Kris Jenkins is Jets' biggest loser; beats Rex Ryan, Damien Woody

Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins has lost 33.6 pounds in the last three months, earning him a victory in his weight-loss competition with coach Rex Ryan and offensive tackle Damien Woody.

I won! I won!” Jenkins said after weighing in at 359 pounds. “I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve been in in a while.”

Woody came in second, dropping from 366 to 340, while Ryan came in last by losing only 20 pounds since he challenged Jenkins and Woody to the contest. Ryan, who had lap-band surgery this offseason, had already lost 37 pounds when the contest began, so he’s lost a total of 57 this offseason. Ryan now weighs 291.

For winning the contest, Jenkins gets a donation made to his favorite charity, Life Pieces to Masterpieces, which help children use art to avoid trouble on the streets.

24 responses to “Kris Jenkins is Jets' biggest loser; beats Rex Ryan, Damien Woody

  1. “Kris Jenkins is Jets’ biggest loser”
    There are so many on that team…is it right to chose just one?

  2. @ ampats – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah. was that a joke? The Jets roster looks like it could be the Pro-Bowl roster. The only position the Pats are better than the Jets in are QB and WR. Nothing else.

  3. BIG DEAL! No pun intended, but why was Ryan even in the contest? At least the other two did it from hard work, not taking the easy out with lap band…
    Tony Sparano has lost 55 pounds, and he did it with hard work. In fact a lot of reporters saw him hitting the stairs at the practice field today after practice. Then again, quick fixes must be a Jets way of things anymore.

  4. They should have brought Jillian in to whip those fat asses in shape… and to staple Wrecks fat mouth!
    Now THAT would be a good jet story. jets=losers= nothing new here.

  5. I Love Rex Ryan! love a coach who shows emotion etc! wish he was our coach here in Cleveland

  6. Jets superbowl bound. patsies and fishbait going nowhere it’s in there dna. losers all the time.

  7. anybody can say what they want about these guys but giving $ to help kids of today is what’s up!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG UPS TO ALL 3 OF YOU !!!!!1

  8. Great player, Jenkins. Hey J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS, Who’s ya daddy? DA PHINS!!! looooseeer! lol

  9. somguyiniowa
    sporano lost more weight because he had more time on his hands since flipper didnt make the playoffs.

  10. @Kris Jenkins is a Grizzly Bear
    You do know that these guys CAN work out with their players don’t you? I mean, it doesn’t have to be off-season to get the work in. Sure, they have to wait until down time to have lap band surgery, but there is absolutely no law that says they can’t work out with those thousands of dollars of equipment in the training rooms. Idiot!!!!!

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