Guaranteed money continues to be the core issue between Jets, Revis

Though we’re still waiting for the terms proposed by Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis to be disclosed by the Jets and/or Revis’ agents, the latest article from Gary Myers of the New York Daily News reconfirms the reality that the core issue here is guaranteed money.

The Jets deftly have tried to deflect attention from that issue, couching the dispute as a matter of total compensation.

Per Myers, the Jets have offered Revis a 10-year, $120 million contract.  Myers also reports that Revis is looking for $160 million in total compensation. 

But we’re not sure Myers’ numbers are based on the Revis proposal, or whether he has simply engaged in some team-friendly extrapolation, focusing on the average that Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha will earn over the next two years — $16.5 million per season — and multiplying it by 10.  This completely overlooks the fact that the number Revis has targeted is $15.1 million per year, which under Myer’s math would result in a 10-year, $151 million proposal.

Even then, it’s unclear whether Revis has asked for that much.  In the end, however, the only important number on any 10-year contract is the amount of money that will be fully guaranteed once Revis signs him name to it. 

For reasons neither known nor apparent, the Jets won’t talk about guaranteed money until there’s an agreement as to total compensation.  And that’s where this thing begins to make no sense.  If the Jets wanted to give Revis $151 million in total compensation, they could add a phony fluff year with a gigantic non-guaranteed base salary that he’d never earn.  The real issue as of 2010 is the amount of the contract that will be guaranteed once the contract has been executed.

“If the Jets had offered a two-year, $1 billion contract with $1 million
this year and $999 million next year, that is not guaranteed.  The
contract is only worth $1 million,” agent Neil Schwartz told Myers.  “But it would be
reported that Revis was offered a two-year, $1 billion deal.”

And that’s the situation in which Revis currently finds himself, sort of.  His base salary for 2010 is $1 million.  He’ll make $20 million guaranteed in 2011 and 2012 combined.  But the guarantee doesn’t become effective until he gets through 2010 without suffering a compound leg fracture or some other serious injury and the Jets then choose to buy back the last two years of his rookie contract.

So why are the Jets refusing to talk about guaranteed money until an agreement is reached on total compensation?  Our guess is that the Jets hope to be able to leak to the media that an agreement on total compensation has been reached, which in turn will put pressure on Revis to take whatever structure the team ultimately offers via real guarantees (signing bonus) and non-guaranteed guarantees, like the stuff D’Brickashaw Ferguson got.

There’s simply no good reason to defer discussion on guaranteed money until an agreement has been reached on total compensation.  It would make more sense to do it the other way, striking a deal first on truly guaranteed money and total years of the deal, then on the non-guaranteed guaranteed money, and then on the non-guaranteed base salaries to be paid in the out years.

So it could be that the Jets are choosing to characterize this as a fight over total compensation, guaranteed and non-guaranteed, in the hopes of concealing the fact that, when it comes the truly guaranteed money, they simply aren’t willing or able to cough up the kind of money that will be needed to do a fair deal.

Either way, this story has become a bigger mess than anyone ever anticipated, and no end is in sight.

61 responses to “Guaranteed money continues to be the core issue between Jets, Revis

  1. florio you are telling us nothing here that we all don’t already know.
    what would be useful is finding out EXACTLY what the Schwartz proposal reads.

  2. Only guarantee should he signing bonus. Why guarantee someone 10 years pay at his current value when his current value will decline?

  3. On a 10-year deal worth $150 million, you’ve got to figure $60 million or so would be guaranteed. Brady and Manning are likely to get about 5 year deals worth $100 million or so with approx $50 million guaranteed, so that’s about half guaranteed money.
    For a guy signing a deal twice as long (hence a bunch more years of salaries that he might never see or, depending on what player salaries do, might be undervalued for the last few years [hard to believe, but that’s been the case historically]), I’d assume he’d want more total guaranteed dollars, but he can’t realistically expect it to be a higher percentage of total dollars. That being said, I hope he holds out for the season just to make a point about the inept way the Jets have handled this. Either build a guy up and pay him, or treat him like a member of the team and expect him to behave like one. Can’t have it both ways.

  4. The league needs to step in here. Enough is enough, this is the contract that Revis held out for after being drafted! Honor it.
    I used to love this guy, but this is ridiculous.

  5. If the Jets cave to Revis, I hope they get burned big time. This throwing unlimited dollars at athletes has got to end at some point. Snyder is learming. I guess the rest have to learn the hard way.

  6. Florio man, you have some biased articles man. So you continue to harp on gurantees yet ignore the obvious fact. 120 to 160 million is a huge jump. Even if the contract isn’t guranteed. Are you seriously going to defend revis that he wants to be right now the highest paid NFL player. It’s ridiculous. Sure they aren’t talking gurantees but if gurantees are the issue tell woody and company let’s get a 10 year 120 now let’s talk gurantees. Would you leave 45 dollar tip for a dinner bill of 20 or are you going to adjust it accordingly based on the total.

  7. “Either way, this story has become a bigger mess than anyone ever anticipated, and no end is in sight.”
    The Jets made the mess now they have to live with it. Couldn’t have happened to a better team.

  8. A typical shortsighted article. Revis doesn’t want fluff. He knows Asomugha is making $15-16 M this year, and he wants a hard $16 M a year average. End of story.
    The Jets won’t do that.
    They have stated MULTIPLE times that they are FLEXIBLE on the structure of the guaranteed money. Revis is holding this up. Not the Jets.

  9. How about an insurance policy in case of injury
    ( Not lost Talent) and the moneys guaranteed if play that year.

  10. Don’t worry Cromartie can be counted on to do several things like he has in the past. Should we go over all that for theJet fans so they know they can expect?

  11. We need to find exactly how much guaranteed money Revis is looking for. Looking at what they did to D Brickshaw Ferguson’s deal, im guessing Revis and his agent were smart enough to see through the garbage when the Jets tried that with him. In a way I could see that a player would eventually realize that these deals are meant to look nice on paper, but in reality will never be more than 3 years in length unless the player continued to perform at an extremely high level.
    But on the same token if im the Jets, I would tell this guy he has 4 years left on his deal, and no leverage whatsoever. The Jets will never trade the games premier CB, especially when they consider themselves Super bowl contenders with him. At some point the owners need to take a stand here and not be forced to rework these deals every 2 years when someone feels underpaid.

  12. I kinda think this is a show for hard knocks. I’m not to worried about I’ve learned to do and think the opposite of two people and ill be fine, that is florio and francessa (always wrong).
    If anything I think they should do both at the same time. After all wouldn’t you take less overall money which you only have the chance or opportunity of making in order to get more guarenteed??? Or if you want a chance to make 160 million then you can’t get the guarenteed money that you want too. I think both sides are being stuborn and trying to force the other to talk on there terms. Its like a car salesmen going at it trying to tell you don’t worry about the final cost its only 300 dollars a month (for 12 years) and the other will only talk about the final price. Its just not gonna go anywhere like that.

  13. i dont think florio is necessarily defending revis here.
    the raiders made a silly deal and now the jets have to eat it too? that would be silliness.
    but – the deal revis is rocking right now doesnt cut it either.
    glad i hate the jets so i can enjoy this veritable impasse.

  14. I hope the Jets come to their senses and let him sit the year out. If you give him a 10 yr deal, for any amount, how many years does he keep it until he decides to holdout because he’s underpaid??? He held out prior to his rookie contract, he’s holding out now for a new deal.
    If they pay the man, they’re going to be bigger dummies than Al Davis and his salaries.

  15. How many times does this need to be stated.
    The Jets can not afford to pay a lot of money up front.
    Woody’s money is tied up in the stadium. Due to the Jet’s inability to sell their PSL’s, money that would have been available for running the team, is being siphoned off to pay the costs of the stadium.
    The whole $120 million comp is a smoke screen being used by the Jets. They did a poor job of managing this situation, and now someone with 3 seasons remaining on their contract is holding out.
    They created this mess – and it doesn’t look like it is going to end well for them.
    Look for the Jets to trade Revis as we get closer to the start of the season – as Revis has shown no inclination to budge…..

  16. This guy is simply the most overated player ever. Shouldn’t he just retire now and that way he can enter the Hall of Fame sooner?……..

  17. lol@ bigger mess than anyone anticipated…
    This is exactly what you and everyone lese have been trumpeting since April.
    Unless you didn’t believe what you were writing.

  18. I can understand the assumed positives from a REALLY long term contract (security for life and all), but doesn’t he take in account that average CBs will be making comparable money in 4-5 years, and that with 5-6 years left on his contract, he’s going to be upset because he’s in the middle of the pack in terms of compensation?
    He’d be better off doing a 4-5 year deal, then re-upping for another 4-5 years after that.

  19. If you were right Florio then Revis would agree to 120 million or any other number the Jets through out and then get down to discussing the guarantee. They aren’t. The are holding out for some imaginary number that everybody knows he will never see but will make him feel better. Really pretty simple to move on but they won’t do it.

  20. in my opinion revis has become more of diva than farve. the old guy just w ants to sit out training camp and the media makes a huge deal of it. revis gets some praise from his coach and now wants to bankrupt the team for his abject greed and bottomless ego. shame on him,
    revis has joined new member lebron james in the ‘what a f’n asshole’ club.

  21. Don’t be surprised if the Raiders get into the fold here. Al is not shy at all when it comes to big names and huge contracts. Not to mention Nnamdi and Darrelle were very buddy-buddy at the probowl and even said they’d love to play together. Now THAT would be a tandem!

  22. If I were Revis.. (god I wish I had these problems) I would also decline the 10 year deal that was “apparently” proposed. Whats the chances Revis will play under that contract for more than 5 years? Has there been any player who played out a single contract that was more than 5 years? Other than a QB of course. You think the Jets will pay this guy 12+mil a year when he’s 35? LOL. The ten year deal that the Jets are proposing, is in their mind probably a 5-6 year deal.
    The Jets should cave. Give Revis a 3 year deal worth 15.5 Million a year. With 35 Million guaranteed. At that point he’s getting Asomugha money. Does anyone see a problem with this?

  23. Dude has has only ONE dominant year. I would make the guy play next year to see if its not the scheme. Revis is a great player no doubt, but man the legend seems to grow everyday. Nobody not named Manning is worth that kind of bank.

  24. Ok as a Jets fan I recogonize the fact Darrelle Revis is our best player and we need to get this done. But their us work to be done on both sides, for example, the Jets need to bank on this guy and guarantee him at least half of this deal(10years,120 mil, 60 mil guaranteed). But Revis needs to forget about the 160 mil. If he wants to contend year in, year out during his tenure as a Jet he needs to pull a Brady. Get your asking price front-loaded for the first 5 years, then take an average of 9 mil for the remaining. Then th Jets would have the capabilities to give other deals out that could be back-loaded(Mangold,Harris,Cro,Holmes etc..). I mean at ages 29-34, Revis more than likely will not be the same player he is today. I bet you if this deal was structured this way, essentially a 4yr/60 mil deal fully guaranteed with a remainder of 6yr/60 mil which he more than likely get the chance to play out, Revis would be stupid not to take this offer.

  25. I have recently come to enlarge my focus on the guaranteed money issue. I loved Leon (“Sweet Leons”), so I see Revis’ concern with not having a lot of guaranteed money and getting hurt, then getting cut and making no money.
    However, I now look at it from a team standpoint. You give a guy a lot of guaranteed money (like $40 mil) and he gets hurt in the first year (like Leon) and then you paid $40 mil for one year, which is a lot. And now you have to go out and pay someone else to do the injured players job. So, I now can see ownership’s issue with giving huge guaranteed money.
    That being said, Woody was just born a Johnson, his biggest accomplishment. Revis has god given talent and works his A off all year long and suffers punishment in games, so in the end, who do you think deserves the money more?

  26. seatofmypants
    Agree 100%. The Jets created this by feeding into the Revis Island thing. Stating he is the best defender in the league. (Thanks Rex)
    Then they compounded the situation by lying to the media about contractual discussions that couldn’t have made this situation any easier.

  27. 10 years and $120M?
    He’s not happy with that?
    Since when did a cornerback become more important the the President of the United States? Or more important than a school teacher?
    I seriously would let Revis sit out a season before I’d pay anything close to that kind of money. It really has gone crazy.

  28. “Woody’s money is tied up in the stadium. Due to the Jet’s inability to sell their PSL’s, money that would have been available for running the team, is being siphoned off to pay the costs of the stadium.”
    Uh, by last count (20 days ago) they’ve sold 96% of their PSL’s. Nice try though.

  29. Florio is a moron. He is so out of his league when he writes about factual topics. He can only spew speculation that he then uses to create a rumor. Face it, Florio: you will never get a big time interview with any FO exec or player on a critical issue because everyone knows that you twist everything said into some warped version of reality. I would not doubt if Florio is a tool of Neil Schwartz – spewing Revis Camp propaganda.

  30. It’s a good thing you’re a reporter who knows how to write (albeit articles that consistently and constantly bash the Jets), as opposed to a business person, but your claim that “There’s simply no good reason to defer discussion on guaranteed money until an agreement has been reached on total compensation.” is truly moronic from a business perspective.
    What Mike Tannenbaum is trying to do here is lay down a framework from which to negotiate specifics of the contract, s/a signing bonus, performance bonus, and GUARANTEED MONEY. Without that base framework established, talking about the other peripheral elements is not only a waste of time, it’s moronic. Because what’s to stop them from agreeing to $50 mil in guarantees and then saying we’ll pay you 1 mil a year for the next 10 years? It’s akin to walking into a car dealer and focusing on agreeing about what type of radio and tires the car has before agreeing to a model and price range.
    I really wish you would take your anti-Jets glasses off every now and then, as I do think your reporting efforts – if properly channeled – woud bear some positive fruit. until then, keep hating, I guess.

  31. Are u kidding? Any organization that has a player under contract for 3 more years dosen’t have to do anything!
    The Jets in good faith offered him a contract that was very generous in the form of Salary & years. the problem is that thay are holding out for the 15 mill a year.
    Let me repeat no CB or the position is worth that. This is why folks, they will be a impending lockout in football next year. The greed that agents are putting in the players heads is ridiculous!
    Message to Revis, Sign the contract for 120 million because if you sit out this year in the middle of a championship run, you will regret it for the rest of your young career!

  32. I personally know Revis (good kid), having grown up in the same area and time as his uncle Sean Gilbert…I played against him (Sean) in high school… I also know Ty Law (another Aliquippa grad) who is also in this kids ear….he is not going to play unless he gets paid….I’m telling you that for a fact. This kid has quite a few people in his corner consulting him from our area of western PA….others include Curtis Martin, Jason Taylor (ala..NY Jets) and Lavarr Arrington…alot of people don’t know this…they are all (TV reporters) saying it’s just Sean telling him what to do (like attending the University of Pittsburgh) but he is being advised by quite a few western PA pro football players….present and past….

  33. AdropOFvenom says:
    August 11, 2010 12:14 PM
    “Woody’s money is tied up in the stadium. Due to the Jet’s inability to sell their PSL’s, money that would have been available for running the team, is being siphoned off to pay the costs of the stadium.”
    Uh, by last count (20 days ago) they’ve sold 96% of their PSL’s. Nice try though.
    Lol and does this seatofmypants actually think the 1.4 Billion dollar staidum is even half of what Woody Johnson is worth? Ya, Robert Wood Johnson IV of Johnson & Johnson ya know? Didn’t think so idiot…

  34. 10 year contract? $160M… are they crazy?
    As dumb as the jets management have been over the decades even they won’t buy into this nonsense.
    No one is worth that money, period. Revis is a moron to think his career has proven enough to even ask… he’s no “team player” that’s for sure.
    “Imagine being a Jets fan? UGH.” No thanks!

  35. Sociofan says:
    August 11, 2010 12:08 PM
    10 years and $120M?
    He’s not happy with that?
    Since when did a cornerback become more important the the President of the United States? Or more important than a school teacher?
    Ummm….because pretty much anybody could be a school teacher (as evidenced by there being 3.4 million of them in the U.S. according to the bureau of labor statistics), but there’s only a handful of guys in the world who can cover an NFL receiver 1 on 1 with any consistency.

  36. what IDIOT really thinks he should earn that kind of money to play a game. That is why this country is in shambles. I think that these players should earn good salaries and am not opposed to it, but to ask for the kind of money that some of these players ask for is ridiculous. The cost of tickets and going to a game is over-priced now in this economy, all that these players are going to do is bankrupt the nfl……Conditions are not gonna get better here anytime soon and less and less people will be going to these games which equal less and less money for these teams. He signed his contract to play for a certain amount of years, he should honor that contract….If he didnt like it then he shouldnt of signed it…..If i hire you to do a job and give you 5000 dollars up front to do the job and 5000 dollars is due on completion and you tell me half way thru you want 50000 dollars to complete the job, im gonna tell you to go fly a kite and find someone else….These players are idiots, and so are the agents. They are ruining football….

  37. Crowder911 says:
    August 11, 2010 12:05 PM
    “i think its a joke how the jets are doing business…. and that is the football fan in me speaking and not the dolphins supporter. just a shame and laughing stock”
    You must be Channing Crowder. Because you are really an idiot lol

  38. A fluff contract will not pay him more then Nnamdi. Only way that he makes what Nnamdi is making or more is if the Jets pay Revis 16.5 million per year FULLY Guaranteed. The Jets will never come close to giving Revis anything like that period. Nnamdi has a Hard numbers contract with all dollars real.
    Months ago when I wrote in my comments how dirty this would get I was laughed at. Revis and his agent must eat Crow by taking much, much less then Nnamdi. Or try and hold a straight face talking up a BS fluff contract with all knowing you are still eating Crow. Or force a trade to a team that is willing to pay you top dollar.

  39. i dont get why people keep bringing up 120 vs 160 when that isnt the issue.
    it cant be when those numbers arent guaranteed and likely never to be reached.
    revis probably wants 50 mil up front for 3 or 4 years.
    i can understand the jets not wanting to cough up that kind of hard cash.
    revis shouldnt play for 1.0 either.
    at the end of the day – the system is jacked. rookie LB’s making 8-10 mil a year…. give us a break.
    15 mil per year is ok …. if you are nearly certain the guy is 1 of the top 5 QB’s in the league. after that – let the clown owners pay DE’s, CB’s, and LT’s that kind of change.
    i hate the jets …. love this mess … but i think management is doing the right thing for the long term here. (when someone changes the name of a place of like Manhatten to your name – it does wonders for the ego. )

  40. Ding, ding, ding, AdropOFvenom is the winner! Thank you for an intelligent, thorough, and accurate well thought out post which would hopefully put Florio in his place but for being a lawyer, well, we all know that’s not going to happen because who makes out on the deals? Money-churning lawyers, thank you very much!

  41. AdropOFvenom says:
    August 11, 2010 12:14 PM
    “Woody’s money is tied up in the stadium. Due to the Jet’s inability to sell their PSL’s, money that would have been available for running the team, is being siphoned off to pay the costs of the stadium.”
    Uh, by last count (20 days ago) they’ve sold 96% of their PSL’s. Nice try though.
    They sold their PSL’s only by cutting their prices by as much as 50% on 18,000 seats (including a $5,000 price cut for the best seats) and gave massive refunds to people who had already bought them. They got desperate to avoid the embarrassment of a local blackout and didn’t bring in anywhere near the amount of revenue they had planned.
    Do the math and they lost around $50 million, if not more. That would kind of come in handy right now when talking about a huge Revis signing bonus, no?

  42. Revis = Flash in the pan
    Revis = Stats inflated by D around him
    Best thing Jets could do would be to trade him – his value as trade bait far exceeds what he adds on the field (as compared to Cromartie or the new kid they drafted)

  43. jbraider is right! Fine him everyday he misses and see how long he continues to hold out. I hvae a feeling since he loves $ so much he’ll be back rather quickly.

  44. I’m a die hard Jets fan and I’ve always been a big fan of Revis, but I still think that if he’s gonna cause such a fuss over a contract, the Jets ought to trade him. He’s worthy of at the VERY LEAST a first and third rounder. If somebody wanted to trade them a first and third rounder for Revis, I’d have to say go ahead and do it. Pick up a couple studs in the first round next year and add some CB depth in the third. For what the Jets are trying to do, they’d be better served getting rid of this guy, saving cap space for the other players they need to pay, and draft some more talent next year to sort through for a few seasons.

  45. welll at least you know the min. would be 10 million a season, and the max would 16…..If you the organzation are going to say you have the best, then pay him the best. Unlike the raiders who just shut up and pay their players because they believe they are the best.

  46. Thanks for deleting my post Florio! Go ahead, you can read the link I posted and re-write all the quotes from it and twist them to into something absurd like always! Turd…

  47. Am I the only one he thought this was funny:
    From Florio: But we’re not sure Myers’ numbers are based on the Revis proposal, or whether he has simply engaged in some team-friendly extrapolation, focusing on the average that Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha will earn over the next two years — $16.5 million per season — and multiplying it by 10.
    From Meyers: Over the next two seasons, Asomugha will average $16.5 million. So do the math on a 10-year deal. That brings the number Revis wants in the $160 million range. Guaranteed money? Probably about $30 million.
    And you wonder why many Jets fans doubt the nonsense spewed on this site. Florio whatever happened to that Mangini blackball?

  48. that is is insane – no player is worth that, idiot jet fans can thank revis for giving them no cap space in the future and thank him for making them worse every year to come because they will have to cut everyone…..congrats jet fans you will get everything you deserve….

  49. The team can offer a long-term deal and then cut the player later on; and the player can sign a long-term deal and then hold-out for another deal later on. Stupid cycle that nobody wins but if the player continues to produce he wont get cut (or if there is a cap issue, the player will get picked by some othe team) The player controls whether or not he still gets paid. The owners have no redress for a guy that gets paid and stops producing. The guaranteed money is BS…guarantee 1 yr base salary for injury but nothing more

  50. “they simply aren’t willing or able to cough up the kind of money that will be needed to do a fair deal.”
    They have a fair deal…the one he signed when he held out as a rook. But then there are people out there who will say “It isn’t fair, he outperformed his contract”…which is true. BUT there are rooks out there (hello Jamarcus Russell) who earned Revis money $39 million over 3 years…for nothing.
    At the end of the day…the system isn’t fair. But that’s what you get when you NEGOTIATED THE CBA…
    Revis is under contract for another 3 years. Suck it up and if not…sit with your uncle until 2012

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