Saints defense dominates in scrimmage

Most teams hold scrimmages today, a welcome morsel of game-like action after 10 days of practice reports.  We don’t put a great deal of significance to the scrimmages, but we’ll pass some results along because we love football and find it interesting.  Perhaps you will too.

At New Orleans’ Black-and-Gold scrimmage, the Saints defense surprisingly dominated the offense, no matter who was in the game.

Drew Brees unofficially went only 6-for-16 for 110 yards, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  After leading the team to a touchdown on their opening drive, Brees was stymied the rest of the day.  The defense tallied six sacks.

Saints fans will be encouraged to learn Marques Colston caught a 40-yard pass, indicating the team’s best receiver has fully recovered from knee surgery.  Defensive end Jimmy Wilkerson, coming off a torn ACL, had a sack and a fumble recovery.

19 responses to “Saints defense dominates in scrimmage

  1. They better practice up because the Purple and Gold are going to destroy them in a month. The Vikes will not turn it over a million times and hand them the game this time around.

  2. Now I love Drew Brees, but it truly shows how meaningless these scrimmages are, as Jake Delhomme did far better than Brees at his scrimmage today (though Florio would have you believe different with his anti-Browns ageneda, and poor reporting. McCoy did not throw three picks.) Delhomme was 10-15 for 78 yards, 1td and 0 picks. He was not sacked.
    Keep laughing at Cleveland. They will sneak-up on quite a few teams.

  3. LOL shark…you expected any better from Florio?
    Fact is no one but coaches really know what they were trying to accomplish schemewise, player wise and situation wise in these practices. Brees could be getting hit with new stuff Williams has come up with and/or be trying new wrinkles designed by Payton to get a feel for them in semi-game situations.

  4. LT had a great scrimmage in NY.
    Here’s to predicting the Buffalo Bills go 4 – 0 in preseason.

  5. Man if the D can get anywhere near the O, and both stay healthy, the Saints will win #2 this year.

  6. turbodog- that user name flames of “gayness”
    Scrimmage means about as much as your paper Chumpionship Aints homos…Jared and Pat are coming for Brees,he’ll be lucky to see game 2 healthy

  7. I guess the only thing worse than a “Paper Champion” is a paper alsoran. Pervy, your team lost. Get over it. By the way, you are a douchebag.

  8. Pervy *Harvin says:
    August 8, 2010 9:38 AM
    Scrimmage means about as much as your paper Chumpionship Aints homos…Jared and Pat are coming for Brees,he’ll be lucky to see game 2 healthy
    I am sure that he stays awake nights worrying about what they did to him last time. Oh yea , I remember what thy did….NOTHING. LMAO. More talk, no action on the field.

  9. Pervy
    Turbodog is a locally brewed beer just outside New Orleans and it’s obvious you’re gay and stupid

  10. and once again…this chat is doo doo. how you gonna wait for approval on all comments once the season starts? A 2 hour delay??? Really??? What are we, in kindergarten? G A Y Y Y Y ! ! !

  11. Lets see if this comment gets posted, since my last one disappeared into thin air.
    Really Vikings Fans?? REALLY?? Still??? How long are we going to beat this dead horse??
    You do know you can’t go back and get NFCC trophy right? You do know that a new season is starting right?
    Here is some advice if you don’t want to spend all next offseason whining and crying about a team that beat you.
    1. Block your QB
    2. Don’t drop the ball so many times.
    3. Try to NOT have 12 men in the huddle on a crucial play
    4. Have your QB NOT throw an interception on another crucial play.
    Hopefully these steps will help you (and the rest of us) not have to spend another offseason listening to you cry, bitch and stomp your feet about a game that has been over for MONTHS!!!!!
    Seriously, grow up.

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