Welker hopes to shed brace before season

The drama in tonight’s Patriots-Saints preseason game will mostly take place before kickoff.  That’s when we’ll find out: Will Wes Welker suit up?

Whether Welker plays tonight or not, he’s going to play plenty in the preseason.  The goal is to get Welker as comfortable as possible with live contact heading into the preseason. That includes hopefully shedding his knee brace before Week One, according to Albert Breer of the Boston Globe.

The man who directed Welker’s rehab says the wide receiver is at no bigger risk for injury than any other player.  Welker passed New England’s physical on the first try to open training camp, and his shoulder is not an issue after rotator cuff surgery.

Welker’s trainer says the only hurdles to climb now are mental.  And Welker can only take the next steps with live game action.