Britt gets traffic citation, violates camp curfew

Kenny Britt admits his offseason was horrible and now his training camp has reached a bump in the road.

Britt was issued a misdemeanor traffic citation on Wednesday night for driving on a revoked license, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  He was not arrested, but has a court date coming up.  Terry McCormick of FoxSports Tennessee tells us the same news, and notes that Britt violated camp curfew as well.

The second-year receiver was out of shape for much of the offseason, and was arrested for traffic warrants.  Easily the most talented receiver on his team, Britt has been chastised for dropped passes and inconsistency during camp.  He’s run with the second team. 

These aren’t huge incidents on their own, but add them all together and it’s easy to see why the Titans don’t yet quite trust Britt to be their “No. 1” receiver.

10 responses to “Britt gets traffic citation, violates camp curfew

  1. Britt needs to get his act together because he flashed some serious potential last season. If he can mature he will add to what is becoming a great group of first round receivers from 09 in Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin, and Hakeem Nicks.

  2. “Easily the most talented receiver on his team, ”
    I think you’re forgetting Justin Gage and Nate Washington.

  3. anyone who associates with criminals you would have to question where his head is at.. not surprised, will probably flame out within a year or two.

  4. He tried to renew his licence, but his passport, citizenship papers, and birth certificate, were revoked as well.

  5. “I think you’re forgetting Justin Gage and Nate Washington.”
    Nothing to see here. This guy cant be serious.

  6. Maybe he didn’t know his license was revoked…Uh huh, that must be it…I just don’t get it, these guys, who’s lifelong dream is to make it to the NFL, and when they get there, they must say to themselves…”Let’s see how fast i can screw this up”….

  7. Nate Washington, seriously? You are obviously trying to deliver a punch line but failing miserably.

  8. Stop making fellow RU alumni look like bums. Britt too much talent, not enough desire obviously.

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