drafted at all. In fact, the only reason the Pats drafted him is because a former QB coach who is now deceased saw thing special in Brady and pushed the team to draft him.
    So, it’s not that hard to believe that his views have been somewhat shaped that he came out of college as a nobody QB who generated zero hype before, during, or shortly after the draft. Between the quality coaching he received, and the hard work he put in to get better, when an injury to Bledsoe gave him the chance to show how good he could be he put it to great use. We all know about the success that followed, and the fame and money that came with it. We tend to become so focused on that, however, that many of us forget that coming out of college he never could have anticipated having a fraction of the success that he’s had. So, over the years he’s made a whole lot more money than he ever dreamed of, and he has three SB rings. Why is it so hard to believe that he’s actually content with that, and consider himself to be lucky to be where he is now?

  8. justin biebers big brother, hahahahahaha, either i missed some articles & thats another thing i’m a lil late into finding out about or a hilarious original, and to be honest, i could care less which it is.

  9. Brady’s stance shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is the guy that stood up and waved when George Bush addressed Congress. He’s a Republican, and he’ll probably become a politician. Heck, he even has Republican health care. He married a rich woman.

  10. Mike Florio says: Instead of saying “we”, Brady should have been careful to say only “I”.
    Totally agree… and you should also take your own advice. You and Gregg Rosenthal use the term “we” all the time, and it has been pointed out to you on many occasions by your readers.

  11. This is a joke. Brady is derided for saying what he believes in and not holding out for every last buck like Manning et al. He should be admired for taking less money than his contemporaries in order to help the team and unwilling to complain publicly over whether he gets 10m or the “15m market value”. Brady has a bit of perspective, something the likes of Chris Johnson and the rest seem not to.

  12. I wanna hear Tyler Thigpen’s take…
    talk about a qb that’s been jobbed since he’s been in the league..
    Tyler Thigpen > J Russell, J Campbell, any Bills, Browns, Chiefs, Broncos, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Houston, Washington, Seattle, 49er QB…
    Tyler Thigpen should be the next Brett FAvre, he’s a gamer that’s continually looked over, just needs the right team..
    /steps off soapbox

  13. Just unbelievable.
    Brady doesn’t comment, people make up stories about feuds, Brady comments on it, ooh Brady shouldn’t have commented on it.

  14. So your source would rather listen to the owners and the league hide the billions of dollars they are pocketing

  15. Brady gets it. With the economy and so many people struggling he gets it. I wish I could say the say the for brotha’s with contracts disputes.

  16. If I was going home to what he was going home to every night, I couldn’t sleep if I complained.
    She is SMOKINGFINGHOT …. and he’s a hall of fame QB who is smart enough to NOT go “Manning” and ask for so much money it’s a cap killer.
    Tom Brady is all class.

  17. Aw shucks Florio, you are right. Brady should have said, “Gimme way more money as I am so great and I have lead the way to 3 superbowls, MVP’s, blah, blah, blah. ”
    Maybe he is rational, not greedy, and understands how truly blessed a pro athlete is with the money, the insurance, the per diem, the ad money, the golf tournaments, the autograph signings, etc. Sure he is wealthy, but so what? Tons of guys are wealthy in sports and they bitch, they are selfish, they whine, they complain.
    Brady is just a man who understands what he has, and he is not focused on what he doesn’t have. Quit stirring the pot and trying to create controversy on every word spoken.

  18. He isn’t a dumbass who makes it rain and spends all his money on bling.
    No, but some of these idiots posting sure are.

  19. John Kerry -” LOOOOOOOOOOVIE that retched heeeaaaathen at Starbucks did not put enough Cinnamon sprinkles on my mocha latte! I bet that republican Thomas Brady is one of those retched people who drive their snow mobiles on my cross country skiing slopes!!!!1 LOVVVIIIEEEEE!”

  20. Steelfan, nutinbutnet, Harrisonhits and others: you guys are idiots. You can’t compare Tom Brady’s salary to players like Chris Johnson, Reggie Wayne, ect. Those guys make peanuts compared to him. Maybe he took a little less money but he was still very well paid since his money was pretty much guaranteed. Last time I checked they plugged a second rate QB (Matt Cassel) into that Patriot offense and still won 11 games. Players should speak up and hold out to get more and more money because it is definitely being made. Why should the players be exploited and be satisfied with whatever ownership decides to pay despite revenues rapidly increasing? If Peyton Manning came out and asked for a $300 million contract with $200 million guaranteed, you same nitwits would be rallying for him to get it. Like it or not Brady should have supported his fellow players with his comments.

  21. Everyday I learn how powerful a figure Tom Brady is. I suppose when his brand is at the same level of Tiger Woods and Lebron James, its only fitting that when this man comments on a situation as only he can, that Tom Curran and the boys, feel the need to stir the pot. He is 100% class, and its sad that the NFL and the Boston media feel as though they need to drum up controversy, in hopes that it becomes the media circus that Tigers adultery or Lebrons contract turned into. Its ok if the PGA or NBA ratings go up a bit. Trying to make this situation bigger than it is to give the NFL or Boston a story that you hope turns into the Lebron debacle is not fair to the brand of Tom Brady. Quit now with this, because he won’t take the bait, and it makes you all look foolish. PFW Rocks!

  22. I guess Brady forgot that not everyone in the league has a contract like his. A lot of guys play hurt, suffer injuries that plague them for the rest of their lives, and don’t begin to have the coin to show for it that Brady has.
    On one hand, it is a bunch of grown men being paid to play a game. On the other hand, a whole of people are making money on this sport who aren’t paying for it by crippling themselves.
    As a Pat, and with Tatum’s recent passing putting the Stingley injury back in the news, you’d think he’d think a little bit before letting something like this come out of his mouth.

  23. Most of you people are as dumb as Roethlisberger (or a stump, same thing).
    The owners are DICTATING what the players will accept. And they will accept it. If they can muster together their collective 20-30 brain cells they will accept it before they lose any of the very abbreviated playing time the average NFL player has for a career.
    The owners have been setting this up for years. They get the TV money if there are games or not! Most of them will make a greater profit if the players sit home and make nothing for the year!
    The only digging in the union will be doing is their own grave. And Brady has enough brains to know who is holding all the cards.

  24. See, first of all, Mr. Florio, Brady isnt one of those “spoiled athletes”. He’s a player who’s actually EARNED his paycheck, and DOESNT hold out, and DOESNT cry abut his money, or complain about having to feed his family. Your tone about this situation is really quite off.
    Here’s an exact quote from Tom Brady:
    TB: “My personal feelings are my personal feelings. I don’t want to express them with anyone except for a very few people. It doesn’t do any good. It really doesn’t. It doesn’t help this team. It doesn’t help the organization. It just really gets in the way. Everyone’s situation is different. I’m only commenting on my situation. Everyone’s got a different situation, a different approach, and they have to do what works for them. There’s a lot of guys who are restricted free agents based on the CBA this year. It’s just very different for different guys. I’ve got to do what’s comfortable for me. I’ve always tried to do that.”
    The man is speaking for himself, and recognizes each player must do what they each have to do. He’s obviously still going to be as positive an influence within the union as he can be. But provoking yet another powerful owner at this point in time, holding out, crying about his deal, etc, rather than behaving professionally, staying patient, and working toward the common goal of reaching that extension PRIVATELY, does no one any good. The man is the definition of a professional. I find it unfortunate how that seems to have become some sort of negative in this day and age. You’d think it’d be the exact opposite.

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