The other Albert Haynesworths

Albert Haynesworth gets all the scorn and media bile, but his situation is hardly unique.

Every year, a few players show up to training camp out of shape and spend the beginning of training camp in purgatory. 

Over in New England, disappointing second-year defensive tackle Ron Brace hasn’t participated in 13 straight practices.  Patriots personnel director Nick Caserio said that Brace didn’t pass his physical to open camp, but Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports Brace did not pass his conditioning run to open camp.

When Brace passes, he’ll get back on the field.  (The 2009 second-round pick essentially had a lost rookie season.)

Over in Denver, a similar situation has emerged with veteran nose tackle Jamal Williams.  The key free agent pickup has missed four days of practice for unknown reasons, although coach Josh McDaniels said his absence could end soon, perhaps Thursday.

The Broncos won’t say why Williams is out, but the smart money is because of his conditioning.  Williams’ weight has fluctuated throughout his career.

31 responses to “The other Albert Haynesworths

  1. I doubt either of these guys are being paid what Haynesworth is being paid. Al could probably buy these guys a dozen times over with the money he made just by putting his name on a piece of paper.

  2. the other guys didn’t cash a $21 million check implying that he’d play, and then not play/practice.

  3. Jamal Williams has sore knees anyways it’s not like his position (NT) is so complicated he needs to take reps for it everyday or he won’t make the team. Just get him healthy for the regular season.

  4. don’t try to paint the greedy thug Haynesworth in a different light…he’s a fat P.O.S. who would be in jail if he couldn’t rush a passer…

  5. Not sure what I’m enjoying more…the Vi-Queens and how that’s impacting their fans, or the drama in D.C. over Haynesworth…….
    It’s a beautiful thing……
    How ’bout them Cowboys!!!!!!!!!

  6. Personally, I want my nose tackles to weight 179lbs or so. When I see a guy have to be triple teamed because he’s so fat, it embarrasses me to be a fan of that team.

  7. This somewhat vindicates Shanahan then? I mean, everyone has painted the Redskins as a JOKE organization because of this. Does this now mean that New England and Denver are also a JOKE?
    And yes, there is a difference in that AH got paid more money, but doesn’t that vindicate Shanahan all the more, in the sense that he’s not giving a guy a pass just because he makes a lot of money. That sounds like good leadership, not bad leadership.
    The Redskins organization of the last 10 years deserves criticism due to The Danny and The Vinnie signing big name, big bust free agents — but as for Shanahan trying to change the culture…doesn’t this someone vindicate his approach, in the sense that he’s not the only one in the league trying to impose discipline on wayward atheletes?

  8. Albert is a lazy POS.
    And leave it to the arrogant Cowboys fans to somehow make this story about them. Posers.

  9. Yeah Brace is pissing me off! I watched as he strolled around the field the other day after spending time on the bike. He is not even trying.

  10. I’m not saying Ron Brace isn’t turning into a huge disappointment, but comparing him to Haynesworth is just dumb.

    If its ok for Williams then the same should be said for Haynesworth. They are switching him to NT as well in the 3-4, so his reps are not as needed either.

  12. Great, the Haynesworth career method is taking off.
    Get my dollas up, then give nothing on the field but attitude.

  13. Interesting that all those players play the Nose Tackle position. I wonder what the general criteria for conditioning is for a Nose Tackle.
    @smydchargers – the NT position isn’t that simple. You have to know your reads and understand blocking schemes. It’s one of the reasons it usually takes at least a few years before a young NT becomes competent at the position.

  14. @ Simon12345
    As a Cowboys fan, part of me is delighted all of this drama is happening to the ‘Skins, but at the same time what you’re seeing is a franchise that is making a positive transition.
    Having the ‘Skins competitive and reputable again is good for the Cowboys, the NFC East and the NFL.

  15. They didn’t get $100 million contracts, take a $21 million roster bonus on the condition that they show up and play where they’re asked, hold out in a powerplay to try to get the coach to do what he wants, lose weight in a powerplay to try to get the coach to do what he wants, have his conditioning raved about, and then come back to camp unable to pass a conditioning test that both MDS and Mike Golic passed without training for.
    Brace and Williams are just out of shape. Not the first time that’s happened in the NFL. No comparison to Haynesworth. Interesting to hear about the other two though. Haven’t heard about them on ESPN FavreCenter.

  16. If NT was an easy position to play and only required weighing 350+ lbs, Vince Wilfork never would’ve been paid big money, Ted Washington wouldn’t have played until age 39, Pat Williams would’ve been out of work a long time ago, Jammal Williams wouldn’t have been signed even despite some bad knee injures and NT’s would be a dime a dozen.
    Sticking Haynesworth at RE in the 3-4 isn’t really getting bang for the buck they paid for him. Richard Seymour is a popular name for a 3-4 DE, but more often they are un-sexy plays like Ty Warren, Aaron Smith, Phillip Daniels, Justin Smith, etc.
    Washington’s front-4 was one of the brighter spots for the team last year. For their sake, I hope they blend 4-3 schemes in with 3-4 ones pretty consistently

  17. So far, multiple non-professional athletes, as well as fat, old, hobbled Mike Golic–have made a point to attempt the conditioning test and have passed it, or in Golic’s case–come close enough to prove that: if an overweight, formerly injury-prone man that’s 16 years removed from the league can miss the second set of shuttles by only 3 seconds–then this conditioning test isn’t all that unreasonable.
    I’m willing to bet that a lot of us have played on teams as amateur athletes, where a ‘star’ player was granted leniency in their approach to conditioning, whether it be for their size, strength, or innate ability to ‘turn it on’ during a game, a la Albert Haynesworth. I think Haynesworth’s ethic has only become more entitled to this leniency since his payday, and Shanahan’s doing a nice, parental job of making his fat, bratty child hold its breath until it turns blue…or in this case, til its knee swells from being too fat to run on it. Keep it up, Ratahan.

  18. The smart money is not to make things up. Jamal Williams is probably a little out of shape he came off major knee surgery, if u were a true researcher u would know he’s been working out in the weight room and is probably just waiting til his knee is 100%, after all he’s in his 30’s. just saying maybe we should get facts before we put them onto a national press website.

  19. Yash says:
    August 5, 2010 11:39 AM
    If its ok for Williams then the same should be said for Haynesworth. They are switching him to NT as well in the 3-4, so his reps are not as needed either.
    Except for the part where Haynesworth isn’t as experienced at nose tackle? And needs the reps to solidify the D-line? Moron.

  20. Hey Rosenthal,
    Can you please stop lying to the people here and creating news instead of reporting it?
    You are trying to lead people so they believe Ron Brace is missing camp because he is out of shape. If you took the time to do your job correctly, you would have reported the real story that Brace cannot pass the test due to a non-football injury.
    Caserio said, “When he’s healthy, when he’s ready, he’ll be back out there practicing.”
    Can you guys ever stop this anti-Patriots crap and just report the truth instead of trying to smear everyone possible for better ratings?
    HAHAHA, Tom Brady is still holding out of camp according to your reporting. Just ridiculous.

  21. @sowcrates – actually good 3-technique Defensive Tackles probably fit better at Defensive End. Their disruptive ability to get into the backfield is more of an asset on the edge in a 3-4 defense than at the NT position. Some 3-4 schemes utilize a more versatile 1-gap penetrating attack (the old Bum Phillips defense); Dallas and San Francisco use it to some degree. But most 3-4 defenses require a 2-gap read and react…especially at the NT spot. Haynesworth would probably be a better fit at Left Defensive End in the 3-4. But 3-4 Defensive Ends aren’t usually as highly paid as Hayensworth and I don’t believe Washington has a better option at Nose Tackle.

  22. Ron Brace is about as disappointing a second round pick as Chad Jackson a few years ago…
    but he’s not getting paid $20 mil. Fat Albert is.

  23. Wow, Belicheat doesn’t even scare Brace. He was considered a bit of a head case coming out of college and I think the Pats are finding out that there is a new type of player out there that can’t always be tricked into thinking he cares about football.

  24. HEY,HEY,HEY ITS FAT ALBERT, and a bunch of other fat bastards,sorry Millionares!!!Im fat,but I also dont make 20 Million with this body!!!

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