Dallas Clark adds to Colts injury woes on offense

Dallas Clark became the latest Colts offensive player to hit the sidelines when he pulled up lame at Friday’s practice, according to the Indianapolis Star.

There’s no way of knowing how serious the leg injury is, and the Colts do a better job than most keeping timetables under wraps.  But Clark’s injury is the latest in a discouraging series of problems for Indianapolis.

Starting left tackle Charles Johnson has been out all week with a foot injury.  No one is sure when he’ll return but there has been speculation locally and nationally from Peter King of SI.com that it could extend into the season.  That forces new starting guard Tony Ugoh to move back to left tackle.

Center Jeff Saturday is out 2-6 weeks and rookie interior lineman Jacques McClendon has also been out.

The Colts reconfigured their offensive line this offseason, but they won’t get a chance to practice together much this month.

Clark’s injury doesn’t sound serious.  The offensive line remains a bigger concern.

24 responses to “Dallas Clark adds to Colts injury woes on offense

  1. I guess that curse is kicking in from losing the SuperBowl? I never thought the Pats would get affected by it, but then Brady goes down in the 1st quater of the 1st game….Interesting.

  2. Not good for the colts. That line needs to practice working together.
    Gonna be a long season for Forehead

  3. Dallas Clark injured – boo hoo. If it means the Tennessee Titans and Houston Oilers – oops, Texans – vault over the Colts in the AFC South, I’ll be SO broken up about it.

  4. Mike Chappell of the Indy Star reported that Clark was on a passing route where he had to tight rope the sideline. He pulled up lame after the play and walked over to the trainers. He was seen later with a bandage on his upper right leg, sounds like a groin or hamstring injury.
    We don’t need you for these 4 preseason games Dallas, rest up and get well. See you when the actual season starts.

  5. The Colts are still a good team, but I think their streak of winning 12+ games is coming to an end this year

  6. The Colts line doesn’t need to be any good. They are already one of the worst run blocking lines in the league. I suspect they are pretty bad at pass blocking too. Peyton Manning never takes more than 3 seconds to survey the whole freaking field and get rid of the ball anyway.

  7. This is what happens when you have a team of veterans who make a playoff run every year. That’s extra games of wear and tear that start to build up.

  8. They will be fine. I’m sure they have some rookie undrafted division 3 player that can step in and start right away. That is the way of the Colts and why they have been successful for a long time.

  9. Caldwell said today it was a tweak and he will be back soon. Fans who saw it in practice said it did not look too bad either and he stood for the rest of the time with a wrap on his upper leg.
    I suppose the Colts are on the demise predictions that we see every offseason can halt for another 24 hours or so.

  10. # Wizahdry says: August 14, 2010 12:57 PM
    This is what happens when you have a team of veterans who make a playoff run every year. That’s extra games of wear and tear that start to build up.

    Um, the Colts were like the 2nd youngest team last year, so….

  11. Team of veterans who get worn out??? The Colts have the 2nd or 3rd youngest roster in football, moron! The “old timers” are Peyton, Reggie and the freakin kicker. Peyton has missed 1 snap his whole career, and Reggie has been as durable as they come.
    Nice try…

  12. @ Jag4Life
    Your collection of stiffs would still get beat TWICE by the Colts even without Peyton. Why dont you worry about getting some people in the stadium to watch that pathetic team or else the Colts will be slappin the shit out of the LA Jaguars soon!!

  13. @Mean and Nasty
    Yeah Curtis Painter would light us up…..hahaha. Can’t wait for that. With Peyton 12-4, without him 4-12. It’s a ONE man team. It’s reality. He’s a great QB surround by average talent top to bottom.
    Ah yes the original LA Jaguars comment. Dude you gotta stop fantasizing about Florio and listening to his every word. We’re not going anywhere. One bad season a ticket sells doesn’t equate to moving. Tickets are selling now and if you’re wondering go to jaguars.com to see how well they are selling. But you’d rather read PFT and make the same lame LA joke instead of reading real proof.
    And speaking of ticket sells, you must be 20 years old and weren’t around for the pre-Manning era. You guys were consistently 30K in the stands season after season in the 90’s and Irsay was on the verge of moving that franchise yet again. Then here comes Peyton to save the self rightous short memory Colt fan. Sorry, nice try though tough guy. See you around.

  14. The coach is a damn idiot!
    how dare he play starters in preseason!!!

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