Rookie receiver rises to the top of the Bucs' depth chart

SYRACUSE.JPGThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers devoted two draft picks to one of its weakest positions on the roster — wide receiver.

In the second round, the Bucs bagged Arrelious Benn.  Two rounds later, they reeled in Mike Williams, who ended up being a lemon for the Syracuse orange.

So far in Tampa, Williams has turned past puckers into nods of approval.  Per the folks at, coach Raheem Morris said Sunday that the rookie currently is the top receiver on the team.

He has been working at the X position with the ones,” Morris said.  “He has been out there a lot of the time . . . and
Mike Williams had a dynamic offseason.  He has come in and done
everything we have asked.  He has been one of the guys that has caught
the ball, stood out and has been standing out since he has been here.”

Whether Williams can hold it together remains to be seen.  He ultimately quit the team in college, and he was privately criticized for being “horrible in interviews” at the Scouting Combine, “blaming everyone but himself for his problems at Syracuse.”

29 responses to “Rookie receiver rises to the top of the Bucs' depth chart

  1. Can’t wait for Williams to make fools out of his detractors and everyone whom passed him up. GO BUCS!!

  2. Williams is gonna be great…Fletch at FFC told us about Williams back in April.

  3. I’m not sure what to take out of this…being a #1 on the Bucs is like being a #4 on most teams…is he really good or is it because lack of competition? I guess we’ll see…but the Bucs will suck, that much I know.

  4. Raheem Morris (who is probably, at least to some degree, on the hot seat) can really make a good statement regarding his coaching ability if he gets a guy like this to have real success at the NFL level.

  5. That’s great for him and all, but is rising to the top of the Bucs depth chart at any position really that much of an accomplishment?

  6. Well if hes performing as well as the Bucs say he is maybe he wasnt to blame for his failures at Syracuse.

  7. Mike Williams working as the first string receiver probably says more about the Bucs than it does about Williams.

  8. Oh my, you mean this guy beat out the greatness that is; Reggie (forgot how to play) Brown, Mike (Learned how to block, forgot how to catch)) Clayton, Michael Spurlock, Maurice (If I could only realize my potential) Stovall, Mario Urrutia (who) and Terrance Nunn (Again… Who??)
    Where is the new trash when you dump it at the landfill?? It is a the top of the trash heap! That’s all this is an example of, he will get in trouble before the season ends.

  9. Seems like the Bucs are carrying this organization in the right direction, that’s good to hear.

  10. (“Can’t wait for Williams to make fools out of his detractors and everyone whom passed him up. GO BUCS”)
    well, can you really blame people for passing on him?? first he had character concerns and 2nd, the last two guys with the name Mike Williams havent been stars in the NFL now have they?

  11. The guy QUIT on his team at Syracuse. That was the culmination of several personal issues. I don’t know that there were many who questioned his physical ability. Character is a completely different subject.

  12. ok mike williams will be a top tier reciever. how do i know? i played against him in highschool, the guys a beast but im no nfl talent however he has proven he has the talent to play the concerns were character issues, hes out of his comfort zone down in florida hes a NY guy and the crowd he hung out with before is not as easily accesible now as it was when he was in syracuse. He just needs some guidance the guy can play and he will make immediate impact and make some noise for the bucs this year, not so much TO more like Keyshawn but similar

  13. If Williams wasn’t such a turd he’d be a first round selection. Bucs may have a steal here.

  14. Part of the decision was optimism (or denial) – they didn’t want to believe they wasted two draft picks on nobodies.

  15. What if what happened in Syracuse isn’t just a figment of Williams imagination. By all accounts he is a physical specimen. How has the program been up there @ the ‘Cuse for the last decade or so. Outside of williams the last player I know that has come out of there was McNabb.
    Seems to me like a Coaching Staff trying to cover their ass.

  16. As a ‘Cuse fan, I hope he does great. However, unless he learns to throw to himself, I don’t think it matters if he is Jerry Effin Rice.
    @Sam: Oh so you know how talented he is because you played him in high school? For what team, Polk High? Did you score 4 touchdowns and then go on to work in a shoe store in your adult life? Or maybe you have a nephew named Napoleon, and you bet him you could “throw a football over that mountain” while you worked on a time machine with his brother, Kip.

  17. Mr. Lagoo says:
    August 1, 2010 7:53 PM
    I’m not sure what to take out of this…being a #1 on the Bucs is like being a #4 on most teams…is he really good or is it because lack of competition? I guess we’ll see…but the Bucs will suck, that much I know.
    Willliams was known as a first round talent with the exception of his character concerns, which according to the Bucs who spent a lot of time in Syracuse talking to him, his friends and neighbors, are confident that almost all of his problems were centered around academics and they were satisfied enough to take a shot at him in round 4.
    Anyways, if what you know is that the Bucs will suck, then prepare to admit you know nothing, this team will not lose 10 games this season…9-7 is very reachable.

  18. Mr Magoo – you’re an authority on “sucking” because you do so much of it yourself – right along with fellow nay-sayers DirtDung22 and Cup-o-Noodles.
    The Bucs will be much improved this year – no doubt – unlike Doubting Thomas’ like you 3 who can’t think or look outside your own personal team favorites.

  19. I’m really tired of the “quit the team” stuff. I really could care less about what he did in college. I am happy that we got him as a 4th rounder. He will totally outplay his contract and I hope the Bucs will do right by him and not make him play out his contract at it’s current rate.

  20. Mike Williams did not quit on his team that statment is just false.
    All I have to say is, if we got a qb than we got a team. Look out for da Bucs, easy schedule+ improved team = lots of wins
    GO BUCS!!!

  21. @FanaticalBucsFan
    “Mike Williams did not quit on his team that statement is false.”
    How do you arrive at that conclusion? Williams was suspend for an entire season for academic irregularities (cheating!). He had to go to a JC for a semester to requalify for college. He was suspended one game last season for a violation of team rules. When it began to appear that the coaching staff was considering extending the suspension, he left the team. That’s “quit” in my book. Additionally, Mike Williams apparently bombed the interview process during the combine by being unwilling to accept any responsibility for his problems while at Syracuse.
    If a guy spent his college career looking for the easy way out, what makes you think he won’t do the same in the pros?

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