Charlie Whitehurst not applying pressure to Matt Hasselbeck

Training camp 2010 across the NFL is remarkably free of quarterback battles.

We thought one might emerge in Carolina, but Jimmy Clausen runs with the third team.  Charlie Whitehurst was brought to Seattle as a younger option to Matt Hasselbeck, but there’s no doubt who’s No. 1 on the Seahawks.

Mike Sando of ESPN writes: “Charlie Whitehurst’s acquisition before the draft was supposed to shake up the quarterback
position. He’s been a non-story to this point in training camp. Matt Hasselbeck remains the clear No. 1 option and there’s been no evidence suggesting he’s too old or a poor fit for the new system.”

Josh Morgan of Field Gulls puts it well: “Matt Hasselbeck executes plays in a manner Whitehurst and [J.P.] Losman are just not yet capable of. He sees the field.”

Now, none of this news is particularly surprising after the offseason reports we heard.  Whitehurst is closer to battling Losman than he is Hasselbeck.

The Seahawks need a strong season from Hasselbeck to stay competitive and the veteran should have plenty of job security to open his contract year.

42 responses to “Charlie Whitehurst not applying pressure to Matt Hasselbeck

  1. Hang on here. This article isn’t about Favre. I thought this was Pro Farve Talk. All Farve all the time.
    Farve, Farve, Farve, Farve, Farve

  2. Hmmm… if Whitehurst studied under Norv Turner, and alongside Philip Rivers and Billy Volek, for three or four years, and still doesn’t “see the field,” then I guess A.J. Smith really DID pull the football scam of the year.

  3. “should have plenty of job security he wants…”
    I never tire of being subjected to Floriobonics.

  4. The media are the one that made the suggestion that CW was brought in to take the job, Pete only said they brought him in to push Matt, because basically Matt has not had any competition since he took the job from Trent. CW is insurance if Matt gets injured and if he proves himself the QB of the future, but I still bet they draft one next year to be the guy, CW will be the bridge from Matt to the rookie.

  5. This is a shocker. I would have assumed that a guy who has never thrown a pass in his career would surely put up a challenge for the starting job.

  6. This is a shocker. I would have assumed that a guy who has never thrown a pass in his career would surely put up a challenge for the starting job.

  7. I still don’t get the Seahawks giving up what they did — “The Seahawks swapped the 40th pick in the second round with San Diego’s 60th pick and also will send the Chargers a third-round pick in the 2011 draft.” — to get a run of the mill backup QB.
    At the time the trade was made it seemed like the Seahawks thought they saw a diamond in the rough (which nobody else did) and were thinking that they could turn Whitehurst into the next Kurt Warner.
    I just don’t understand what they were thinking. Swapping 20 spots in the second round and giving up next year’s third round pick is a pretty substantial ante.

  8. Hasselbeck did look good in practice and looks like he has command of the new offense. Last year he never had confidence in Gregg Knapp’s offense but with Jeremy Bates offense he looks confident and the tempo was awesome. But it’s not that Whitehurst looks bad it’s just Hasselbeck looks that good and could be on pace for another pro bowl season which would be huge for the Hawks.

  9. This is all part of the Seahawks master plan of getting the #1 draft pick next year to draft star local boy Locker—

  10. Regrettably – Sando is a Hasslebeck lover who makes gross exaggerations…the statement that no evidence exists that he’s too old or incapable is ridiculous…THE EVIDENCE IS THE LAST 32 REGULAR SEASON GAMES!
    Charlie isn’t there to be the QB day 1 – he’s there to be the QB in week 4 when Matt goes down and is incapable of finishign the year – like he has the last 2 years.
    He’s washed up.

  11. Chucky will get his shot. Hasselbeck’s a decent quarterback, but he can never stay on the field.

  12. this whole “never thrown a pass” crap has got to end, plenty of qbs had ‘never thrown a pass’ and ended up doing just fine when handed the reigns
    the problem here is whitey’s been an inconsistant qb even in college, he’d show flashes but also throw some really horrible ints
    i’m a charger fan, and i’ve seen the flashes and the horribleness in pre season games, but i’m hoping he does good in seattle, of course at the time he wasn’t worth what they traded him for, but he’s a good guy , and hopefully he’ll develop despite this moronic instant coffee society we live in, where the typical fan would have dubbed elway a ‘loser’ because he didn’t win a sb till well past a decade into his career
    in other words, you are a bunch of A.D.D.-having morons

  13. For what they’re paying Whitehurst he can’t see the field? Hell, Senaca can see the field and would have saved them a ton of money.
    Raiders > Seahawks

  14. she-hawks.
    they wasted that those picks on Charlie + whatever they gave up to have Lendale White for two weeks.
    excellent GM work there.

  15. my eagles cant win, yeah get used to that becaues your team got worse this year. How are those young receivers doing LOL! phuck filly!

  16. Hasselbeck will never win a thing as long as his brother is married to that harpy he won on that game show.

  17. Yeah Seneca saw the field great as he ran out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage over and over.

  18. Dave, hang on a second. Did you just compare Charlie Whitehurst to John Elway? And then call the rest of us morons? WOW.

  19. # FLBoyInDallas says: August 4, 2010 1:02 PM
    “should have plenty of job security he wants…”
    I never tire of being subjected to Floriobonics.
    And I never tire of people not looking at the name of an author of a post.

  20. Send Hasselbeck to Cleveland then lol. He would have a nice run game and an above average line to work behind. I bet he would play the whole year in Cleveland.

  21. @myeaglescantwin, The seahawks moved down seven spots in the fourth round and nine spots in the sixth round to trade for Lendale White and Kevin Vickerson. Lendale is gone but vickerson is tearing it up in camp. Moving down a few spots in rounds 4 and 6 is hardly giving up anything. Whitehurst has been doing well in camp, just not as good as Hasselbeck who is in excellent shape and is motivated by his contract year.

  22. dave says:
    August 4, 2010 1:26 PM
    this whole “never thrown a pass” crap has got to end, plenty of qbs had ‘never thrown a pass’ and ended up doing just fine when handed the reigns
    Really? Who? The guy is 4 years into his career now. Name one QB who went four years without throwing a pass in a regular season game and went onto having a good career.

  23. I would certainly hope a 3 time Pro Bowl QB with a Superbowl under his hat would look better 4 days into training camp than Charlie Whitehurst . Having said that – it’s 4 days into training camp people , lets not write off Clipboard Jesus just yet ! Between CW and Losman , the Seahawks have one of the better back-up QB situations in the league …
    Hasselbeck looked terrible the last 2 years because of horrible O-line work resulting in injuries , and because of that idiot Knapp’s play calling last year . I’d like to see how Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would do with some 4th string off-the-street left tackle protecting his blind side for an entire season . And no – before the morons start flapping their gums , I am not comparing Matt Hasselbeck to Brady or Manning , just making the observation that the best of QB’s would look bad when running for their lives all season long .

  24. idiot…i said plenty qbs have ‘never thrown a pass’ and then been handed the starting qb job and did fine
    never specified ‘4 years’
    again….plenty of qbs have gone from ‘never thrown a pass in the nfl’ to starter, and done just fine
    there is a mindset that comes with the starting position, that some of these guys flip a switch, and some do not ….it’s a fact

  25. jcdavey says:
    August 4, 2010 3:44 PM
    idiot…i said plenty qbs have ‘never thrown a pass’ and then been handed the starting qb job and did fine
    ya, EVERY SINGLE QB in nfl history has never thrown a pass at some point of their career. Every single rookie can say that. What’s your point?

  26. From what I’ve been hearing, J.P. Losman will get the back up QB position….hands down.

  27. You would think he was trying to unseat Marino in his prime. If you can’t challenge Hasselbeck you really must suck, even if you haven’t thrown a pass in the pros yet.

  28. Yo Jeffo621,
    I don’t know where you’re from or what team you run with, but you seem to be a feather for each mainstream wind that blows.
    First of all, let’s get something straight:
    Hasselbeck is NOT washed up!
    You say the evidence is the past two seasons under Hasselbeck, but if you were knowledgeable you would see that it’s not JUST Hasselbeck who has been struggling!
    A QB is as good as his O-line allows him to be and that’s exactly what Matt hasn’t had: a consistent O-Line!
    Coupled with idiot Greg Knapp’s even more idiotic offensive scheme!
    These are what LED to his injuries!
    These are why he forced passes!
    These are why he made costly mistakes!
    Because he didn’t have consistent O-Line play!
    Because his O-coordinator was absolutely horrible!
    You get it now?
    So take into consideration the big picture before you blurt out foolish comments like “He’s washed up.”
    The man is NOT washed up!
    He’s seeking help!
    Help that didn’t come from his O-line, his defense, nor the sidelines!
    Do me a favor and be sure to eat those words when Hasselbeck returns to Pro Bowl caliber form this season!
    And do yourself a favor and get informed before you spout out at the mouth!

  29. Hey myeaglescantwin,
    GM 101 Lesson #1: Never just give up your franchise QB.
    GM 101 Lesson #2: Never give up your franchise QB to a division rival.
    And you have the audacity to talk about “excellent GM work there!”
    Birds of a feather flock together I see because if your GM was dumb enough to commit those two unpardonable GM sins, then it’s only right you would be dumb enough to utter a foolish comment such as that!
    Get the hell out of here!
    Philly Feebles, Godspeed in 2010.

  30. Thank You, Hawkfan50!!!!!!!
    My thoughts exactly!!!!!
    People who say these things about Hasselbeck are just bandwagoners that only base it off surface media reports. If they actually watched the games, read reports, and knew how to read between the lines they would know that it’s not solely Hasselbeck!
    Birds of a feather flock together!

  31. This is the most “duh” headline ever.
    I have no idea why they got rid of Seneca and brought this guy in, unless it was to make Hasselbeck feel more comfortable. :facepalm:

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