Luke McCown makes his case

There isn’t a quarterback competition going on in Jacksonville, but backup quarterback Luke McCown is doing his best to change that.

McCown went 11-for-15 for 244 yards and three touchdowns while facing the Eagles backups.  David Garrard, the oft-criticized starter, struggled to pick up yardage against the Eagles starters.

We don’t read too much into one game against mostly scrubs, but McCown is often willing to go deep when Garrard plays it safe.  (McCown is also prone to crushing mental mistakes.)

McCown’s first TD toss, a 73-yard score to Troy Williamson, could impact a few competitions.  Williamson is making a case for a roster spot in Jacksonville.  Williamson put a clown suit on Eagles cornerback Joselio Hanson, who is also fighting for snaps in Philly.

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  1. McCown looked good, but he definitely had the time to go through his progressions that Garrard did not.
    I think the true litmus test will be when we have the bookend linemen in place.
    The Sims Walker injury is a concern.

  2. I think the whipping the Jags took on both sides of the ball is a concern. Our safties got shredded by jackson and maclin, and there was little to no pressure on Kolb… which may have been the most disheartening since that was the offseason focus. Then no one got open on the offense and there was no running room. When GM Gene said ‘this is the most competetive roster ever’ what that really meant was ‘our 1’s aren’t that much better than our 2’s.’ Sigh… it was pretty disheartening.

  3. Couple of things.
    1. On the back of his jersey it said
    2. Garrard is just not NFL starting talent. Great man, but after this many years as a starter, you have to notice that he locks onto receivers, his throws are often off target, and when he does make a completion downfield, the runner is usually in no position to make any yards after the catch.
    I have seen enough. This isn’t the year he breaks out.

  4. The McCown family has yet to produce a QB that deserves to be a full-time starter in the NFL. Don’t try to argue otherwise, because it’s a fact.

  5. mccown did the same thing in tampa he looks good in the preseason when it doesnt matter and then doesnt produce when he gets a chance… we let him go for byron leftwich that right there should tell you something

  6. Don’t worry about Garrard, his days are numbered. His age, contract situation and inability to take that next step guarantee we will draft a QB high next year from the mega QB stock that’s slated to be available. The ‘rook’ will be starting midway through the season and Garrard will be cut soon thereafter. After what I saw from Jimmy Clausen last night I kind of wish we’d drafted him. That’s a guy you can build around.

  7. The only way the Demps injury hurts the Eagles is that it makes them more relient on Hanson. Before Macho Harris and Trevard Lindley were pushing him for playing time. Now if Demps is out the Eagles will most likely look at Macho Harris as a back up safety to Nate Allen and Quinton Mikell along with Kurt Coleman also as a backup. Which will leave the Eagles with Samuel,Hobbs,Hanson, and Lindley at cornerback instead of having Harris truely in the mix.

  8. Garrard is trash. Only way it works is as a Dilfer like game manager who doesn’t turn the ball over.

  9. Garrard was written off after he regressed in 2008… he’ll hold us over till the future shows up. He’ll have to because quality free agent QBs seldom show up, or if they do they are old as dirt. The last good free agent QB was Drew Brees, and I can’t think of one before him. Fav-urah doesn’t count. The draft is our only hope.

  10. Garrard was fine. Sims-Walker dropped two balls that would have kept drives alive. I want to say DG only layed three series. Maurice had two rush attempts. People need to chill. The offense, the starters, need alot more reps together. Good thing they have three more weeks until they go live and it counts. The big concern is the same as it was last year: Can the Jags get off the field on third down? Last night it wasn’t pretty. But our best three defenders were out (Smith, Tyson, Kampman). Milke Thomas, Marcedes, Zach Miller are all going to have big years. Garrard was running plays that were scripted befrehand I bet. All McCown did last night was make the folks down at Everbank field feel goo about their BACKUP QB.

  11. Jaxdolfan,
    His jersey read correctly. The broadcast had it misspelled with a G instead of a C and an E. The jersey was correct.

  12. I hope it gets better…. I really want them to do well. I doubled my season tickets from 2 to 4 so I could bring my son and grandson and also to support the team… but its very hard to be optimistic after what I saw last night. They got sliced and diced by Kevin Freakin Kolb! 165-10! Are you serious! I’ve been a bigtime vocal supporter of coach Jack but if that’s what I’ve got to look forward to all year, its time to can his ass and bring in someone who knows how to score some freakin points ala Sean Payton. The Ravens have an army of ex-head coaches who are very offensive minded, I’m sure one of them would like a job in Florida.

  13. Joselio Hanson needs to be cut! He has really poor technique. He got beat like this plenty of times last year… He looked his best in the 2008 season, if he can’t bring what he showed then; I doubt he’ll be in an Eagle uniform this year.

  14. There’s nothing quite as deceptive as a QB looking good against scrubs in a pre-season game.
    Happens all the time, and they almost universally suck when throw into a real against against the first team.
    What they do excel at, is giving fans chubbies.

  15. This is true… if they have a top 10 draft pick again this year do you believe that change at the top is not needed? What would you do if you were Weaver?

  16. Monroe, Britton, Alualu, Kampman, Smith didn’t play. Obviuosly that makes a HUGE difference on both sides of the ball. It’s 3 series in the 1st preseason game people, chill. I’ve been in Garrard’s corner and will continue to be, but if McCown wins the job so be it. It’s time to finally move this ball like an NFL offense is suppose to for a change.
    I’m officially starting my hire Jon Gruden campaign. When the Bucs fired him he said and I quote “I will coach pro, college or high school football in Florida. I’m not moving anywhere. ” Plus his son plays high school football in Tampa. Del Rio needs to be out. I don’t care how the season ends. He calls Garrard average so what does he calls himself. Enough is enough.

  17. “I’m officially starting my hire Jon Gruden campaign”
    Gruden is terrible. Don’t let him anywhere near another NFL team.

  18. Seeryer,
    I’m not a big Coughlin fan anymore. I like what he did for during his time with the Jags and those were some exciting times, but he’s one of those coaches that seems as if the game has passed him by. I wouldn’t be jumping up and down. but i’d ok with the hire.
    @jj jones,
    Gruden is not terrible. His only fault in Tampa is that he lied to players about their future with the team. Ok…and. What team or coach doesn’t. That’s the nature of the business. His 2008 team was garbage from top to bottom. He some how managed to pull a 9-7 season with that. Regardless of what you think of him, this guy is an offensive-minded passing attack coach that will push the ball down the field. That’s what we need hands down.

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